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Learn how Internet Marketers, Real Estate Investors and other Entrepreneurs are overcoming their fears, making it happen and being successful in business and life!

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Hold on to your seats as I interview the founder of Property M.O.B (Makers of Bad Ass Investors). You don't want to miss this interview! No woman personifies the real estate mob more than Tracy Caywood, a.k.a. ? The Flamingo?. A... more

Listnen as I interview Cheree Warrick national speaker, expert and the author of the book – Creating Business Plans that Actually Get Financed. Cheree wrote the book for business owners to use as a handbook for creating business... more

Listen in as I interview author, speaker and entrepreneur Richelle Shaw. Richelle is the leading expert and authority in building successful million dollar businesses. Richelle's experience comes from building her first business to $36 million, losing... more

Listen as I interview author Jimmy Burgess. This interview will inspire, motivate and empower you! Jimmy Burgess is the author of the book What Just Happened? How to Bounce Back in Life So You Can Do More, Have More, and... more

Listen in as I interview seasoned business owner and motivational speaker, Al Jones. Mr. Jones has been in the Real Estate business since 1984 in has purchased many homes to rent as well as to turn over or sell. In 1987 Mr. Jones... more

Top internet marketer, Willie Crawford shares his experience of being an entrepreneur over the last 18 years. The ups, downs and how to be successful and very profitable. Grab and pen and pad this is a great interview! For more... more

I recently read a blog post by Lori R. Taylor on the 12 Ways to Make 2014 Your Brands Best Year Ever and had to share it on my podcast (with YOU). I also share a personal tragedy that happen to me and my family this past year... more

In 2004, Tim Herriage began at the bottom, with no money in the bank and no experience in the field of real estate investing. But with a desire to succeed and a good work ethic, today he tops in real estate investing and is financially secure.... more

Alex Nghiem is a profit strategist and business coach who has helped hundreds of coaches, authors, speakers and consultants around the world dramatically grow their businesses by strategically raising their fees by 300% or more. Buckle up... more