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Listen to an introduction from Lori: (* You will need to pause the Blog Talk Player.) Journeys from the Heart...Embracing the Path Back to Love! traverses the murky ground of finding yourself and getting ready for a new spiritual partnership after a major heart breaking experience. Relationship and Life-After-Divorce Coach Lori Rubenstein brings her own special gifts of compassion, humor, intuition and intellect, combined with g

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Brenda Adelman on Tree of Life Forgiveness and the affect it has on your relationships. Forgiveness coach Brenda Adelman's powerful 3 part Tree of Life System digs up the limiting unconscious belief systems that have been running... more

Mary Jacobs Trumpfheller is an intuitive and astrologer with over 20 years of experience. You can find out more about her at mjacobstrump@charter.net and her web-site www.innerpathways.net. Mary has a wonderful gift and uses it... more

OK, I know it’s not possible to cover everything in just one show, but let’s start the discussion. MEN…If you have a question, and I know you all have tons, this is the time to get them answered! Listen in and get some clarity about why women act... more

Healing the Pain of Divorce, part of our series of Ordinary People with Extra-ordinary Healing. with Joan, nurse, mother of two, and recently divorced woman…When she found out that she would be divorced, Joan seriously started... more

Brent Maupin, an engineer by trade, singer, song writer and musician, father and a man who says he healed himself from an incurable cancer. We will talk with Brent about what he learned about love, relationships, forgiveness and the most... more

We are thrilled to have Karen Russo, author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power on our show. Karen will talk about our relationship with money, a subject that is dear to the heart of many people, and... more

We will speak with a single mom who was a victim of abuse in her marriage, escaped the marriage and is now finishing her schooling to become a school teacher. Not only is she a straight A student, but she is a gift to everyone who... more

Lately, I have had a lot of questions about red flags and dating, so I decided to dedicate a whole show to that subject! Do you remember a time when you knew something was wrong with the person you were dating, but ignored your... more

The Valentines Day Show…with Guest Life and Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist Ken Donaldson, Author of the book, Marry Yourself First! This Valentines Day show is all about Loving Yourself rather than looking towards... more