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Lorena Bathey

Lorena Bathey


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This show is about life, writing, making a business grow, and how you appreciate following your passions.

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Sometimes life drains you and you feel like getting up every day is exhausting. You keep moving until you can't move anymore. Why are we so tired? And how can we wake ourselves up? Listen in as I talk about strategies to motivate you... more

My daughter was recovering from knee surgery so we pulled out Finding Nemo to watch. It is such a great movie and I saw such a moral in the characters of Marlin and Dorrie. Which one are you? Are you Marlin with his need to control and... more

I just recently watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and I was struck by the symbolism in this movie to my life and how much like Frodo I felt. No, I'm not wearing an evil ring around my throat but I am dealing with some pretty big life... more

Pride can be wonderful if it's used in the right place. However, often time pride can be a hurdle that causes us to fall on our race in life. Listen in as I break down the word pride letter by letter to see if your pride is your downfall.

My friend and successful jewelry designer told me today that she is confused as to what to do with her life. She doesn't know what makes her happy. Join us as we talk about how following your bliss is scary and even though it makes YOU... more

After a two week hiatus I am back to talk about how to cope when things are tough. Often the best we can do is one day at a time. And you know what...that's fantastic. In fact, sometimes the focus of each day allows for what you need to... more

With the huge scandal of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James being everywhere and celebrity infidelities on the rampage I thought we would take a look at the idea of infidelity and what it is. Why does it occur? And is it a symptom or a cause?... more

It seems that everywhere you turn there are bad news stories, devastation, hurt, and pain....so how do we love this life that seems to be so hard to manage? Loving, giving, and embracing aren't always easy things to do. Tune in to hear... more

We all do it...whine. It helps for a moment to ease the pressure of making a decision or moving forward. But if you get caught up in constantly whining then you just attract more whiners to your pity party. Listen in as Lorena talks about... more

What makes you happy? In these troubling times are you finding happiness a bit elusive? Remember that song, 'If you're happy and you know it clap your hands' well I've been singing it a lot lately. If I'm honest I'm not always starting... more
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