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Lorena Bathey

Lorena Bathey


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This show is about life and how to expand your truth and live a passionate and purposeful life. I talk about what I have learned and the journey that has led me to a life filled with purpose and truth.

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I have been so blessed in my life to have some truly extraordinary friends! I mean I sometimes have to pinch myself that the women and men that I call friends are so kind, caring, real, and loving. Friendship, to me, is family. My friends are... more

Join me as I talk about practical tools that have helped me in the journey of my life. Most of these tools I use every single day in multiple ways. They work and they are powerful and I want you to have them at your disposal. Just call... more

This week we'll talk about the mindset of survival. We've all heard someone say, "I'm surviving", but if that's all you're doing you're not really living. Even more, you are creating your own reality of only having the bare minimum because we... more

When I was young I thought being alone meant no one loved me and I was unworthy, it made me seek to always be with others because then it meant I was worth something. But at a turning point in my life I realized that I had to learn to... more

Being a parent is never what other people tell you it is. When I went to lamaze class they told me to fixate and breathe and I would be okay through the 32 hours of labor, what they didn't tell me was how drastically my life would change.... more

We think from the moment we wake up until we go to bed at night. Thoughts race in and out, some are good and some are not, but nevertheless, they persist. Here's an idea, what if we had some sort of impact on our thoughts? What if, in... more

Before you can go on a journey you usually need a destination, well for life you need a purpose. Today we will talk about what a purpose is and what you want yours to be. The purpose of our lives is completely subjective so no one but you... more

Afer eight years of life, my friend recently sent me a link to a podcast we had done and I listened to it. I remembered how much I loved sharing to others about the lessons I learned and decided to start up again. In the past eight years... more

Sometimes life drains you and you feel like getting up every day is exhausting. You keep moving until you can't move anymore. Why are we so tired? And how can we wake ourselves up? Listen in as I talk about strategies to motivate you... more

My daughter was recovering from knee surgery so we pulled out Finding Nemo to watch. It is such a great movie and I saw such a moral in the characters of Marlin and Dorrie. Which one are you? Are you Marlin with his need to control and... more
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