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American Hauntings Marketing Director Ginger Collins-Justus will be the guest on our April show. American Hauntings has a brand new tour in 2014 and have brough back a tour from the past. Along with that , many new locations have... more
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Author Sylvia Shults will be the guest in March , discussing her book 'Fractured Spirits' , the haunted tales of the former Peoria State Hospital. AmericanHauntings will investigate the former asylum in April

It isnt the intent to convert a skeptic to the 'other side' but, Oh what a reveltion it is when it happens ! Jen Bergstrom and other former 'non beleivers' will be guests on the February show sharing there personal experence of when the viel... more

Our July show will be on a special night for a very special guest. Author Troy Taylor will be here to talk about his 100th book due out later this month. Troy is also the founder of the AmericanGhost Society and the owner of the Haunted... more