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Join us here on Lords of Pain Radio as we break down all the happenings from WWE's Night of Champions PPV. With all five championships on the line, who walked out of the event holding the straps? Was Paige able to retain her Diva's Championship against stacked Triple Threat odds? Did Cesaro succeed in his quest to steal away Sheamus' US Title? Was Miz awesome or was Dolph Ziggler able to continue his recent roll by holding on to his Intercontinental gold? Speaking of gold, did Goldust and Stardust finally get their hands on the sparkling Cosmic Keys held by the Tag Team Champion Uso brothers? And finally, was John Cena able to redeem himself by getting in at least a handful of offensive moves against the dominant reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar? All of those questions and more, including whether Mark Henry was able to give Rusev his first loss and just what, exactly, was done to make up for Roman Reigns' unexpected absence, will be answered and discussed LIVE shortly after the event's ending! Follow along on Twitter to hit us up with your live comments and questions to have the addressed on the air.
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Your Friendly Neighborhood TripleR and The Uncanny XanMan venture outside of the world of wrestling, and bring a comic book discussion to LoP Radio. The New 52, Marvel Now, and the best book you're probably not reading will... more

Football season is back again, so it's time to make predictions and preview everything. Who will win the Super Bowl? Who will be the National Champions? Who wins the Heisman Trophy? We'll answer those questions, and much more.

Will this finally be the week that Xan snaps and puts a professional hit out on Leo? Tune in and find out.

All Brits, all the time. Will Americans be able to tell any of them apart? Will the Brits care if the Americans can tell any of them apart? Tune in and find out.

We're another week closer to Bound For Glory, so LoP Radio's resident TNA fanatics break down another episode of Impact immediately as it goes off the air.

Where are we at looking ahead to the Road to Wrestlemania? College football thoughts

The HAM Radio Crew is back in the building to give their unique thoughts on the previous night's episode of Raw. Did they like it? Did they hate it? Who gets made fun of? Tune in.

Uncle Leo will be wrong. XanMan will yell at him. People will enjoy it all. Tune in to see what these two have planned.

Are you a fan of tea & crumpets? Do you love The Beatles? Is Austin Powers your idol? If so, then you'll love TRSOTP, as every Brit in the history of LoP happens to be on this show, giving their classy, hoity toity take on the world of... more

A week removed from Hardcore Justice, join Mystic and Mizfan as they discuss the fallout. Aces & 8's, Main Event Mafia, and so on. Are they happy with what's happening? Tune in and find out.