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The Moorish Science Temple of America and the new Moors who are in eyes wide open with the express purpose of uplifting fallen humanity.

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Islam. Join us on the next episode of MOORISH SCIENCE RADIO where the All Mighty Supreme Team will discuss the very social, psychological, political, and spiritual effects of those who believe that they are black people today; and why our nation or race of people are lagging behind the rest of the world intellectually and economically. We will attempt to trace back the very origins of the first usage of this term as a descriptive of our people. We will show how the Joshuaites (so called Jews) began to call our people "black" based on their Mosaic nomenclature and how this is constructed in the Torah; and we will also show how Christianity picked up these descriptions for our people and also prove that the "black man", according to these texts in its ORIGINAL INTENT was based on their image of the devil. We will examine the political implications of a people cut-off from any national link to any nation or country or body politic and how this effects us in the moment and why we live in utter squalor in this American society. We will examine the scientific meanings of why "black according to science means death" and how we are cut off from the great God of the Universe because we uphold this sinful name of being black. We will be putting forth a challenge to all so called "black" scholars and afrocentrists to prove that we are in fact a black people and ask them to give us DEFINITIVE PROOF that we called ourselves black people prior to our contact with the pale skinned nations of Europe. WE ARE MOORS AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MOORS AND WILL ALWAYS BE MOORS! COME AND HEAR THE TRUTH!
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