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Our show is geared around wireless technology with a kid-friendly theme. Parents/Students are invited to call in and discuss with our panel of experts.

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Sean and I are back at it........the makings of a killer show. Life, Sports and a whole lot of tech knowledge drop.......dont get shut out!

Sean Bailey and I return to assault the airwaves. Major Anderson may make a cameo, Caveman update and Skeeter Jones obv........ Do not miss out!

Sean and I will burn up the airwaves yet again. Tune in for shenanigans and fun!

This may be a bad idea. The enourmously talented Sean Bailey and I return to the airwaves. Someone is going to get fired for this one. I hope it is me :0

Ohhhs Nos!!!!!! Loose Galaxy Radio is back!!!!!! March Madness ensuses..........my dad loves gizzards........Caveman is going to punish the competion @ Bellator on the the 28th........Sean will keep his pants on... more

Holy Cats.......three weeks in a row! Sean Bailey and I continue to assualt the internets. Palmer is back and who knows what might happen?

**TechnicaL Difficulty Update..... Show was saved.....no dead air......** YAY! Sean and I return to carry the momentum over from the coolest show of 2013! The best news......it's not taking us a month to get back on the mic!!!!!! As usual, the... more

We are back again for a special Sunday edition! The usual suspects will be present……myself, the ultra-talented Sean Bailey AND Skeeter Jones. Sean and I will continue our running dialogue on lifestyle, technology, sports... more

Loose Galaxy 1/27/2013 Agenda (sort of) # 3 PM CST with special co-host Sean Bailey. Justin Philips and Tim Tenant swing by to drop in sterling commentary! · What's Going On? · Intern update · What movie did... more

We are following up on the heels of our wildly succesful 12/9/2012 episode with the return of Michael & Sean. I anticipate a mystery guest call in as well to discuss guys punching and kicking each other in the face. Don't be left out!!
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