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LS9 - The Longevity Show with Dr. Carri Drzyzga

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The Longevity Biohacking Show

The Longevity Biohacking Show


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Dr. Carri Drzyzga joins today to talk about what causes fatigue and how to naturally treat it with Jason Hartman.


Key Takeaways

01:50 – a lot of doctors don't take their patients fatigue really seriously, which is how Dr. Carri got into treating fatigue and finding the causes of it.

03:12 – The fourteen causes of fatigue which only two are check at by doctors.

04:48 – People have a sleep cycle of ninety-minutes and research says seven and a half hours to nine hours is the  optimal amount of sleep for most people.

06:48 – Cortisol imbalance is very common for people with fatigue, which is a stress hormone people often have despite not feeling stress and can be found with saliva testing.   

07:57 –  Blood sugar imbalance lot of it has to with what you're eating.

10:17 –  Craving sweets after a meal could be because you had too many carbs than your body can take.

13:47 –  Fatigue often is cause by brain imbalances, and people can fix those imbalances by doing three things. 

17:49 – The top food allergies and sensitivities are often the common food that people have, like eggs, wheat, and yeast.

18:41 – Good easy ways to test for chronic infection is to do a breath or stool or urine test to check for common  parasite or  yeast overgrowth and also H. pylori.

21:34 – For more info for Dr. Carri and her books go to  www.drcarri.com and closing thoughts.


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