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Pt2 Rastafari Sabbatical Rss#2 | Noach | Noah | #BlackJews @LOJSociety

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This Week’s Portion #2

Noach | ?? | “Noah” | ??? | yeNoKh

1. Torah Reading

Genesis 6:9–11:32

2. Prophets Reading 

Isaiah 54:1-55:5

3. New Testament Reading 

Matt. 24:36-46; 1 Pet. 3:18-22; Heb. 11:7

Portion Outline – TORAH

Genesis 6:1 | The Wickedness of Humankind
Genesis 6:9 | Noah Pleases God
Genesis 7:1 | The Great Flood
Genesis 8:1 | The Flood Subsides
Genesis 8:20 | God’s Promise to Noah
Genesis 9:1 | The Covenant with Noah
Genesis 9:18 | Noah and His Sons
Genesis 10:1 | Nations Descended from Noah
Genesis 11:1 | The Tower of Babel
Genesis 11:10 | Descendants of Shem
Genesis 11:27 | Descendants of Terah

Portion Outline – PROPHETS

Isaiah 54:1 | The Eternal Covenant of Peace
Isaiah 55:1 | An Invitation to Abundant Life

Fixing a Broken World

Thought for the Week: Human evil grieves God’s heart. God is not peering down on the planet making observations like a dispassionate astronaut. Neither is He watching us like a man sitting on a sofa watching a football game. Rather, He is like a Father who observes the behavior of His children. He is like a king taking note of how events unfold in his kingdom. When a father sees his children involved in self-destructive behaviors, it grieves him. When a king sees his subjects  living in open rebellion against him, it angers him.

Entire Commentary Visit: http://rastafarigroundation.org/this-weeks-reading-ends-102117/