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Logical Soul Talk

Logical Soul Talk with Michael Craig


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Dr. Craig invites authors, life coaches and other experts to reveal their secrets on how you can generate success from coaching, mentoring or from your own small business. His interviews cover topics that entrepreneurs from all walks of life can relate to, and invites his guests to also reveal the turning points in their lives, and how their inner experiences and decisions led to success. Tune in to learn how you can learn from their experiences to create your own business and coaching success. Learn from Michael and his guests how to turn events and problems in your life into success. This show is about transformation: leaning that you too can access and change inner decisions and eliminate self-sabotage, the biggest "bugaboo" for you as a coach or entrepreneur . . . the major factor that keeps you from full success, wealth, love and happiness! During various shows, Michael will talk about his discovery of "the Logical Soul" and "The Money Matrix Method" - two unique ways of bypassing self-sabotage in life and business.

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At age 65, Don can lift over 4 times his age in pounds!! Asked how he does this, the former Navy officer shrugs his shoulders and defers to his power-lifting psychologist wife Kinga who works out with him. Learn what keeps him going,... more

It's hard to be motivated when life crashes down around you. Ms. Hofmeister, a motivational teacher and author from Germany, has done just that. Come hear Michael ask the deeper questions about her life, her Book (To Be or Not to Be -... more

Becky Finley is a former Atlanta business owner who "disappeared" several years ago . . . and is glad to speak about it! Michael asks her about how the "Awakening" experience comes about, how it deepens, why there is no such... more

David Cummings is a full-time Internet Marketer who lives and works in Austrailia. come find out what is happening online "down under" and how we are more connected than we think!

Michael searches to find out the source of Gabe's "super powers" and how he captures so many friends and followers.

Terry Peterson is a mountain unicycle ("Muni") rider from California who delights in ripping over back roads and off-road trails. Michael Craig, a fellow unicycler "talks shop" with Mr. Peterson to discover the motivations for hopping on these... more

Dr. Craig invites Ms. Gaudio-Graves to share the amazing story about how changes in her decisions and outlook quite literally saved her life! Ms. Graves travels the country with her husband in a Winnebago, teaching and blogging her... more

Devon Brown charms his way into the lives of large audiences with every appearance. Starting as the "opening act" for some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing, he has found his stride as one of those big names himself.... more

Joe Lavery was a Navy submariner, and was able to quickly bring his knowledge of systems and testing into developing an online business that is growing by leaps and bounds. Dr. Craig invites Joe to discuss his motivation, the people in... more

Jon comes from a background of engineering and programming in the corporate environment, and was prompted to develop his own software and business after seeing how much money he was leaving on the table for other people (his... more
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