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Paul Grignon [ Money as Debt ] on LNM

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I first became suspicious of our money system in high school but didn't seriously take up the subject until I turned 50. 
Having been involved in environmental causes, it was clear to me that our growth addiction amounted to ecocide.
And, through investigation into peak oil and other phenomena I came to study economics and money from a critical perspective.
I have spent 14 years of self-directed study of the money system in particular and I have come to realize that the problem is what we think money IS, a thing-in-itself.
This is what I call the "coin" concept of money, a limited quantity made valuable by its scarcity, still present in the expandable forms of fiat money and bank credit.  
Money can also be just a measurement unit for promises of real things. 
In this concept, money's value is defined by the specific portion of real abundance promised, rather than the scarcity of the medium of exchange itself.
The final movie of my Trilogy illustrates the benign potentials of changing our concept.
Then Peter Kling joins us to discuss prophecy