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Between Heaven and Earth


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Lisa K. is the creator and host for “Between Heaven and Earth,” a popular Internet radio show that has been broadcasting since 2008. As the show’s host on Between Heaven and Earth, Lisa K. inspires people through self-help topics that transform their lives into happier and more fulfilled ones. Between Heaven and Earth features every day non-religious but spiritual topics with practical applications that are “conscious living for your soul.” Between Heaven and Earth gives listeners practical and useful information to assist them in their everyday lives. The spiritual part of our lives should be easy and be part of everything we do. In this way people find their own path that works for them which becomes their inner Truth and thus brings more happiness and joy in life. One way of finding to our inner Truth is through our ability to connect within to the inner guidance we call intuition. Each show of Between Heaven and Earth covers this theme and presents a variety of topics covering new age, metaphysics and practical approaches to help our life and the world around us. Some shows have guest speakers who bring topics that complement the themes of self-help, positive thinking, new age thought, science, metaphysics, spirituality and positive living. Many of the shows interweave the subject of intuition and how it works with these topics. With listeners from all over the world who tune in live to Between Heaven and Earth or listen through the archives, Lisa helps people enhance their lives through everyday spirituality tips. Lisa K. is an expert on intuition and can show you how to strengthen your inner guidance to empower yourself. (Also, if you want to call in and you are on a private number you must dial *82 to be seen on the switch board)

On-Demand Episodes

If you really want to know the right things to do in your love relationships you need to pay attention to the messages your intuition is giving you through your heart. Listen in to find out how. Lisa K., PhD, is a teacher, author and speaker... more

Do you feel that your intuition seems to come and go? Perhaps, you believe that your intuitive messages are uncontrollable and seem random. You can't articulate exactly what your intuitive feeling is and you often feel you are guessing about... more

You always hear, ?You should trust your gut,? ?Just go with what feels right, use your instinct,? but what does it really mean to ?trust your gut? or do ?what feels right?? If you think about it, you wonder, how do you know what real intuition... more

Just imagine using your intuition to make decisions or get insight on a situation with clarity and immediacy, and consistently receiving deep, accurate, information on anything. Combining your intuition with your thinking mind, known as... more

There's a lot of concepts around the 'clairs' and intuition. You may be suprised when you really look at intuitive types, and which one you may be. Your special psychic type may not be the one you're thinking of. I'll explain why in this... more

Now you can make your intuition happen on your command. I'll show you how you can make your intuition work when you want it to rather than happen sporadically. Your intuition may often feel random and pop up out of no where. Other... more

What is psychic energy? One of the most common psychic development questions is what is this ?psychic energy? thing. The reason is that energy is very important in intuition development. In this show I'll answer this common question... more

Knowing where you are on the intuition development path helps accelerate and grow your intuition skill so you can advance to the next level quickly. When you know what step you are in you can take the proper action to move through to... more

Lisa will show you the 5 key secrets on how to create and grow a successful spiritual business. Lisa also will go over the latest and greatest online actions to take and tools you can use to easily and grow your followers fast. Whether you... more

Being grateful can boost your happiness and intuition big time and even science has shown that within a week or two you can experience improvements. If you want more happiness, greater optimism about the world, and a feeling of being... more
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