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Between Heaven and Earth that brings to you tips and topics about every day spirituality. Practical and insightful, the show's creator and lead host, Lisa K. with her co-hosts and guests, show you ways to experience a happier more fulfilled life, where your spirit can soar and your soul can fill your life's purpose. Listen and be inspired to experience life in a way that connects you to divine spirit of All That Is. Each month we'll feature a variety of spiritual topics and listeners can call in for the second half of the show and ask the hosts questions about our topic or for intuitive guidance. Join Host Lisa K. the first Tuesday of every month to listen live or download an episode from the archive. Between Heaven and Earth radio show is growing in listeners all around the world. If you know of a friend who may like our show please share this! Lisa K. has helped thousands of people around the world through personal intuitive coaching sessions, online and in person classes, workshops, angel readings and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth” which presents a variety of topics on Every Day Spirituality. As a spiritual teacher and author of several blogs and online teaching media, Lisa shows people how to expand their awareness of spirit, and connect to the divinity within them. (Also, if you want to call in and you are on a private number you must dial *82 to be seen on the switch board)

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Marala Scott and Alyssa Curry's recent award-winning novel, Intuition, is a romantic psychological thriller, based on their life, that teaches why and how to trust your intuition. Alyssa has learned from her mom, Marala, how to live an... more

Imagine walking a million steps to one of the most a sacred sites in the world where one of the 12 apostles of Christ, St. James, is buried. Over 1,000 years pilgrims have made the trek to Santiago de Compostela to experience a spiritual... more

I met Bob Olson four years ago when he was teaching with John Holland at an advanced Psychic Mediumship workshop. I absolutely love Bob's work in what is known as the afterlife. He is a brilliant man and former skeptic and private... more

Our guest will be Dianne Collins, author of "Do You QuantumThink?" Dianne uses QuantumThink, a new way of thinking, to show people how to have a great life. Intuition, she says, is one way to access quantum thinking. According to Dianne,... more

Marlise Karlin, renowned author, educator, humanitarian and founder of The Simplicity of Stillness Method, is recognized globally for igniting the power of peace in people from every culture. Pioneering a unique new form of... more

Your classes are done, your certificate is in hand, and your teacher says you are ready. Congratulations, you are on the cusp of starting your spiritual business! Now what? Are you looking to start your own spiritual business but don't know... more

Find out how your past life can change your life now. Special guest Lorraine Flaherty will be joining us from the UK to talk about her work with past life regression and how she's helped others transform their lives, find their life's path... more

Find out how to connect and communicate with your angels. Everyone has angels with them all the time. The Angels are loving and powerful beings of positive energy. The Angels are waiting patiently to empower you and they have been... more

Have you often wondered where consciousness comes from, why some people seem to be very connected to psychic experiences, or how this whole phenomena even works? Join Host Lisa K. as she welcomes her guest, Dr. Diane Hennacy... more

Declutter, revitalize and energize your life! Everyone has a closet or desk where things just keep piling up and/or accumulating. Everyone wants to get organized but not every one knows how to do it. Clutter happens because we have... more
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