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Carla has been channeling for L/L Research since 1974, including those of Ra and Q'uo. Every week Carla and Crew will be answering spiritually oriented questions on-air, drawing upon information from the past 40+ years of channeled sources and a lifetime of spiritual seeking and service.

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Questions are fielded to the home crew of L/L Research, beginning first and foremost with Carla L. Rueckert, author, mystic, and primary channel for L/L Research; Jim McCarty, Carla's husband and scribe of the Ra Contact; Gary Bean, administrator of L/L Research; and Austin Bridges, administrative assistant of L/L Research. Each a spiritual seeker and devoted student of the Law of One. TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS LIVE DURING THE BROADCAST OF THE SHOW (1) Call (646) 595-2294. You will be able to listen to the show through your phone but your microphone will be muted. If you would like to be unmuted so that you can ask Carla & Crew a question live on-air, press the "1" key on your phone at any time. This sends a signal to the hosts. When there is an opening, we will unmute you and address you by area code so that you know you have been unmuted. TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS AT ANY TIME: (2) Go to the Bring4th forums at, click on the " In the Now – Q&A with Carla and Crew ", and post to the "Submitting Questions" thread. ( (3) Send an email to the "contact" address on this page: If possible, Carla requests that the question focus upon the spiritual principles of evolution. However, Carla and team will not turn a question away if outside this parameter. In general, our responses will be spiritually oriented in nature, often utilizing information taken from the L/L Research material of the last 35+ years.
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