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The Runaround


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President Obama has been a historic president with several controversial decisions during his tenure

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Is Trump the odds on favorite to be the republican nominee? What are Trump voters so angry? Is it a change in America that has them worried? How is Beyonce related to this cultural change? Did the SNL skit strike a nerve?

What is the boycott of Beyonce about? Uber Danger Nevada Caucus, S Carolina Primary--Winners, losers What happened to Jeb? Is Donald Trump ready to be President? Can Bernie continue to win?

Millennials and Bernie--What they get wrong about the Clinton years Supreme Court nomination fight/Funeral Saturday Trump pulling away in S Carolina. Jeb Bush about done. Pres Bush 43 no help. Rubio gets an... more

Why are we so divided as a country? Civil rights divided the country. Supreme Court Justice dead. Will the President name a replacement? Notes from the Republican debate. Childish food fight. Hillary vs Bernie. Who wins? Does... more

FREE STYLE FRIDAY!! Sanders, Clinton debate Police shootings Major League prognosis--Lackey, Heyward lost from the Cardinals Cubs are strong. Royals are still tough Giants will be back

New Hampshire Primary Trump, Bernie are the big winners. Bye Chris Christie. Who is leaving the race? Hillary, take a breath. Modulate, speak to peoples hopes, not a laundry list of interests groups. Did I hear a republican say he will... more

New Hampshire primary news Is Marco Rubio clever as a Fox? Fundraising up after Saturday night Trump is poised to win his first primary. Ted Cruz is slimy and not very Christian, but he is a political tool. Women should vote for Hillary... more

Free Flow Friday--Whatever comes to mind in the news, I'm going for it! Clinton/Sanders debate Will Trump win in New Hampshire? Super Bowl predictions The great Peyton Manning Cam Newton 101--What he meant

Why do so many black folk vote democratic? FoxNews doesn't seem to understand Why does #BlackLivesMatter? Should everyone go to college? Do the Oscars matter? Why was that OJ Simpson trial all about? Emmett Till.... more

Iowa Caucuses. Winners and losers who won. Culture v Race--Is there a difference? President Obama and ISIS. How have past Presidents fought the war on Terror? Boko Haram. The hidden war of Terror. Who is the "Greatest... more