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President Obama has a 2nd term. He is historic and controversial. What are the challenges for America? I have followed politics and history since childhood and will give you the news as I see it. I won't give you the Runaround!

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NCAA Tournmament--who is in, who is out? NFL Draft, which way are the Rams going? NBA who will be MVP, LeBron or KD? How successful will the baseball Cardinals be?

The Post Super Bowl Edition What happened? Was Seattle that good or Denver that bad? Are the Seahawks a dynasty in the making? What is Peyton Manning's legacy? Michael Sam/Jarrod Collins--what is the impact on knowing a gay... more

We are talking Super Bowl with some MRH flavor! Groucho (Charles Thames) and Big Lou (Lewis Kincade) will dish on the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman and predictions. We will also cover the Rams, will they win... more

The Fiscal Cliff. What is it all about? Tax increase, spending cuts. Who will compromise? Jovan Belcher, Kansas City Chiefs--Is the gun culture to blame? Should we ban gun sales in this country? The serious, complicated nature of... more

The aftermath of a close beat down. Gen Petraeus and Benghazi John McCain and Lindsey Graham Where does the GOP go from here What happens to a country when people think it is doomed? Secession?

Are you ready to vote? November 6th, 2012President Obama vs Mitt Romney The Debate season The mud-slinging Paul Ryan v Joe BidenThe case for the President--Jobs, education, new energyThe Prevaricator Mitt RomneyMore to... more

The race for the White House Mitt Romney UNPLUGGED! That's all you need to know. No time for overconfidence Muslim unrest and President Obama

September 11, 2001--Eleven years later International Affairs take center stage again--Libya, Egypt, unrest in the Middle East. Mitt Romney channeling Ronald Reagan, Foreign Affairs 1983-1988 Mitt Romney takes two steps... more

Democratic National Convention Michelle Obama President Bill Clinton Gov Deval Patrick Republican vs Democratic Conventions Joe Biden vs Paul Ryan

The Republican National Convention Ann Romney, Gov. Chris Christie. I will be watching! 10 Weeks before the election--Voter ID update Why has Romney decided to embrace Birtherism? What the President must do to win reeelction... more