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The Catholic Mama

The Catholic Mama


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I am a militant Catholic, I've been away and realized that the Truth always leads us back to the Catholic Church. Any questions?

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"Prayer without fasting is like boxing with one arm tied behind your back". The forty days of Lent are an ideal period for renewal, but what do you think could happen in our lives if we combine prayer and fasting the rest of the year?

I'm sure it's happened to you. You're going about your day when suddenly your door bell rings. It's your friendly Jehovah Witness. Do you engage the conversation or close your door? Let me tell you what happened to me.

Living Catholic in a seculor world seems to make us targets sometimes. Even some Protestant brothers and sisters become verbal bullies with what they THINK they know about our Catholic teachings, traditions and beliefs. There are... more

The Church does not oblige us to believe in any particular prophecy as a matter of faith [de fide], but we are indeed obliged to believe that prophecies may be made even in our own times, for this is in the Gospel [Evangelium]: the Holy... more

Have you been to mass lately? Does it seem that people aren't being respectful? Are they using their phones to Facebook during the Gospel? Are they talking and socializing? Are people dressing like slobs to come to mass. What is happening.... more

This is Elizabeth, a militant Catholic who is tired of people spreading lies about the only true Church, created by our Lord Jesus Christ before he died for our sins on the cross. I have experienced other religions, and the truth always leads... more