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Living the Shift

Living the Shift: Our Evolution


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PRACTICAL integration of body, mind, and spirit into our lives as part of the spiritual/metaphysical shift in our world today.

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JOIN ME LIVE ONLINE TUESDAY, 8/4 9am ET with special guest Debi Weinstein for Living the Shift! There's so much to do... so many to help... the pace of our shifting has sped up (and continues to do so) exponentially! We've been taught -externally, via our families, friends, belief systems, cultures - that sacrificing the self for others or putting others first, above our own needs (especially for our children and families) is honorable, and "makes us worthy" of being loved. Throughout this existence of duality and separation, part of the lessons we've ALSO explored - to the extreme - is giving away our power to others, whether by sacrifice, by allowing ourselves to feel subservient, unknowledgable, or deficient in some way. Time to decipher that... and turn it around, so we can remember how we're the MOST useful and bright Divine tool to help spread the highest vibration possible! In this episode, we'll talk about "self-centralness"... what it is, its CRUCIAL importance, how it touches ALL parts of our journeys, both individual and collective... and how to shift things to this perspective to optimize our experience. That includes - and sometimes is ESPECIALLY important for - spiritual practitioners, whether one has just started practicing... or has been doing so for decades. Hope you can take part!
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JOIN ME TUESDAY, 7/28 9AM ET WITH GUEST JENNIFER CUNNINGS WARRINGTON! Do you find yourself spending an inordinate time focusing on__________, to the point that it's limiting your overall progress? Fill in the... more

Join Angela Coulter to get your day started with a spiritual boost in this half-hour Google Hangout discussing various topics from a new perspective and practical applications in "living the shift"! Are you ready and willing to create your reality...... more

As our shifting continues to accelerate, more and more are finding that they start down a certain path, doing what they "think" they want to or are "supposed to" do... and just when they get comfortable moving in one direction, BAM! The... more

JOIN ME WITH GUEST/SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER MATT KEY THIS TUESDAY, 6/30, 9-9:40AM ET for Living the Shift! There's a LOT of perceived change going on in all kinds of relationships, as we release a lot of boxes that... more

JOIN ME LIVE ONLINE TUESDAY, 6/23 9AM ET FOR Living the Shift! Have you ever felt trapped in your life, trapped in a situation, and whenever someone would suggest for you to leave the situation, your answer was, "I just can't leave it,... more

Overall, we LOVE stories! It's how we reflect upon - and compare - our lessons as we have chosen them in this separation-based Universe. However, one of the main purposes of the story: to help remind us of our higher purpose, to motivate... more

There's SO MUCH out there today on the ascension, on our spiritual evolution, and on "New Earth" that the preponderence of information can be overwhelming! On the habitual quest for finding "bigger" answers from others, one may ask,... more

Are you constantly complaining about wanting something different, someplace different, anything different than what's here and now in the moment? In living the shift, one of the biggest changes for us to make is to start accepting,... more

Many often "strive for comfort"...with the idea that once that idea of comfort has been reached - or a place in their lives that they deem "good enough" - they stop striving for more or anything different. "Comfort" is one of the most LIMITING... more

Do you find yourself constantly NOT doing something or going somewhere because of what your mind and/or other people tell you, in the pretense of "keeping you safe"? Often, we don't even realize that we limit ourselves by our... more
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