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Living the Shift

Living the Shift: Our Evolution


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PRACTICAL integration of body, mind, and spirit into our lives as part of the spiritual/metaphysical shift in our world today.

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There's SO MUCH out there today on the ascension, on our spiritual evolution, and on "New Earth" that the preponderence of information can be overwhelming! On the habitual quest for finding "bigger" answers from others, one may ask,... more

Are you constantly complaining about wanting something different, someplace different, anything different than what's here and now in the moment? In living the shift, one of the biggest changes for us to make is to start accepting,... more

Many often "strive for comfort"...with the idea that once that idea of comfort has been reached - or a place in their lives that they deem "good enough" - they stop striving for more or anything different. "Comfort" is one of the most LIMITING... more

Do you find yourself constantly NOT doing something or going somewhere because of what your mind and/or other people tell you, in the pretense of "keeping you safe"? Often, we don't even realize that we limit ourselves by our... more

It seems sort of odd, doesn't it... to do so much work on being able to "see," "hear," and understand the larger picture... and then, at some point, let it go to some extent and be able to live completely in the moment, simply enjoying the... more

There are many prophecies, predictions, and pieces of literature that talk about the "end of times"... and many avoid the discussion of the awakening and "ascension" because of the fear it strikes in their heart, based on those... more

Have you seen the terms letting go, being authentic, and living in your truth... and you wonder, "What does that REALLY mean, why is that important, and how do I do that?" Those three terms can be not just uncomfortable, but also deeply... more

Are you in relationships that trigger you? Do you find yourself criticizing your loved ones - spouse, children, family, friends - and you want to know how to CHANGE what's setting you off? Though we've changed tremendously (and continue to do... more

Are you tired of "living the status quo"... going to the job you're "supposed to" have, living the live you're "suposed to" live? Feeling more and more like you want to break out, find yourself, and open your heart to experience and BE the... more

For many reasons, what we're going through right now is HUGE for ALL of us... and the time is NOW to put together so many pieces that have been floating through our consciousness. Accepting some HUGE concepts as part of OUR... more
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