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Welcome to Living Spiritually (formally One IAM Live), the exciting, uplifting, and informative weekly program of Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive, William Elias. Each Friday, William Elias addresses a world-wide audience with insights and wisdom gained from over 25 years of study and teaching in spirituality, healing, meditation, and awakened consciousness. Featuring teaching segments, spiritual news, channeled messages, meditations, healing events, guest interviews, and product reviews, this program speaks to a wide variety of spiritual seekers. Many weeks, callers will have the opportunity to join the conversation and speak with William, live and on the air. Weekly show topics are listed in the show descriptions of this site and on William's website, www.oneIAM.com. Join the Spiritual Revolution! Tune in to Living Spiritually every Friday at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern.

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Join international channel, spiritual teacher, and healer, William Elias, for this lively weekly spiritual radio program. Featuring channeled wisdom and help from William's spiritual team, including Orion, the Elohim, Gnosis, the Hathors, and... more

11.18.13 - TONIGHT: William returns to his weekly show with a great discussion. Shifting Your Script and the Paradigm of Vibrational Reality. Learn why our lives continue to be so difficult, even with the promise of the Ascension. Why is it so... more

Originally scheduled... an interview with Dee Wallace. BUT, Dee was a no show for the program! William offered an impromptu and impassioned talk about how we are creating, and standing in the way of, our Ascension. Tune in to hear... more

August 14, 2013. The Ascension Journey - Where Are We? We've been discussing the Ascension at length for some time... but where are we in this process called Ascension? Is it really happening? What should we be doing now... more

July 31 2013. Tonight - Pendulum Magic & the connection to your Higher Self. How does a pendulum connect us to higher wisdom? How can working with a pendulum connect us to higher truths and give us answers for our life and... more

July 24, 2013. Tonight - William completes his discussion about Clearing Cords of Attachment. What are cords of attachment and how do they affect us? How do we find and clear them? Join William for a fascinating exploration of this little... more

July 17th, 2013. Tonight - William continues his discussion about Clearing Cords of Attachment. What are cords of attachment and how do they affect us? How do we know if we have them? What spiritual purpose do they have? And what... more

July 10th, 2013. Tonight's show is a REPLAY of a previous show. William is tending to an emergency with a friend and will not air live tonight! One IAM Live returns next week, live, as we continue our discussion on Clearing Cords of... more

July 3rd. Tonight - Understanding Cords of Attachment. Perhaps you have heard about these spiritual and energetic tethers, but what are they really, how do we get them, and how do they affect us? Tonight, we begin to explore Cords of... more

June 26th: Tonight - William takes his audience further into Living in the Higher Self. William talked last week about the Higher Self in great detail... Tonight, he takes you much deeper into the experience of the Higher Self. Tune in to learn... more