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Based in the U.K., Geeta Sidhu-Robb is an award-winning entrepreneur, inspirational mentor and founder of Nosh Detox – an awarding winning well-being company that delivers delicious, nutritionally balanced juice & food to customers’ doors. Nosh Detox creates custom health packages and unique, natural health solutions to achieve optimal well-being, from promoting healthy eating, treating problem skin and working with weight issues to solving digestive problems, coping with stress, fighting infections and more. Having spent over a decade as a corporate lawyer, Geeta started Nosh Detox in 2008, and has grown the business steadily. Geeta and Nosh Detox have won numerous awards and accolades including: Geeta Sidhu Robb – Exceptional Working Mother of the Year at the Everywoman Annual Conference (2008) Nosh Detox – Best Diet Delivery Zest Magazine (2009) Geeta Sidhu Robb – Entrepreneur of the Year at the Precious Awards (2010) Nosh Detox – Service Business of the Year at the Precious Awards (2010) Geeta Sidhu Robb – Business Woman of The Year at the prestigious World Sikh Awards (2011) Nosh Detox – Best Detox in London; Evening Standard Magazine (2011) Geeta Sidhu Robb – Entrepreneur of the Year at the British Asian Hafta Awards (2011) Geeta has attributed all these achievements to the moment in 2010 when she decided to learn how to successfully grow a business and leave nothing to chance. She searched for a mentor and was accepted to work with one of the world’s most famous marketers, Jay Abraham. From November 2010 to January 2012, she flew to Los Angeles from London for three days every month to learn from him. The knowledge she gained enabled her to beat a recession and achieve enormous growth and value in a shrinking market.

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Geeta has a good friend Sam Bearfoot come over form her Health radio show to give use all a little taste of what juicing can do for your digestion system. Living Raw Radio with your host Geeta Sidhu Robb is on every Wed 6:00PM GST from the Unighted Kingdom. Director of Rawnora, Chef Adam... more

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Geeta and Candice of Nosh Detox speak on the subject of Healthy Transformations of yourself and why they are so important.
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