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Living Life Powerfully

Living Life Powerfully


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Your co-hosts, Dr. Pearlette Ramos and Raj Chehl, are dedicated to helping you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by connecting you with your power, purpose and passion!

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A wise person once said, "When we avoid difficult conversations, we trade short term discomfort for long term dysfunction." Whether we choose to avoid rocking the boat or ruffling some feathers, understanding that we pay a high price... more

Do you run on-time? Or, do you tend to run either a little early or a little late? Regardless of whether you have a reputation for being punctual or habitually late, we all seem to be in a race against time. Have you ever stopped to think... more

Is your life abundant or are you still working towards having abundance sometime in the future? Dr. Wayne Dyer says, "Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into!" Our conversation today is designed to help you tune in... more

In his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuro-scientists, talks about new research into the brain and body, the mind, and consciousness-and the quantum field-that suggests we can expand possibilities... more

Are you the master of your thoughts? What you think makes you who you are! Negative thoughts will bring painful experiences and positive thoughts will result in joy. Stated simply, the quality of thoughts you entertain will result in a harvest... more

It's one thing to know your strengths, it's another thing for them to become operational in your life. And, how do you do that? In their book, Character Strengths and Virtues, Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman highlighted 24... more

Whether we set out to solve problems or create something new, the degree of success depends on the extent to which we have cultivated our strengths and understood our weaknesses. Marilyn Von Savant says, "Success is achieved by... more

Regardless of where you turn, you can't get away from pundits who are discussing whether Donald Trump is going to become the GOP nominee. We see Americans, candidates or not, beating one another up on the campaign trail. So... more

Dalai Lama states, "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." Do you agree? We are neither dependent nor independent. We are interdependent and since we need each other for our very... more

From a tender age we learn how to connect with and love others. As babies most of us bond, first, with our mothers and fathers. From there, we extend our focus outward. We develop relationships with siblings, extended family members, and... more