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LivingEden is a pilgrimage through our lives and around our planet in the present moment to open, open, open and expand our consciousness. A pilgrimage to raise our vibrations to Victory through Ecstasy. A journey into the unknown, Mystery, and Mastery of miracles. A consciousness of Divine Source within and swimming in the bowl of infinite possibilities. Are you yearning to play with others in this space to feed your souls magnificently and mastermind the new Living Eden on earth?? Come on along on the pilgrimage of your lifetime Gods and Goddesses.

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Let's take a deeper look at abun-Dance in our world and maybe even the cosmos. Isn't it interesting the very word abundance holds the word Dance within it....... How does that relate to the cry of the world this moment??? When we really listen what do we here in communion with that cry??? I don't know what it means to dance with this concept in the New Eden with the new mindset, with being the creator in part of the new earth I am choosing to live in. We are creating that new Eden with every step we take. Let's abun-Dance together and see what happens. I invite you to send me a sharing, insights, questions to share on LivingEden show at You can also visit my website at
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Blessings galore everyone! So excited to be sharing another LivingEden show with all of you. Our show will focus on enhancing the increased light flowing onto the planet during the Christmas season. We are the LIGHT BEINGS. We... more

Blessings Galore Everyone, I'm just back from deliciously celebrating Thanksgiving joys and excited about the gift of interviewing Renya Craig on our show. Renya is an amazing sacred conscious gift giver and very excited to share... more

This weeks show Sharon will not be here with us because of the long standing cutural CELEBRATION of THANKSGIVING. I will be here and I invite you to travel along with me to the origins of what has become an intricate piece of American... more

We have mentioned in many of our shows how the "sacred marriage" is the gateway to Eden on Earth. In one scenario, Sacred Marriage is a complete integration of the seemingly opposite aspects of male/female consciousness... more

Fellow Spirit travelers it's time for celebration and fun this week. It is my birthday week too. So let's celebrate all of us on the planet co-creating and living Eden. I invite you to send in sharings of what is fun is for when you are... more

Blessings all!! Last week Sharon shared with us on the importance of our Worldview: Separation or Connection and how that actually creates our world we live in. The Unified Field of Physics revelations are linking us back to... more

Blessings all! I will be sharing about a new program I just started: The Delegate Program Level 1: Exploring Unified Physics is designed to provide a foundation of understanding of the field of Unified Physics and its implications and applications... more

Seven humanitarian initiatives have been nominated for ?Socially-Responsible Design's Highest Award,? the 2014 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Presented by the Buckminster Fuller Institute, the $100,000 prize is awarded each year to... more

We are so excited and honored to be interviewing Jodine Turner on our next Living Eden show. Jodine is a best-selling, and multiple award winning author of Young Adult/Adult fantasy, visionary fiction, magical realism, and paranormal... more

Showers of Miracles on us all!!! We will be exploring and sharing Miracles this week. What do you call a Miracle?? Remember Anasatasia from last week's show? How she lives seems to us to be filled with extraordinary miracles but to... more
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