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Living From Within

Living From Within


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Relationships cannot survive when its foundation is lacking in honesty and integrity. Given that, we have to ask the question; why do we, as a society; continue to support measures that keep women in the dark about their sexuality; thereby forcing them to participate in behaviors that demand the sacrafice of their own authenticity? Such denial of self not only wreaks havoc on the females'(and oftentimes the males') self-esteem; the consequences for these acts of self-deprivation are as devastating to the function of our society as any of the other social ills that we face. On some levels (ethics notwithstanding) we can understand why it would NOT be to the advantage of the sex therapists and drug companies for women to know the truth about their sexuality; clinics would close, profit margins would drop, and reputations would be ruined. We might even understand why the T.V. docs are not willing to admit that (despite being proficient in anatomy and physiology; not to mention their Board Certified credentials) they are essentially clueless when it comes to female sexuality, but what about the rest of us? What is the underlying consciousness, individually and collectively, in this society; that encourages women to ignore the truth of who they truly are; in favor of the illusion that is being thrust upon them by society? We would love to know what you think. (If you are intereted in an authentic woman coach; we highly recommend Julie Hoffenberg, at www.authenticwomancoach.com. Free consultation available). Hosts: Ruby and Ethel E-mail: livingfromwithin2@yahoo.com