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Living From Within

Living From Within


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Living from within means that we have chosen to listen to our inner voice, which speaks to us through feelings, and is forever guiding us towards our highest good. When we live our lives from this higher Wisdom, order prevails. However, when that Wisdom is ignored, chaos ensues, and such is the case with sexuality in general, and female sexuality in particular. Women have labored long enough under the false premise that men are responsible for their orgasms, and that the vagina is their primary organ of pleasure. And, as evidenced by our last show (January 17), the situation is being exacerbated by the media coverage that contnues to perpetuate this myth. While the dominant intent of these discussions is to help women fully understand their orgasmic potential, there is an even greater issue at steak, and one that goes far beyond the simple act of pleasure: There is an intrinsic damage to to the self-esteem of women who believe themselves to be sexually dysfunctional, simply because they are not reaching orgasm through penetration alone; as well as the impact that this error has on families; the integrity of relationships, and society as a whole. But, the error is in the thinking, and thoughts can be changed. As we present incontrovertible evidence that reaching orgasm through penetration alone defies the natural order of the process, millions of women will find themselves breathing a sigh of relief; for not only does the above defy the law of nature; it is virtually impossible for orgasm to occur in that manner. There is a Divine order to every aspect of the Universe in which we live, and orgasm is no exception. And as we keep turning within, where the answer is already established, then the Law of Attraction will take it from there. Hosts: Ruby and Ethel - e-mail: livingfromwithin2@yahoo.com If you would like to order the book Male and Female Sexuality: Bridging the Pleasure Gap, by Ethel Jackson, it is available on amazon.com or at the above e-mail address.