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Living From Within


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It has been said that most people live their lives in a state of quiet desperation, and the orgin of this DIS-EASE can be traced back to one common denominator; the moment to moment mental clutter (born out of negative thinking), that has taken up residence in our heads, and blocked our awareness to the FEELING of Love and Oneness which is our natural state of being, and is in fact the essence of who we are. This show will not only demonstrate the value of going beyond this dreaded state of mental conflict; it will also offer a number of simple, yet extraordinarily effective ways in which we can shift our awareness from the externally focused, thinking mind, to an awareness of our internal environment. And by exploring this fairly obscure aspect of ourselves, we will discover that we have (within ourselves), the mechanism for being, doing, and having the desires of our hearts, according to our own individual definition of what thoes desires should be. So please join us on this unparalleled journey into self discovery. Hosts: Co-Hosts: Ethel and Ruby e-mail:

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On today'show we are honored to again have as our guest the amazing Tim Weichman. As a long-time associate of author Guy Finley (best-selling author who is known for his deep understanding ot the Inner Path), Tim... more

On last Thursday's show, Derek Rydall, founder of the Law of Emergence, revealed to us one of those rare, internal breakthroughs that, when embraced, will shift our lives from the harsh dictates of our thoughts (ego), to the gentle... more

After a life-changing, near-death experience, Derek Rydall seriously considered becoming a monk, then a minister, then cloistered himself in his apartment, without TV or news, and meditated for several years; ultimately becoming a... more

The Law of Emergence, founded by Derek Rydell, teaches us that the joy of life that we seek is already available to us. Our work; as Derek so eloquently states, is to ?Not try to make it happen, but instead make it welcome.? On... more

When we go beyond words and thoughts, we automatically tap into our feelings, and it is from that space that the magic happens. Please join us. Hosts: Ruby and Ethel website. E-mail:

I do not recall the name of the book or author of the above statement, but I distinctly remember the rather profound impact on me when I read it, and it has always stayed with me. The actual wording reads like this: ?Slow down your... more

As a long-time, close associate of Guy Finley (Self-realization author and teacher who is known for his deep understanding of the Inner Path), Tim Weichman brilliantly addresses many of the inner life topics that Guy writes and teaches... more

"The world is full of discord. The question is asked again and again: Why, if there is a God, does this God permit sin, disease, war, famine and disaster? How can all these evils be, if God is good, if God is life, if God is love? How can there... more

Heaven and hell are states of mind. When we follow the guidance of our thoughts (which we typically do), we create life experiences that are equivalent to living in hell. However, when we follow the gentle, intuitive guidance that the Spirit (our... more

(NOTE: Watch Sophia's video on You Tube ) If ever there was an idea whose time has come, this would have to be it! Despite the fact that millions of women feel obligated to endure the humiliation and frustrations of infrequent to... more