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Greg Halvorson, a dedicated Patriot in the battle for Freedom, is the creator and founder of The Conservative Hammer, where new media Patriots learn to Fight Back.

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In one of the greatest displays of American patriotism and intellectual hegemony in the history of this nation, Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tokk to the Senate floor for 21 hours, exposing the GOP's flacks for Harry Reid, and taking his argument... more

You, who love liberty, who believe in individual freedom, competition, innovation, and hard work.... Who are honest and virtuous and devoted to God -- your president, Barack Obama, despises you.... And that, friends, is the God's honest... more

Oklahoma ~ Christopher Lane -- 3 bullets in the back.... Yawn...Washngton State ~ Delbert Belton -- 89 year/old WW II vet, beaten dead.... YawnTennessee ~ David Santucci -- 9mm to the heart, point blank; wallet not taken...Blacks are... more

Gutless weasels.... Hamstrung fops... Tongue-tied statists.... Call them whatever you, please, but let us all do the country a favor -- and PRIMARY the RINOs of the GOP.

Transgender children choosing what SPORT team to play for based on their CHOSEN gender preference? ... REALLY???SHOWERING wherever they dang well please.... REALLY?Folks, next time someone tells you that they're a... more

57 states... Navy "corpseman" ... Hawaii in "Asia" .... Barack Obama, in reality, gives his braindead running mate a run for his money when it comes to off-the-cuff buffoonery.... During his recent appearance on Leno, the Gaffe... more

Oprah Winfrey -- this ignorant woman is so disgusting in her rhetoric, she leaves me no choice but to comment publicly... Emmitt Till was ABDUCTED, tortured, disfigured, then shot POINT BLANK in the head before being tied to a cotton gin... more

John McCain would have a tough time choosing between Rand Paul and "rock star" Hillary "saddlebags" Clinton for president.... REALLY?Yes, really -- and about that exrtra border security, it can be changed, ya... more

Should make for good tv viewing, eh? ... The Department of Justice spent tax dollars in support of Al Sharpton's race-baiting in Sanford, Florida, the president weighed-in ("If I had a son, he would like Trayvon"), and the table is now set for... more

Everyday utter lawlessness and bald-faced lies spew from the cesspool of Washington DC... Nearly everyone is on the take, nearly everyone is armed with statist talking-points designed to dupe very dupable Americans.... ObamaCare... more
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