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Live Out Loud Monday's is a talk show dedicated to helping people discover concepts, strategies and tools to that allow them to experience a life filled with purpose, inspiration and fun!! Join us every Monday and Live Life Out Loud!!!

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Our brains are powerful, and that's something we can probably all agree upon without much thought. Yet we want you to think about it deeper. Think about how your brain puts every piece of information it encounters through a filter, and that... more

Rejection can be a gift? How? Join us today as your Live Out Loud host take on Ch 22 of Rhonda Britten's book Change Your Life in 30 Days. This will be interesting.

Luck, fate, and destiny are words that take your ability to be proactive and make a difference out of the mix. With luck you are an innocent bystander; fate happens to you; and destiny is preordained, giving you no power to change it.... more

This is awesome! We have made it 2/3 of the way through Rhonda Britten's book Change Your Life in 30 Days. Let's celebrate our new awareness, our new skills, and our new accomplishments. This week we'll look back on the past... more

Holding on to grudges, animosity, and hurt is one of the most hurtful things one can do to one's self. Join us today as we discuss forgiveness.

Intuition will tell you the difference between what you should do and what you are meant to do. Your intuition is here to guide you to fulfill your potential, to be true to yourself above all else. When you are willing to live in the unknown,... more

We all have excuses. It's even natural to build evidence to prove the reality of our excuses. However, excuses keep us from our true selves. There just never seems to be enough ... (time, money, energy, etc.) to really get ahead and make... more

Raise your hand if life is busy for you. I bet everyone's hand went up. I don't know anyone who isn't busy. Life pulls us in many differnt directions and if the opportunity to take on more shows up we cake it on. Lets talk about this today.... more

Trusting yourself means you are willing to act on what your hear when you listen to your own wise council within. Are you willing to trust your intuition and take action on those promptings? Are you willing to believe yourself, your voice, your... more

As we continue our journey being true to ourselves, we must be willing to release all that is untrue. Our perceptions trick us into thinking that our fears and our excuses are real, and we end up lying to ourselves. We might also tell little white... more