Live From The Bay With Joey

"A Haunting Tale From The Canyon" Pt-1

Live From The Bay With Joey

Live From The Bay With Joey

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All  has not seemed well in the quiet town of Canyon Falls , located in a tiny mountain range in Northern California. Has this town always been there, or is this simply a tale ? What is it about this White Falls Lady that people talk about?

How is it with you tonight, are you doing well?  Can you withstand  A Haunting Tale From  The Canyon? Come explore the story of this very special and mysterious place,as only can be told by Joey. 

Come and experience the town, the people and the legend! Hear about those who have tried to explore Canyon Falls or be drawn in!  Now be the first to hear of  Joey's most recent trip,in search of the truth around the tale. Find out first hand what happened!!

This is not for the faint of heart!

Northern California
White Lady
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