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  • Women Warriors - Reclaim Your Career

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    Our special guest on Women Warriors next week (Sept 17th at Noon ET) will be #1 Bestselling author, Cornelia Shipley.  Cornelia will discuss the topic of “What it means to Reclaim Your Career ”.   Don’t miss our show to learn what you can do to live your dreams and advance your career!
    Cornelia Shipley BCC, PCC, ELI-MP author of the #1 Bestselling book, Design Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Life, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams, is an executive coach and leadership development expert who works with executives to create lives they love to live! In addition, she supports executive leadership teams in the development of corporate wide strategic plans and organizational change initiatives.  To learn more, visit Cornelia’s website at http://www.designyourlifethebook.com/.  

  • Suzanne Perry, Founder of Love Shouldn't Hurt.TV

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    Suzanne Perry, founder of Love Shouldn't Hurt.TV, was a 22 year victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband. Having started over at age 39, she had to reconnect with herself and then decided to go public with her story. Today, she is a confidence coach, speaker, presents workshops, education and awareness events surrounding domestic abuse and bullying. She puts on an annual 3-day "EXPOSURE Concert" that streams worldwide to unite the world to eradicate domestic violence. Her story, advocacy work and support services have been featured on "Public Report" and "By the People" TV shows and widespread in print and digital media.

  • weekly DOwnlOaD

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    Every week, I try to take 30 minutes and speak into the air.  Mostly, I share my thoughts in the moment at that time in my week, at that moment in time, wherever I happen to be in those thoughts, so that one day, when she's sitting on the couch of some friend wondering "What WAS my mother thinking?" she has a reference to at least this moment in time of her life as she's growing up as to exactly what her mother was thinking when she was (now) a Freshman in High School.
    A mother's life, outloud diary, and sharing thoughts and ideas about the world that she would probably not share with her daughter at her present age in time just because ... age disparity.

  • Moving Forward in Faith with Terri Schrews featuring Mel Ann Morales

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    Today’s Show:
    L.I.F.E. Strategist and Empowerment Coach Mel Ann Morales is Terri’s featured guest this week on Moving Forward in Faith. Mel Ann is also a published author, motivational speaker, and busy homeschool mom to her two children while running her own coaching business in Texas. Mel Ann is an expert at finding powerful lessons in everyday experiences and excels at creating habits and strategies that keep life in forward when the unexpected happens. She will be joining us today to share her secrets for how to manage our environments to encourage success and influence excellence. Mel Ann passionately believes that when we create our environments in a way that supports our individual selves we can achieve the success we were designed to live out. Be prepared to be empowered! You can click HERE to sign up for Mel Ann's Newsletter.
    Links for Terri Schrews:
    Website: www.MoveForwardinFaith.com  
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSpiritualGrowthCoach
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerriSchrews1   
    Links for Mel Ann Morales:
    Website: http://melannmorales.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelAnnMorales
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/L_I_F_E_Warrior

  • Tory Johnson Shares THE SHIFT

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    As a regular contributor to Good Morning America, a sought-after speaker and a best-selling author, Tory Johnson can certainly consider herself to be a success in life. But it was a single conversation that forced her to face the one challenge that has plagued her for years: her weight. In her beautifully written account, THE SHIFT: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life, she writes of the profoundly personal choice she made to change this.
    Join us as Tory shares the intimate story of her weight struggle, new ways of eating and how our thoughts directly link to the number we see on the scale. For any of you who have ever struggled with your weight, you will want to catch this show for sure! 

  • How to Tame Your Inner Critic

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    We all have one - that voice that speaks up and stops us from moving forward. That voice that tries to convince us that we don't have what it takes to - fill in the blank. While we can't get rid of it, we can learn how to move past it. Join Michelle Hollinger as she shares how to take control of your inner voice.

  • The Importance of Outdoor Activities on Productive Play with Elissa Sungar

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    When parents understand that how they spend time with their children under the age of 8 can have lifelong impacts, the need for supporting parents in how to best develop creative and active learners is crucial.  Elissa Sungar is a co-creator of the website www.ifnotyouwho.org which helps adults prepare children for kindergarten and life.  Today you will discover the importance of outdoor play and activities on how a child learns.  But even getting children outside is complicated by our current use of technology with preschoolers.  You will discover how something simple like playing Tic-Tac-Toe outdoors can be a valuable inroad to getting children engaged with nature.
    Join us on Wednesday, September 17th at 10amPT/1pmET and in archive anytime as Elissa and Debi bring you great information and creative ways to make your playtime count!
    Thanks to today's show sponsor Everything Family.net. Meet all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Made/Mompreneur Approved Product and Service Marketplace.
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    Word of Mom Radio ~ sharing the wisdom of women.

  • Find Your Mojo and Get It Together

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    Love can find you at any age. But, the older you are, sometimes, the harder it is for love to track you down. Leonardo Bustos has helped thousands of Baby Boomers find love and find it quickly. Even if you're a pretty young thing with a line of suitors around the block, you've got a mother, aunt or friend who can use Leo’s help.
    Host of Magnificent Time, Cloris Kylie, helps women get their lives together. A true Get It Together Girl, Cloris helps women make lasting change in their lives one step at a time. Together Karyn and Cloris will share some of their advice for helping women live their best lives right now.

  • The Coma Whisperer with Susan Fox

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    Show Topic: The Coma Whisperer
    Special Guest: Susan Fox
    Susan Fox, AA, Brain Dialog Researcher, Consulting Hypnotist and minister is the author of The Coma Whisperer (Amazon) and Brainview:  What Does Your Brain Think of You?  Susan has helped thousands of people calmly prepare and experience the crossing over experience.  She’s here today to give you tips about the life and death experience no human can avoid. Learn more about the book Here: http://www.ezkey2life.com/SusanFox/
    Show Notes:
    Hashtag: #PassionDivaRadio
    Call in Number: (347) 637-3175
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  • Lisa Smartt ~ Wife, Mom, Woman in Search of Her Keys

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    Lisa Smartt is a woman who loves to laugh and to infect others with the joy of laughter.  She lives on 16 wooded acres with her husband of 26 years, two teenage sons (who sometimes fight), two German Shepherd/Huskies, and two male cats who desperately need Prozac. 
    Public speaking has been Lisa’s passion for more than a decade.  She has spoken to groups around the country on subjects like “Finding Contentment in a Discontent World” and “We’re All in the Same Boat, So Grab a Lifeline.” 
    Her future aspirations include organizing her purse, eating more green leafy vegetables, and cleaning out the hall closet. She believes laughter is a gift and LOVES to share with others her personal weaknesses, struggles, and the sheer JOY of God’s amazing grace!
    Lisa is the author of a 5-star book series, including “Doug and Carlie,” “Doug and Carlie’s Love Conspiracy,”  and “Doug and Carlie:  Matchmakers on a Mission.”
    Her first two books, "The Smart View: Life, Love, and Cluttered Closets" and "The Smartt View 2: Life in Progress"came from her humorous weekly column.
    Visit Lisa's website at www.lisasmartt.com (Note the double "t". Lisa's second "t" stands for top entertainer in motivational humor in meaningful messages.)
    Please, remember to listen in on your computers and wait to call in with a question when we open the phone lines.

  • What Does Constant Prayer Mean? with Kelli Claypool

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    On this episode of DivaTalkRadio, our Host, Kelli Claypool, will share the meaning of constant prayer. Luke 18:1 says, "One day Jesus told his disciple a story to illustrate their need for constant prayer and to show them that they must keep praying until the answer comes."
    Constant prayer means keeping our requests constantly before God as we live for him day by day, always believing he will answer. When we live by faith, we are not to give up. God may delay answering, but his delays always have good reasons and we must not confuse them with neglect. As we persist in prayer, we grow in character, faith, and hope!
    Plan to join Kelli Claypool in this refreshing episode of DivaTalkRadio!
    For more information about our programming or to be a guest on DivaTalkRadio, please visit www.DivaTalkRadio.com.  Also, let's be friends on Facebook!  www.facebook.com/DivaTalkRadio www.facebook.com/DivasThatPray

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