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  • Management Training: Building Your Best Team

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    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Carol Smith, you'll discover how to build your best team including
    How to define TEAM. How to Build Your Team from a Biblical Framework The Benefits of Team Ministry Strategies for Building Your Best Team Coaching for Best Characteristics & Contributions Serving from Strengths: Passions/Abilities/Spiritual Gifts/Talents Working out Weaknesses: Develop, Nurture & Redirect Preparing for Team Challenges: Conflicts & Dysfunctions Essentials for Best Team Leadership Carol Smith embraces living with exuberant faith and deep abiding trust as a “woman in ministry leadership.” She is passionate about coaching, teaching and sharing practical Biblical and health principles for best everyday choices. She graduated with a B.A. degree with honors in Religion/Family Studies/Health and eventually completed a Masters in Ministry Leadership from Rockbridge Seminary. www.transformingfocus.com
    Your host, Marnie Swedberg is the online mentor to over 14,000 leaders from 30 countries, a syndicated radio talk show host, the author of 13 "how-to" books, plus she personally oversees two businesses in the retail and restaurant industries. She consistently shares practical, doable success strategies to shorten your learning curve, increase your productivity, and skyrocket your delight in life. When you think you're too  B.U.S.Y. - Marnie helps you re-frame and re-set with  Best Unique Strategies for You. www.Marnie.com

  • Incorporating Humor Into Speeches

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    During this hour with Marnie and special guest, Lori Hynson, you'll learn how to use humor to:
    Woo Your Audience:  Attract at First Glance  Initiate Flirting  Deepen the Relationship Fall in Love! Pace your Presentation – Balance Humor with Seriousness Develop Humorous Material Use Metaphors/Analogies/Similes Lori will also address a frequent concern: "Does God Like Funny?"
    Lori Hynson is an accomplished speaker and performer, and the award-winning author of SuperGal vs. GOD. She is the owner of independent publishing company, Broken Shoe Press, and a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Learn more at http://www.TheSuperGalSyndrome.com

  • Your New Money Mindset

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    During this hour with Marnie and special guest, Brad Hewitt, you'll discover:
    The definition of a "money relationship" and what a healthy one looks like. Why the money mindset has everything to do with your heart and not only your mind. The five basic money mindsets. Key questions to ask yourself regarding your subconscious money mindsets. How to overcome a negative money mindset. How to cultivate an attitude of contentment in relationship to money. What the Bible says about financial abundance vs. lack. How to live generously even when the funds aren't freely flowing toward you. Brad Hewitt is president and CEO of Thrivent Financial, a not-for-profit Fortune 500 organization dedicated to helping Christians be wise with money and live generously. He speaks regularly on how a redefined relationship with money can help us find and live out our call in life. Learn more at https://www.thrivent.com/

  • India's Daughter - Sexual Assualt of Women in India w/Leslee Udwin

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    Tonight we have with, Leslee Udwin, producer of the film, India's Daughter, the powerful story of the 2012, brutal gang rape on a Delhi bus of a 23 year old medical student, who later died from her injuries.  In 2012, it made international headlines and ignited protests by women in India and around the world.  Udwin will discuss the exclusive footage she obtained of the rapists and defense attorney, none of whom express remorse.  India's Daughter pays tribute to a remarkable and inspiring young woman and explores the compelling human stories behind the incident and the political ramifications through India and beyond.  

  • Supporting and Empowering Women - the Wise Woman Way

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    Are you stuck on the couch eating ice cream straight from the carton? Are you sobbing one minute and hysterically having a tantrum the next? Could you use the wisdom of a strong woman whose been there, done that and THRIVED? Tonight my special guest, coach, mentor, AND author, Maria Tomas-Keegan shares her expertise, and wisdom on how best women can empower each other during difficult life transitions! She's been there AND done that!
    When women share experiences and stories, other women take note - we learn when we listen - we empower others when we share - we lead by example when we coach and mentor - we impart wisdom! Tonight learn how you can be a Wise Woman empowering other women AND how you can thrive through difficult relationship transitions.
    Are you ready to become your most powerful resource - to be understood and respected for who you are, what you do and your personal contribution to the whole? Get your FREE copy of "Beginning Your Inner Jourey to the Wise Woman Within".
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