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  • HUGS Daily - Empowering YOUR best to let go of the rest

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    Your host and prayer leader Antiqua, is dedicated to YOUR success.  “When you succeed, I succeed.” Is her motto. As a yoga teacher trainer, trauma transformer and best selling author and international radio host Antiqua knows that no matter what your story is, you are made of solid gold.  Her specialty is to help you let go of all the drama, trauma and disbelief that is standing between you and your destiny and then help you leap over years of “start-up” struggle to step into your dreams. She is your empowerment coach ~ with tool boxes full of ageless beauty and success strategies up her sleeve.  She is dedicated to empowering big vision women around with world to be the change they seek.
    Antiqua works with women who have “been there and done that” and are ready to step out of the old and into the new, visionaries, leaders and compassionate healers. Her signature course Divine in 9 is a holistic approach to overcoming limitations body, mind and soul, packed with step by step action plans to awaken your divine purpose and step into it fully. She also works with clients one on one and travels world-wide co-hosting empowerment retreats.
    Imagine yourself as a child. Did you have big dreams? Are those dreams still hiding inside you, yet you are not sure how to believe in them again?  If so, then ask yourself if a private session with Antiqua is for your highest good ~ if you are a bit excited, maybe even scared to even think about your dreams coming true visit her site and schedule a FREE breakthrough session with her right now - http://www.Antiqualibbey.com

  • Live from the Bird'sNest

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    Spend some time with the sisters who've found that flying the southern coop doesn't mean you've escaped the Bird's nest. This show will let you in on a little of the wisdom, zaniness and southern comfort always available from their mother, the Bird, and a cast of other wacky wonderful women who've helped raise, grown up with, or recently latched onto the sisters as they've all moved out, moved on, moved up, moved back to their southern home town. Join the sisters as they coo and cackle over their collective interests and poke fun at each other on their particular personal passions all the while checking with their Team of Experts - Aunt Nurse Betty the medical expert, Lisa the globe hopping celebrity flight attendant, Hairdresser Fran, Debbie the husband expert (with 5 and counting) Cousin Roj, their manspert, Billy, the sister who's a mister, and Susan their astrologist on retainer, to name a few. Crisis moments, music, literature, movies, medicine, woo woo, and current events with sassy southern commentary.

  • Metatronic Monday - HEALING with Archangel Metatron

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    I am thrilled to serve as a channel for Archangel Metatron focusing on HEALING for you!! 
    Be sure to call in with your specific issue that you would like healing for and we'll let Archangel Metatron take it from there.
    Whether you struggle with health issues, emotional or mental concerns, Metatron is here to offer help and healing.
    Just being in the "METATRONIC VIBRATION" creates a special advanced healing in and of itself. We have noticed that the more you participate with Metatron's energy weekly the stronger your healing becomes and the more you solidify your own vibrational frequency. 
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  • MenopauseChat with Cynthia of MoonMaid Botanicals

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    Join Cynthia Johnston, herbalist and founder of MoonMaid Botanicals as she takes your calls and attempts to answer your questions about menopause, bio-identical hormones, phytohormones, aging gracefully and other concerns for Women of A Certain Age.  She has been working almost exclusively with menopausal women since 1995 and offers a broad range of experience and expertise.

  • Ron J. West Author/Executive Trainer

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    Ron J. West is a results-focused executive coach, consultant, and speaker with a unique ability to inspire both individual and corporate transformation. Mr. West has invested his entire career in the growth and development of both individuals and companies in Europe and North America. If you ask Ron why he is so successful, he will say: “I am passionate about what I do.” This passion is? evident in his dedication to life-long learning, from his formal education to his ongoing pursuit of the most innovative and effective ideas in the fields of personal and corporate transformation.
    After graduating from the University of Westminster, Ron earned his Master’s Degree from Brunel University in West London. Ron believes that his greatest strength lies in his ability to take the principles of personal transformation he’s learned from the field’s top practitioners and apply them to the corporate world. 
    His specialty is inspiring corporate leaders to recognize and remove the obstacles to their own and their company’s growth, development, and success.” 
    Ron’s latest book: Corporate Caterpillars: How to Grow Wings  This book is designed to inspire. It provides a kind of “blueprint” you can use to create your own individual and corporate transformation to move from limited to limitless. To learn more about Corporate Caterpillars or explore what a positive and lasting difference Ron could make to you and your company visit ronjwest.com

  • Touch A Heart

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    Touch A Heart, hosted by Alesia G. Brown President and Founder of the Women's Worshipfest, Inc., discussing topics that are difficult and tender to the heart; tackling the areas that plague our society and have caused suffering and hardship; but have found hope in God!
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  • Women of Prosperity Ultimately Funny with Comedienne Nikki Carr

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    Tonight we spotlight Comedienne Nikki Carr! You seen her on the Ellen Degeneres Show and of course, This season 2014, of "The Last Comic Standing" She is the ONLY female standing in the finale!!!! CONGRATULATIONS NIKKI!!!!  Make sure you tune in live and share this historical moment with ya girl Mz.Cherry as I represent my hometown! The BRONX,NY! #teamnikki #itsmychoice #cherryrich.
    Sponsored By; Skinny Fiber, Iginite Inc., Prosperity House, The WINOR Expereince, Hype International and many many more.......

  • Recover Your Self-Esteem

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    Gain a healthy self-esteem and lean how to live with a solid God-centered confidence.

  • The Woman Cave with Candice Payne

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    It's time to put the kids to bed, get a cup of tea and enjoy some conversation with girlfriends.  The Woman Cave is your Monday night kickback spot where we talk about subjects of interest to women -- like men.  We talk about other things too, and always with a mind to solutions to problems women face.  Check out our shows and follow us on the BOLD Movers Network.

  • Leadership Lessons from the Lioness - w/Elizabeth Lions (Women, Work and Guilt)

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    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to be YOUR wise advisor. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, gain influence, and be heard. 
    Every show, we are committed to bringing you new ideas and offering new ways of thinking to give you opportunities to change your thinking and change your life. You CAN live the life you've imagined!
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  • Heartline:

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    Heartline with Rita Schulte
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