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  • Women's Ministry Training: Listening Past Her Words to Her Heart

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    During this hour with Marnie and Cherrilynn Bisbano you'll discover:
    The different types of listening? (active, passive, hostile, inviting) How to listen with your entire body. Why people sometimes assume you are not listening and how to indicate that you are tuned into them. Distractions that cause you to become a poor listener. What to say and not to say while listening. What you can do while listening without jeopardizing the communication. Non-verbal signs and why they are important. Confirming you’ve heard correctly without sounding demeaning. How to become a better listener. Cherrilynn Bisbano teaches communication skills at various religious and commerce events. She was a Multi-Media Specialist with the Rhode Island Air National Guard for 10 years where she was the liaison between generals, senators and non-government officials, holds an Associates Degree in Communications, and was an instructor with the Military Leadership Academy for three years teaching professional and interpersonal communication skills. Learn more at www.WomenSpeakers.com/speaker-profile/1092

  • How To Be A Fit Mama with Kenya Moses

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    Kenya is the founder of Be A Fit Mama, Inc., and is dedicated to the empowerment of women. Her wisdom as a Women's Wellness Expert & Professional Dancer has proven to be an asset to numerous media publications, including, eHow, Livestrong, SF Examiner, Essence Magzine.

  • Elder Desiree' H-Bonner-Prophetic Window-Women of Power 5th Annual Tele-Revival

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    Anointed, Expressive, and Spirit-filled! Saved by God’s Grace in 1990 and then Sanctified by His Holy Spirit, Desireé endeavors to sing and write songs of worship and praise focused on God and Him glorified. 
    Desireé operates in the Body of Christ as a Psalmist; a Levitical and Evangelistic call with Prophetic and Apostolic mantles.  And, through the ministry of Music and the Word, she is anointed to provoke an atmosphere of worship, where God's presence can be felt and realized; hearts opened to His Holy Spirit, and lives drawn to Him.
    She has released two Sacred Music CD’s; "The Psalmist... Volume One" & "The Psalmist... Volume Two" and is currently working on the Third Volume! Her first Book entitled "The Heart of the Psalmist" was published in November of 2012 and she has recently released her second Book, “To the Wounded Warrior", while contributing to the Anthology: “Organized Obstacles” with her story entitled “Unfinished: The Diary of a Psalmist”.
    For Booking:    404.500.8225               www.DHBONNER.com

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    Bad Things Happen ... Or Do They???

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    Bob Lancer is a motivator and an author who has a very unique way of looking at circumstance. We all experience difficulties and many of us, get to a point where it seems to all fall apart. Not only does Bob believe that this is an ideal time to learn about ourselves, he also challenges the idea that the 'bad' events were even bad to begin with. Everything that happens happens for our benefit. According to Bob, who is the author of Lighten Up: Harness the Power of Happiness to Create the Life You Want, recognzing the good and positive nature of life is the beginning of changing your outlook and your view of your life experiencing.  
    Website: www.boblancer.com
    Book: Lighten Up: Harness the power of happiness to create the life you want

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    Stepmother Lament: I Am Going to DISENGAGE! I Really Am!

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    Did you ever feel as if you just want to walk away?  Or, not feel as strongly as you do about the children, the ex, your partner?  It may be time to DISENGAGE.  But, what does that word mean?  Do you leave town?  Do you stop talking to everyone?  Do you just stop doing anything?  It all may sound great or very scary.  Barb Goldberg gives you tips on how to disengage and find the life you may be looking for. 
    As always, I thank you for listening and if you ever want to talk further, you can find me at:
    The Evil Stepmother Speaks: http://bit.ly/lBKSwP
    Like us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheEvilStepMotherSpeaks?ref=hl
    There is also a SECRET Facebook group called Stepmom Life Class.  It’s a sacred space to vent and find solutions.  To get in, you have to friend me at https://www.facebook.com/barbgoldberg
    Tweet me @StepmomSpeaks: http://bit.ly/135aHAx
    Want to change your life? Try the book  The Evil Stepmother Speaks: A Guide for Stepfamilies Who Want to Love and Laugh.   You can buy it on my site or on Amazon and all other e-reader sites.
    Need more support?  I offer one on one coaching any time that you need me. Email me at Barb@TheEvilStepmotherSpeaks or click on the Stepmom Support tab on the website.

  • Alive to Thrive with Brenda Fraser

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    ALIVE TO THRIVE WITH BRENDA FRASER airs every Friday at 12 Noon CST. Join Brenda as she investigates trending topics in Art, Culture, and Film while making timely observations that hit the mark with what today's audiences want to hear!
    "Runways" apply to Airports and Fashion Shows. "Romancing the Runway" applies to both!  Join us as we talk with Jeanne Strickland of Streetscape Magazine and hear what's coming up at Lambert Airport on September 23,24, 25.  The novel event benefits three local charities, Pony Kids, Connections to Success, and the USO.  We will talk about high fashion, what's new this fall season, and what to expect at this innovative fashion week.
    THANKS FOR THE "LIKE": http://www.Facebook.com/AlivetoThrive

  • Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- Artist Veronique Chevalier

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    Changing lives of Women by giving them the necessary tools to become what they want in life. The best teachers come from life.
    Visit Amazon's Diana Bellerose Page
    Veronique Chevalier, is known as The "Weird Val" of Steampunk and Dark Cabaret), One of her devotees has dubbed her "The Edith Piaf From An Alternate Reality."  Along with originals, and Piaf-ian covers of familiar tunes, she is known for her parodies on the subject of steampunk, remodeling works by Thomas Dolby, Frank Zappa, Led Zepplin, ZZ Top & The Beatles.  She is inventrix of "Gothic Polka", with the release of her recording "Polka Haunt Us". Each track on PHU is based on authentic spooky lore from around the world. The indigenous music of the tale is then combined in unholy alliance with polka, thus rendering a veritable "Sonic Frankensteam!" It's a musically-eclectic wild ride around the world via scary story, making every day Halloween.

  • Sacred Walker - Kuumba Holistic Project Visits

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    This is from Sacred's website:  Kuumba Health's main intention for 2015 is...more retreats! Our retreats are essentially the soul of our organization. They're crafted to match exemplary facilitators (soul's medicince) to ready participants (soul's desire). We hope to support you to creatively and innovatively turn your stages of transition into springboards for transformation which result in improved health, expressions of love, alignment of purpose, and financial success.
    Kuumba Health is located in Brooklyn, NY. Sacred is a recent grad of Workshop In Business Opportunities and held a retreat near the end of May. She is coming today for a conversation of how the soul's health is just as important as your physical health. Maybe even more.

  • How to find the gifts of gratitude in each day

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    Life Interrupted Radio welcomes Carole Marie Downing is the author of Singing Beyond Sorrow – A Year of Grief, Gratitude and Grace, which was written in the year following the death of her husband from cancer in 2012. The book chronicles her personal journey with grief and the process of navigating life as a young widow with a six-year-old son. In this insightful interview Carole shares with us:
    The gift of finding gratitude in each day, even in the midst of loss. Acknowledging and feeling grief in order to make room for joy. Focusing on small steps in the present moment that lead us to embrace life again. You can learn more about Carole and Singing Beyond Sorrow – A Year of Grief, Gratitude and Grace at cmdowning.com 
    Join Sharon Sayler, your host for Life Interrupted Radio this Friday evening September 4th at 7PM EDT 
    @ssayler @GratefulCoach
    https://www.facebook.com/carolemariedowning https://www.facebook.com/LifeInterruptedRadio


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    Angie Christine was born in Brooklyn New York. As a youngster Angie would gather her friends at her house and tell them stories she would make up on her own. She appeared in a commercial for a local record store in Manhattan called Disco Mat back in the late 70's. As she got older and went to high school she was performing, and writing for her dramatic arts class at Sheepshead Bay high school in Brooklyn Ny. After college she joined the NYPD police force in Brooklyn and decided to leave New York after 9-11 . Divorced and raising a daughter, Angie moved to Newport News Virginia to start a new life. Angie Chirstine decided to write her first book after the closing of her employment at Circuit City. In 2009, The Fireman was released and everyone loved the story. She decided to release another book titled Opposites Attract. In April 2010, she and a friend headed south to Atlanta Georgia to the Monique Show where she presented the actress and talk show host with copies of her books. Monique gave Angie the biggest hug and shed a tear because of the fact that Angie added her to her dedication page in her second book. Her 3rd book titled Tantalizing Pleasures is also a big hit. Soon you will see this brilliant writer/actress in a documentary movie titled Lifeschoices which should be release some time soon. 
    Angie Christine is currently working on her 4th book titled The Fireman's Revenge.
    Angie's books can be purchased on Amazon.com: 

  • Ep.34: Suicide Prevention - How Can We Discourage the Act and Empower the Person

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    Ep.34: Suicide Prevention - How Can We Discourage the Act and Empower the Person
    Call-in #: (646) 668-8630
    September is National Suicide Prevention Month! When it comes to suicide prevention, every second count! 
    Here are some harsh facts:  An American dies by suicide every 12.95 seconds. More than 1.5 million years of life are lost annually to suicide. Veterans comprise 22.2% of suicides. These facts are staggering and hit home for so many.
    On this weeks episode of The Southern Warrior Sister Tribe Radio Show, hosts Princess Fumi Hancock, Marlas Triplett Sells and Maxine Holt Donaldson will explore this issue that touches so many lives and offer resources for those who are considering suicide and the victims they leave behind. Yes, the person who commits suicide is never the only victim.
    This week we are:
    Raising Awareness About Suicide Providing Education and Resources Decreasing the Stigma Surrounding Suicide Discussing the Mental Health Affects And lots more ... Be sure to join us!
    Call-in #: (646) 668-8630
    BLOG: www.southernwarriorsistertribe.com