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  • Edie Weinstein & Equine Practitioner Jennifer Schramm, Healing with Horses

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    Our equine friends open us to new possibilities and help us discover and awaken our own power and freedom.  They offer a safe and playful environment to discover previously unknown aspects of ourselves.
    Whether it’s going through a life transition, making big decisions, feeling stuck, lost or trapped, dealing with relationship challenges, mending a broken heart, working through health opportunities, developing self-confidence & leadership skills, starting a business or simply yearning for something deeper, the horses can help you.
    Jennifer shares:  “Working with horses has opened my life in ways I could never imagine.  I feel so much awe and respect for these gentle yet powerful creatures through which we can learn so much about ourselves, each other and the world.”
    Jennifer is a Registered Counsellor, Life Coach and certified Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Practitioner who offers equine-assisted self-discovery as an intuitive new approach to energy healing, skill-building and personal development. Her mission is simple: To help others stop living in their head, and start living in their heart.
    Since horses are so attuned to non-verbal cues, Jennifer believes they act as human mirrors, providing transparent, immediate, and non-judgmental feedback on how we’re relating to ourselves and our environment. In guiding us to this place of self-awareness, horses can teach us how to rebuild trust in ourselves and others, communicate honestly, create healthy boundaries, develop confident leadership skills, and nurture our deepest passions. www.unbridledexperiences.com


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    1st Hour:   One of the biggest challenges in life, is ACCEPTING the CONSEQUENCES of your CHOICES.  The CONSEQUENCES can be favorable or non-favorable to our Ego.   When it seems like everything is going downhill as a result of a CHOICE, it may seem almost agitating when someone says that your current situation is DIVINE.    
    To discover how to ACCEPT, is to conquer the challenge of LETTING GO.  With LETTING GO, their is a presence of PEACE.  PEACE yields HAPPINESS and WISDOM gained.  Let's discover the POWER of ACCEPTING the CONSEQUENCES of your CHOICES.
    2nd Hour:   It's time for the ENTERTAINMENT with the Doc and MomoB!  QODs for today:  Beyond the Sex...Is the old fashion way of courting without sex the mystic key to finding the perfect man or woman of your dreams?  Let's talk...

  • ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY SHOW ~No More Mars in Libra! Plus a Leo New Moon

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    It's been forever with Mars in Libra, kicking all of us into higher gear when it comes to our actions, passions and anger with the partners, opponents, clients, specialists, attorneys, agents, competitors, and other key players. This week, Mars says good-bye, I've done what I came to do and now I'm taking my bag of tricks into Scorpio to get you moving on your sex life, reproductive needs, divorce, third party situations, mortality issues, and all your major financial needs. Get ready to see some serious and fierce movement. We also have a New Moon in Leo, giving us the edge we need with all that Jupiter energy here to take things to the next level or into new territory with love, kids, creative projects, and fun. It's quite the combination. Tune in to hear how it will play out in your sign!

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 884

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    Wearing a Blue Ribbon is the symbol of Child Abuse Awareness! Millions of abuse victims (men and women) hide the story of their experience well into adulthood. A huge number continue to suffer from pain, anger, fear, shame and embarrassment for decades. Most will agree their traumas have resulted in an inability to trust, make good decisions and have healthy relationships. But giving up the secret is often how recovery begins, one survivor talking to another. Join Bill Murray and his co-hosts, panelists and guests, many of them abuse survivors, others supporters and friends, for an informed discussion of the many important issues that surround child abuse. Anonymous calls and chat room participation are encouraged. ~~ Please see our web site at: www.NAASCA.org


    in Motivation

    Vives sumergido en el concepto de la paralisis por analisis y sin tomar las decisiones que te llevaran a tu verdadero exito.
    Te la pasas pensando sobre como actuar, mas tiempo que actuando.
    Tus sueños no se hacen realidad.
    Sientes que nada es suficiente…vives desconectado de tus logros y no los disfrutas.
    Eres inflexible.
    Encuentras muchas faltas en ti y los demás.
    No disfrutas del ser amado hasta que no se “arregle”.
    Te privas del aprendizaje de tus “errores” porque tu enfoque no está en aprender y crecer sino el temor de tomar tus propias decisiones para avanzar.
    ¿A qué le temes antes de tomar una decisión?
    ¿Por qué tomas decisiones a la ligera?
    ¿Qué sería lo más importante al momento de tomar tus decisiones?
    ¿Qué tiene que ver el ÉXITO con tus decisiones y cual sería la DECISIÓN más acertada?
    ¿Quieres conseguir tus objetivos? No pienses tanto y actúa.
    ¿Qué resultados tienes hoy en tu vida por no haber tomado tus decisiones en al momento?
    Twittea este episodio con el hasgtag #EXITOYDECISIONES

  • Life Potentials

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    (Pre-recorded from an interview in October 2012.)
    Host Diantha Harris welcomes Evana Maggiore, a Lifestyle Visionary and Holistic Personal Development Guru.
    The Founder and CEO of Fashion Feng Shui International, Evana established the Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator Professional Certification Training Program, which teaches holistic-minded lifestyle consultants and coaches how to empower people's lives simply by empowering their personal appearances.  Today, Fashion Feng Shui Facilitators are located across the USA and in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
    (NOTE:  This is one of Evana Maggiore’s last interviews before her death in February 2013. )
    About the host:  Diantha Harris is known in many circles as “The Color Lady”, as well as a reader of the Akashic Records.  In her pursuit of knowledge and information, she has studied in many fields including yoga, chi gong, Reiki, Healing Touch, Aura Soma, Feng Shui, many color classes with other experts such as Leatrice Eiseman, Kate Smith, and Carlton Wagner, Akashic Records, Intuition and Energy Healing, and many, many more.  She has studied with consciousness groups such as Landmark Education, Inner Journey, and Pathways Institute and is in general a seeker of Truth.  
    Visit Diantha's website at www.lifepotentials.net.

  • D/s Radio:

    in Relationships

    Join Mike Makai and his co-hosts: erotic fiction writer LB Shaw, professional fetish model Lolita Sinn, and primal switchy masochist Lil' Red, as we discuss the BDSM lifstyle and related topics, including D/s relationships, fetish groups and events, BDSM toys and equipment, scenes and skills,  safety and social protocols, and much much more.  
    Join Michael and his guests, or call in yourself with your questions and comments! The guest call-in number is (347) 857-1862.  

  • The Real Roz Show

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    This week’s show is all about the positive relationship women have with their own self-image.  Join us as we chat with our guest the multi-talented, singer, songwriter, producer & self-taught musician Elijah Bland!  He is going to share with us the details about his women’s anthem – wash the mirror and his worldwide #loveyourself campaign
    The mission of the #loveyourself campaign is to encourage & inspire future generations of women to develop a positive relationship with their own self-image!
    We are an interactive show so call in to 1-347-989-8385 and press 1 to share with us.
    The Real Roz Show focuses on educating, motivating and inspiring authentic relationships between the sexes all with a little bit of entertainment!
    The Real Roz Show is a platform to enable people to openly communicate with one another, set realistic boundaries, and learn to love themselves first before attempting to love anyone else all while HAVING FUN!
    “It's not WHAT happens to you; its how you choose to deal with it that will have the biggest impact on you, your life & your growth". The Real Roz

  • SOGOPA: Evelyn Richardson Go Gettah Apparel

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    My name is Evelyn, Eve' for short.  I am a single parent of a handsome-wonderful little boy, Nehemiah. I was born with Spina Bifida, a Neural Tube Defect. From birth I never let anything stand in my way or stop me from what I wanted to do. Since I couldn't walk, I crawled & BOY! was I fast.  Since I couldn't run, I hopped. I taught myself how to swim and how to ride a bike.  I graduated from college with my BA. I’ve never been without anything that I needed. It may not have been what I wanted but I am blessed. My life story, struggles, limitations etc. is how “Go Gettah” came about. I KNOW I am a "GO GETTAH". No matter my disability, no matter that limitation, no matter being a single parent or circumstance, "shout out to the mothers and fathers raising their kids on their own."  Yes I have a physical disability and I am limited with doing stuff but I do not let that get in the way of my succsess or happiness.  I am determined to succeed for my son and everyone who said I couldn't do it. For those who need a role model or an example to look up too.   We all have the potential to be a GO GETTAH but who can say "I AM A GO GETTAH." I need your help to make GO GETTAH Apparel a Global Brand, come be apart of this motivational movement.  I'm here to encourage, motivate and educate. Thank you for shopping with us!  "I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me." Philippians 4:13 -that's my motto.

  • Village Creative Radio w. William Herriott

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    Each week tune into Village Creative Radio for the best insight into the World of creative arts... We're covering music, artistic impressions, poetry and more...

  • Vacation Sooner, rather than later!

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    I absolutely LOVE to travel! Traveling the world has added so much value to my life and it’s something I wish everyone could do! I have been to Puerto Rico, England, France, Italy, The Bahamas, The Dominican Republic, Dubai, and Egypt -- and I am just getting started! I also love to network and traveling allows me to network in a way that the computer can’t.  When doing business, there is absolutely nothing like having actual face time, in person! Tune in Thursday July 24th, 2014 at 9 pm where your man Zo Brown, The World Traveler interviews professional Networker Danny Norton! This man’s lifestyle consists of traveling the world and connecting with others and he’s not even 30!! You DO NOT want to miss this most unusual conversation!

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