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  • 5 Horrible Reasons To Get Married

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    Join Pastor Darrell as he explores 5 really bad reasons to get married and presents some better options for being hitched! Join in the conversation with the most progressive self help radio show on the east coast with Darrell Owens. The conversation deals with Love, Sex, Faith, God, & everything Taboo everyday from 2-3pm.

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    Law of attraction stripped bare!!!!

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    The law of attraction. Many words written,many words spoken, but how practical and useful is it? Tonight I am in conversation with Brian Glenn. Brian is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and motivational speaker who breaks down the Law of Attraction into 7 simple steps. Or as Brian calls it................ The Law of Attraction Naked. Listen to Brian's amazing story and how the Law of Attraction is always working. Be happy. Be inspired. Steve Twynham Inspirational Coach and Speaker

  • Guest Terra Sonora, Angel Realm Channeler

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    The Enlightened View welcomes our special guest Terra Sonora. Terra, author of Awakening the Higher Self: A Journey into your Soul, has been a spiritual counselor and channeler of the angelic realm for 27 years. She is dedicated to spiritual development and personal healing and is committed to being of service to humanity. Terra believes that her ability to communicate with spirit is a sacred gift that is meant to be shared with the world.Terra's spirit guides and angels communicate through her to bring forth tools for self-discovery and enlightenment. She works multi-dimensionally with celestial and angelic energies including highly evolved beings, master teacher spirits, and the Christ Consciousness. The Energies of ONE (Terra’s angel guides from the 7th dimension) are profoundly loving and wise.
    Terra Sonora is an Ordained Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, a certified MariEl Healer, and Reiki Master. She has been leading meditation groups and channeling circles since 1990. She has taught many workshops on spirit guides, communicating with angels, past lives, soul integration, soul families, holistic healing alternatives (physical, mental and emotional) and many other metaphysical and spiritual subjects. She just released a Guided Meditation CD also titled “Awakening the Higher Self” featuring the beautiful music of five-time Grammy award winner Len X Filipowski.
    Tune in to hear Terra's Enlightened views with her spiritual group The One. To ask Terra a question, speak to the hosts, or to listen via your phone, dial (347) 884-9567, and punch 1 to speak.
    Terra Sonora website: http://www.angelchannel.com
    Please join us each Wednesday 12-1 pm PST (1pm MST and 3pm EST) for a fast and fun way to see every moment from an Enlightened View. www.theenlightenedview.weebly.com

  • Finding YOU with Marvin Roane

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    Finding YOU
    Join the Finding YOU team as they discuss relavent issues that impact the lives of everyday people. Its Finding YOU with Marvin Roane and Stan Maclin every Wednesday at 3:00pm only on blogtalkradio.com
    Finding YOU is an outreach of The Empowerment Works, visit us on the web at:www.theempowerment.weebly.com

  • Reflecting, Reviewing and Measuring What Counts For Success

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    Darren Hardy always says, "you can't improve what you don't measure".  And I have been taught for many years to relflect and review what has happened whether it be numbers or actions.  Are you missing out on valuable information that could be guiding you to greater success, enjoyment in life, and more efficiency?  How about information that can help you to be more focused on the right priorities?  Join me for a great discussion on how to use some great tools to increase your ability to do all of those things and more!

  • Step Forward to Happiness in Relationships

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    Do you find yourself saying “I’m bored!” to your spouse or partner?  Are you easily frustrated with your children or friends?  Is sadness a feeling you know too well?  Would you say that you are fulfilling your dreams?  Whatever your answers might be to any or all of these questions, think about one more query: Are you willing to take steps that might bring more happiness into your life?
    The reality of life is that we have to take risks to move ahead, to change things up, to step out of our box, to quicken the movement of life, to step over the threshold of boredom and into a more fulfilling existence.
    Listen as Dr. Joan describes the story of a woman who stepped forward and changed her life for the better, finding love and happiness. This woman’s decisions were not received well by her adult children, but she moved forward anyway, believing that her children would understand over time. 
    Today Dr. Joan offers three simple tools to practice in any relationship which may help you as you take your next step forward to happiness.
    If you are experiencing relationship issues at home, at work, at school, or at play, then listen to all of the Harmony Keys podcasts to hear Dr. Joan describe alternative solutions. Follow along as she presents keys for harmony. 
    A portion of each program is devoted to the reading of Dr. Joan's published stories about human disputes.  She is currently reading from her novel Gra Im Thu! I Love You!  The story is about two Irish families who find themselves intermarrying, although they are poles apart in the areas of religion and politics. Listen to the story, as the O'Grady and Gwynn families learn to solve their potato encounters and develop a method for whipping up delicious mashed potatoes. Find out how diversity and harmony can live in the same house.

  • The Moment - The Moment is Now - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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    Linda Becker is a spiritual teacher and author who resides in Portland Oregon. Marion Douglas is a screenwriter from Los Angeles. Every week we talk about an area of spiritual practice amoung other things in this modern age. If you want to laugh and learn about incorporating a true spiritual practice into your daily lives, join us!

  • Discovering tools to empower our healing

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    Multi-Dimensional Communicator, Rosemary Bredeson - The Scientific Mystic returns to teach us about meditation and other tools we can use on our healing journey. Her gifts as a spiritual teacher, counselor and multi-dimensional communicator/medium lovingly introduces us to the healing powers of angels and spirits. Pick up a special mediation at The Scientific Mystic.
    Pick up 100 Tools for Happiness ebook at Conversations That Heal. CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, knows the path to healing lies in replacing trauma mindset with healthy thoughts, feelings and actions.
    Follow us for upcoming show announcements on blogtalkradio.
    Ms. Jacobi’s book, How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse is available at ConversationsThatHeal.com and amazon.com.

  • Feels So Good With Soulful Rosey

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    As a 20 yr. radio veteran & humanitarian, Janet Franco introduces her new show, 'Feel So Good'. Have the pleasure of sharing the Rose of Love Tribute Campaign for America & the globe. Bringing honor and love back to our blessed planet.
    Janet aka Soulful Rosey explores the greatest breakthroughs in health, wellness and self-help. She is dedicated to helping others such as veterans & those who suffer pain in all aspects of life. Her new company,Global Transformation Network offers mentorship thru apprenticeship for all of those who have a dream!
    GTN launched with her new shows, appearances in conventions, speaking tours, & introducing Rose of Love campaign by aligining with media & a multi-sensory music group called Fire Muse Circus-whos' talent consists of Fire spinners, silk acrobats with multi-sensory music that brings healing to their audience. Precious Rose is the song for this tribute written, by her youngest son Brian Havens. Love Vendetta just recorded this song to assist our love movement.
    Learn valuable insights into personal growth, the state of our planet & share interviews with the greatest experts, healers & leading forces in a combined effort to help heal our world.
    Each week she discusses her interest near and dear to her; our military. Their brave stories, unsung heros.

  • Journey Into Awareness With Dr. Richard Tscherne

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    Journey Into Awareness with me each Wednesday at 4:30 pm EST.  Together we will bridge the world of self mastery no mater your ability.Able bodied and disabled all have the same needs to be seen, heard, loved and appreciated and through this weekly event we will journey on the "Love Train" together.  Each week will be unique with guests and call ins we will all add another piece to the life journey together.
    Born with Cerebral Palsy, I was able to adjust my learning needs and obtain a PhD in Psychology.  I am licensed Psychologist and have studied many traditions and with my insights, share with and learn from each show and guest.  Join me on the Love Train as we Journey Into Awareness with YOU!
    You can access my book, "The Little Engine That Did It" in paperback or Kindle by clicking this link http://tinyurl.com/owgnbsm  

  • REAL Single Wives Radio

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    Tune in to R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio as we discuss the latest in Entertainment and Celeb news. Our featured guest is Ronnie Tyler of BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com who will share secrets to marital bliss! Plus, don’t miss our Health Hot Topics segment with Holistic Practitioner Jerri Evans to find out the truth about hand sanitizer.

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