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  • Why Transform? Join us for an endorsement from President of C.S. Lewis Foundatio

    in Psychology

    Do you wonder why some of the same things keep frustrating you, tripping you up and keeping you surviving instead of thriving? Join us as we dig and delve into the reason(s) we need to look at the past which always affects our now and definitely rips us off of our future. You can't disown what you haven't owned! What we can't see can definitely hurt us. Join us as we begin this amazing transformation process wherein we will go through the eight roots to any emtional wound, any weakness/habit, and address the tendency to worry. As we go through this process, we will provide a safe and inviting show that encourages you to participate in the transformation journey!

  • I Dare You to be Great and Ecocide with author Polly Higgins

    in Environment

    I Dare You to be Great - with author Polly Higgins
    Polly Higgins is someone who cares deeply about the Earth.  She is also a lawyer who loves the Earth. Polly states, "It’s not often lawyers talk about love – and it can feel strange to do so. However, I believe love and law can be brought together and when the two meet, the potential to create new laws that put people and planet first is born.  I’m rethinking law; my vision is a world that works from one simple overriding principle: ‘first do no harm.’  That is a world where people are thriving in harmony with nature. I believe in well-being for all beings and I apply permaculture principles to new law."
    I Dare You To Be Great explores Polly Higgins’ story as an Earth lawyer as she discovers how we can create a legal duty of care for the Earth – a law of Ecocide. We have a choice: break our chains and create a greater freedom, or remain enslaved to an era of Ecocide. Polly invites in a conversation of a different kind; firing up a neural pathway of exploration that takes us into the unknown yet expands our vision of what our legacy could be. Sharing her insights, she sheds a light on what is possible – a vision far greater and more beautiful than we have dared before.
    For more information visit: http://pollyhiggins.com/

  • Kelly Hills & Dr Adia Benton • HIV Exceptionalism

    in Science

    Medical anthropologist, Dr Adia Benton (adia_benton@brown.edu) and Kelly Hills talk about Benton's new book, HIV Exceptionalism: Development through Disease in Sierra Leone (out Feb 15, 2015), Sierra Leone and HIV, and what it means for spread and response to Ebola.

  • Jennifer Ouellette & Laurie Paul • Empathy & Identity

    in Science

    Laurie Paul, philosophy professor at UC-North Carollina, Chapel Hill: http://www.lapaul.org
    We’ll be talking about empathy and how this might affect our ability to imaginatively project from our current selves to our future selves — she’s gonna love building an avatar, given her interest in how we form identity and what it means — and also she’s become an outspoken opinionated on whether having a child can be considered a rational decision (she’s pro-childless despite having two kids of her own). And she’s a 2014 Guggenheim fellow…
    Per her website: "My main research interests are in metaphysics and the philosophy of mind, especially temporal phenomenology, time, perception, the ontology of mental states, the philosophy of cognitive science, mereology, causation, constitution, and essence. I work on related topics in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of language."

  • Kelly Hills & Glenn Cohen • Medical Tourism

    in Science

    I. Glenn Cohen talks with Kelly about the multi-billion dollar industry of medical tourism and his recent book Patients with Passports: Medical Tourism, Law and Ethics (Nov. 12th; Oxford University Press) 

  • Kelly Hills & Alice Dreger • Galileo's Middle Finger

    in Science

    Medical historian/ethicist Alice Dreger (Northwestern) and Kelly Hills discuss Dreger's new book, Galileo's Middle Finger: Heretics, Activists, and the Search for Justice in Science. 

  • Kelly Hills, Madhusudan Katti & Kaberi Kar Gupta

    in Science

    Urban ecology, citizen science, Earth Day and the two-body problem. Kelly talks with Madhusudan Katti (Fresno State) and Kaberi Kar Gupta (Urban Slender Loris Project; organizer, new Citizen Science society). 

  • Alan Boyle • Curiosity on Mars: Emily Lakdawalla, Rod Pyle & Marc Kaufman

    in Science

    The Planetary Society’s Emily Lakdawalla, Space.com contributor Rod Pyle and journalist and author Marc Kaufman  look back at the first two years of the Curiosity Rover’s mission on Mars, and look ahead to the future of Mars exploration. Pyle is the author of the newly published book “Curiosity: An Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission and the People Who Made It Happen.” Lakdawalla is working on a book tentatively titled “Curiosity on Mars: Design, Planning and the First Mars Year of Operations,” due to be published in 2015. Marc Kaufman writes for the Washington Post and is the author of "First Contact: Scientific Breakthroughs in the Hunt for Life Beyond Earth" and  Mars Up Close: Inside the Curiosity Mission, published August 5, 2014. NBC News science editor Alan Boyle is the host for this episode, which marks the second anniversary (in Earth years) of Curiosity’s Mars landing.
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