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  • Bodies of Soul with Sincee Callahan

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    Join us every Friday for Bodies of Soul, where therapist, nurse & energy consultant, Sincee Callahan, guides us through the extensive world of our subtle energy bodies. Learn about the soul, spiritual, causal, emotional bodies and the intricate ways they connect to our physical body, assisting and navigating every step of our lives!
    Questions? email bodiesofsoul@thejewelnetwork.net or sincee@etcounseling.com
    Brought to you in part by www.etcounseling.com


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    Welcome to the all new "Empower Me Now" broadcast, hosted by DrFaye.
    We bring your product and/or services before our live and thriving audience.
    For information on how you can be a guest, contact our office at drfaye@drfaye.com or call 215-621-8694.

  • Captain Len Lawrence SP3Kevin Bull after The Earth Needs Rebels SECRET NEWS

    in Environment

    Kevin Bull presents The Earth Needs Rebels Show SECRET NEWS SPECIAL, the secret News behind the MSM News, with Katie (Research) LIVE on Free Thinking Voice [The Earth Needs Rebels Show] broadcast on http://freethinkingvoice.tv on ?day the ?th of ?Month. LIVE at 12pm-2pm PST; 1pm-3pm MT; 2pm-4pm CT; 3pm-5pm EST; 8pm-10pm GMT
    Originally broadcast live on Free Thinking Voice - The Earth Needs Rebels Show on http://truthfrequencyradio.com/earthneedsrebels/ on ?day the ?th of ?March 201?. ______________________________________________ FOR ‘CLICK & GO’ ACCESS TO ALL OF OUR WEBSITES, RADIO STATIONS, RADIO & TV SHOWS INCLUDING 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS PER WEEK BROADCASTING, GO TO FREE THINKING VOICE BY SELECTING http://freethinkingvoice.org/  ______________________________________________ Free Thinking Voice - The Earth Needs Rebels Show Email theearthneedsrebelsshow@freethinkingvoice.tv  __________________________________________________ Broadcast on Free Thinking Voice Radio http://freethinkingvoice.tv
    Monday to Saturday from 3pm-5pm ET; 8pm-10pm GMT. Sunday from 1pm-3pm ET; 6pm-8pm GMT.
    Free Thinking Voice Radio Broadcast 24 Hour/ 7 Days per Week Quick Listen URL link:-  http://station.voscast.com/5302836200ab9  ______________________________________________ Broadcast on Truth Frequency Radio 90.7 FM K-TFR-M - Denver, Colorado, USA. http://truthfrequencyradio.com 
    LIVE Monday to Friday 10am-12pm PT; 1pm-3pm ET; 6pm-8pm GMT
    Re-broadcast Tuesday to Saturday 3-5am PT; 6-8am ET; 11am-1pm GMT

  • Free Energy Healing Call-in Show Twice a Week

    in Energy

    Tim Janakos, certified Emotion Code practitoner and long time practitioner of the Body Code, Quantum Touch 2.0, Three Dimentional Therapy (T3), Access Consciousness, Theta Healing and a few other healing modalities, will be taking your calls to release all the things holding you back from being the infinite being you truly are. 
    Tim is running some amazing specials for new private clients.  For just $149 US Tim wll do 5 private 30-minute proxy healing session on you.  Also Tim will give you a free 30-session session, if you purchase and do an on-line review of one of his 2 books or 3 CDs.  Along with Engergy Healing, Tim is a long time singer/song writer, musician and author.  See more of his works at www.tjmusic.org  or www.facebook.com/tvc.16 

  • The Way Of MAAT

    in Science


  • Denise Minger: Death by food pyramid (& how to eat a science-based diet)

    in Psychology

    Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science.

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  • How to Love Who We Love

    in Psychology

    Did you know that how we love is based on how we were loved? Join Steve and Evinda for some revolutionairy truths that are transforming relationships, spousal/dating/parenting/sibling... any relationship! Join us for more love styles that will answer why u love the way you do!  

  • String Theory Finally Explained with Clifford Johnson

    in Science

    Clifford Johnson is an English theoretical physicist and professor at the University of Southern California.  His work on string theory  makes him the perfect candidate to explain what it all means in understandable terms.
    He earned his BS from Imperial college, London in 1989 and PhD from University of Southampton, England in 1992.  He has distinguished himself by being frequeantly featured on the TV series, The Universe and acts as science consultant for the Discovery Channel.  He has amassed a substantial list of publications.
    He received the 2005 Maxwell Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics for his outstanding contribution to string theory and related theories.  He was also recognized by the National Science Foundation in 1997.  His work is revealed in his web site: http://asymptotia.com/
    Please join Professor Johnson, Melissa and me Monday, April 28, 2014 at 8 pm EDT for an illuminating discussion of string theory.

  • James Swagger on The Newgrange Sirius Mystery

    in Science

    James Swagger was first introduced to topical science writing for a historical mysteries magazine in Ireland. James trained as a Systems Analyst in the energy industry. He has a Masters degree in engineering, a Bachelors degree in Physics with astronomy, and a Masters degree in Science, Research and Society. Initially James Swagger sought out the megalithic monuments of Western Europe in his spare time traveling around the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. His embrace of a multidisciplinary approach to the research of megalithic sites, and the larger view of 'passage grave cosmology' produced his first book, "The Newgrange Sirius Mystery: Linking Passage Grave Cosmology with Dogon Symbology".
    Newgrange is considered the most complex megalithic site in the world. It is Ireland's most visited monument with around 250,000 visitor's a year. This book delves into the astroarchaeology of Newgrange and the Boyne valley alongside the Loughcrew and Carrowkeel cemeteries with astonishing revelations. This book contains new research and evidence that suggests Newgrange was aligned also to Sirius as a crude precessional calculator. Newgrange it seems was the pinnacle of a theme of passage grave cosmology running throughout Ireland. Knowledge of Precession of the Equinoxes is inherent in the passage graves of Ireland a fact that has never been explained nor addressed until now.
    Websites: www.jamesswagger.com
    Radio Show: http://capricornradio.weebly.com/

  • Healing with music, interview with Mitchell Kaye after 30 minutes of healing

    in Energy

    Healing with Music follow up call. 
    For the first 1/2 hour I (Tim Janakos) will be taking your calls for the normal twice a week healings, using the Emotion Code, Body Code, Quantum Touch 2.0, Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, Three Dimential Therapy and more., 
    But after that, I will bring on Mitchell Kaye, who will be discussing Healing With Music and taking your calls. 
    Find out more about him here.  http://mitchk.tripod.com/
    Mitchell Kaye. Writer, author, musician, researcher, performing artist.
    Mr Kaye is also an experienced public speaker on issues such as Healing w/ Music, US Stock Market Trends/Cycles, Eastern religion/beliefs, Ancient Music history, Astronomy and Astrology, Earthquake Prediction, and Sociological issues and much more.
    It's going to be a really exciting call, and we hope you can join us.  

  • The Philosophy Show (LP): TBA / Open Phones

    in Psychology

    upcoming : Episode XX : TBA. Open Phones. Love Life Events Science the Unknown . . . Show Format : 1/2 hr Weds. night / Thurs. morning {1:00 am EST} : First 5 minutes or so the host will present a topic then open the phones to live calls _______________________________________ BlogTalkRadio.com/TGMCS The LP Show : The Philosophy Show : Logos Philosophy Libertarian Progressive

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