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  • SC EP:62 A hunters encounter

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    Tonight we speak to a hunter from PA. While hunting he had a chance encounter with Sasquatch. The creature and him came face to face on a trail. This encounter changed his life. Listen as our guest describes what he saw, how he felt and how this has change his life. If you have had an encounter email us at bigfoothotspot@gmail.com

  • Joshua Wolf Shenk: The Science Of Partnering Up For Greater Innovation & Success

    in Psychology

    Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science.
    Science writer Shenk uses science, fascinating true stories of creative partnerships and historical evidence to dispel the myth of the lone genius and show that creativity is not the work of an individual mind. It is, in fact, a social activity, and two people, working together, are truly "greater than the sum of their parts." Join us tonight to find out what it takes to be a creative partner -- and in turn, to be far more than you can be alone.
    Shenk's book we'll be discussing is Powers Of Two: Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs. 
    Join me and all my fascinating guests every Sunday, 7-8 p.m. PT, 10-11 p.m. ET, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.
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    Please buy my book, the science-based and bitingly funny "Good Manners For Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck"(St. Martin's Griffin, 2014.) 
    Along with positive reviews in the WSJ and other publications, Library Journal gave my book a starred review: "Verdict: Solid psychology and a wealth of helpful knowledge and rapier wit fill these pages. Highly recommended." Orders of the book (new only, not used!) help support this radio show!

  • Ferguson on FIRE!! Now Their Sending in U.S. Marshals..

    in Environment

    Here we are a month or so shy of the death of Mike Brown as well as several others since Mike Brown's murder a tidle wave of police killings across the country.  Yet for over a month the city of Ferguson Missouri still have no real questions fully answered.  And it took nearly a month to even give the name of the police officer in the shooting as well as indict him?  Police chiefs are out of control, police department looks like a throw back from the KKK  and still the citizens even after their recent election are outraged from delayed response by the police department, the justice departmetn as well the so called leaders in that very community for not putting the "pedal to the metal" and continuing to put pressure on the entire legal system concerning  the injustice that was done to not only Mike Brown in his senseless murder, yet on the citizens who are constantly being harrassed, pepper sprayed, beaten and thrown in jail by these "Keystone Cops" in Ferguson.  They want answers and we a revolution!


    in Energy

    Structured Water...life changing.. And an amazing  truth and reality for many.. 
    Just gotta share what I know !!!
    heres just one goodie there's so much more !!!

  • Episode 124 World Beyond Belief - Encoragement for Conspiracy Seers, the Myth of

    in Energy

    Episode 124 World Beyond Belief - Encoragement for Conspiracy Seers, the Myth of Overpopulation
    This podcast starts by reflecting on how the mainstream seems to be really concerned with the Awakening process. By sending its "big gun" out to keep the TV viewers in line by ridiculing the Awakening, it signals to all that the consciousness shift is of real concern to them. In the second hour, the focus shifts to the fallacy of overpopulation and explains why the globalists must keep working at maintaining this illusion. The real population problem is coopted demographic shifts that will make (like Japan now) supporting the needs of the aging population impossible (cabal's answer -- death panels). Also how we must work to ensure the continuation of the species and our beautiful specfic races. Are humans an endangered species? Funny question-- do some research.

  • Dark Matters Radio Show with The Sorceress Cagliastro: Sorcery Debris

    in Science

    SORCERY DEBRIS— BREAKING THE WORK WHICH HAS BEEN DONE UPON YOU:  We discuss methods for reversing Sorcery done against you. This is a vital skill required of all serious practitioners to ensure the integrity of their lives and the effectiveness of their Practice.The Sorceress will perform a ritual that begins with a diagnostic strategy —so the practitioner knows what to work on—  then deconstructs the work done against the individual. 
    Please visit our website at darkmattersradiocagliastro.com for more information on us and our work, and to listen to archived episodes of the show as well as replays of the "Sorcery ih the Moment" segments, rituals performed by the Sorceress for the benefit of the listeners. 
    To contact us, you can write us at the following email addresses:
    The Sorceress: sorceresscagliastro@gmail.com
    Chris Rogue Ostrowski: helsrogue@gmail.com
    Victor "The Voice" Furhman: reikivictor@gmail.com 
    Morgan St. Knight: morganstknight@hotmail.com

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  • The Power of your Soul

    in Energy

    On this episode of the Oracle Treehouse we are talking about your soul power to heal itself and you, Yes, your soul has the power to heal and I will be showing you how, I will also be talking your call for readings and healings. Join me as we learn the power of our souls. 

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Kathy Strain

    in Science

    Join us Tuesday night November 25, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we welcome back, Kathy Strain!  We had Kathy on the show over a year ago July 2013.  Now its time to get a update from her to see what she has been up to.  Kathy is a Forest Archaeologist and a Board Member of the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers (AIBR).  She is also the author of the book, "Giants, Cannibals & Monsters, Bigfoot in Native Culture" which is available for purchase at http://www.amazon.com/Giants-Cannibals-Monsters-Bigfoot-Culture/dp/0888396503

  • Are We Alone?

    in Science

    We're taking a different approach for this show. Tonight we're gonna be discussing arguably the most mysterious, anticipated question in the history of human civilization. "Are We Alone?" Since the beginning of time man has been seeking the answers to this question which has yet to be answered. Or has it? There's been countless reports of UFO sightings throughout recent decades dating all the way back to as far as the beginning. There's even hieroglyphics of them on ancient Egyptian cave walls.
    Then there's all of the countless footage caught on video. Are they real? Is it all just a big hoax to generate money? If they are in deed real, has man actually come into contact with an actual alien spacecraft? Better yet, do you think man has come into direct contact with the actual aliens themselves? What about AREA 51? Could it be the key to the biggest cover up of all-time? "Aliens Discovered After: Man Covers Up Alien Lifeform Discovery For 50 Years." Just imagine that.
    Well tonight we're going in! Join us as we dive in and give your our perspectives. Call in # 347-838-9540

  • The Philosophy Show : Hidden!!!

    in Psychology

    upcoming : Episode 63 : TBA. Open Phones. Love Life Events Science the Unknown . . . Show Format : 1/2 hr Weds. night / Thurs. morning {1:00 am EST} : First 5 minutes or so the host will present a topic then open the phones to live calls _______________________________________ BlogTalkRadio.com/TGMCS The LP Show : The Philosophy Show : Logos Philosophy Libertarian Progressive
    November 27, 2014

  • Not So Mad Science

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    Harold Muhammad

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