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  • Hr1: Eric Jefferys, Lead Vocalist for the Hard Way / Hr2 Amy Rose Can. New Ctry

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    Hr1:Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx Interviews, Eric Jefferys, Lead Vocalist for the Hard Way.. a Hard Rock Band out of L.A.
    http://thehardwayband.net https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hard-Way/147063538687764 The Hard Way will be performing August 22nd at The Whisky with the cast of That Metal Show. More info, details, directions etc:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1413429595588545
    The Hard Way is a is a hard driving, melodic, hard rock juggernaut out of Hollywood, CA.
    Hr2: Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx interviews Michaela Baranov, Austrialian Pop Singer
    Amy Rose has already earned a reputation for being one of Ontario, Canada’s best-known secrets.  From her early years on small-town fair and festival stages, to her recent radio airplay, charting and awards, this Rose with the soaring vocal range and pop country sensibilities is on a journey to the world stage and beyond…THIS is the beginning!

  • Hr1: Ed Roman, Folk, Country / Hr2: Xander Demos Rock, Metal

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    Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx Welcomes:  
    Hr1: Ed Roman, Folk, Country  http://edroman.net
    Jamie welcomes back, Ed Roman, who in 2014, with Letters from High Latitudes, (an homage to his Ontario, Canada home) Ed Roman has done it again, creating an earthy, funky and magical mix of music to seduce the listeners’ ears! An accomplished musician, Ed performs 90 percent of the instruments on his album, recording drums, bass, guitars, organ, vocals and even sitar!  One can never get too comfortable however, as Ed will undoubtedly prompt the listener to examine their world and stimulate them to make it better!  Ed Roman's marvelous musings drop dollops of tasteful delight through our ears to our hearts. You can't help but dance. You can't help but smile.
    Hr2: Xander Demos Rock, Metal  http://www.XanderDemos.com
    Jamie welcomes back back Xander Demos, who is one of today’s premier shred metal guitarists. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, he currently fronts his own band, XDB and performs with national tribute act, James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath, as well as playing in Rivera’s solo band.  Xander performs in excess of 100 times a year, and he is active in recording collaborations with artists all over the world.  Xander's style ranges from the beautifully melodic to the jaw-droppingly insane. 
    Both are PR Managed by: Michael Stover/MTS Management Group

  • Will & Thunder Welcome Rock Patriots, Madison Rising

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    The most patriotic rock band in America joins us. Madison Rising has been on Fox News, and their songs have been featured on movies such as David D'Souza's America. They have toured the country with Concerned Veterans for America, and even went out and performed for the patriots in defense from tyranny at the Cliven Bundy ranch.
    Singer, David Bray joins us to talk about the band, their music, projects both present and future, their patriotic message and more. We will also be hearing a few of their songs, including their amazing rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, and America the Beautiful. Be sure to not miss this show. These guys rock! 

  • Lovebite, Hard Rock/Sleaze out of Birmingham UK

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    Today, Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx welcomes the Birmingham UK Hard Rock/Sleaze band Lovebite. 
    www.lovebiteofficial.com www.youtube.com/user/lovebiteoffical www.twitter.com/lovebiterules www.reverbnation.com/lovebiterules The powerful and boisterous group formed by virtuosic front-man Jonny Sparks boasts a striking visual presence and hedonistic reputation rivaled by few. Lovebite's music is complex and gritty,with a solid hard, driving base; they are dark, sleazy, dirty and powerful - everything that good rock should be. Having established themselves in record time as one of the UKs premier up-and-coming glam/sleaze bands with their heart-pounding and high-minded debut album 'LOCK 'N' LOAD'– Lovebite deliver an uncharacteristic fusion of hard, thrashy guitars and unique songwriting techniques, with a limber rhythm section that keeps the music loose yet powerful… and HIGHLY addictive. With the zeitgeist dictating that the relevance of an album as an art form is under close scrutiny, debut album LOCK 'N' LOAD is a superlative, rip-roaring triumph that simply must be experienced from start to finish.
    PR: Dave Tedder at Head First Entertainment www.headfirstentertainment.com

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