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  • 911 stands for killing black people and getting away with it

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    As many of you have seen, the video of the murder of the young 16 year old black teen in chicago. This has gone on way to long for us as Black People to just saying look the other way and turn the other cheek... These pigs in uniform only look at us as being nothing but wild animals that when they cant tame us, they see it justified to shoot us down.  Yes we still have Black on Black crime which needs to be sought after, but there is no way to compare that to the senseless murders from these white racist, trigger happy darren wilson cops.
    Michael brown was running away when he was gunned down, Eric Garner was minding his own business when he was choked to death. The guy at walmart only had a toy gun when he was shot to death. a 12 year old kid in cleveland wasnt even given a warning before he was gunn down. the list goes on and on, and now u have a 16 year old black teen walking away from the cops shot 16 times.....
    a white boy can walk into a church and gun down 9 black people just to be taken alive, put a bullet proof vest on and taken to burger king.. but a 16 year old teen, is gunn down for having a 3 inch knife????

  • Healing & Hope For The Heart - Life Matters

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    Join in a dramatic topic about the world we live in today and how we are affected for the good or the worse.


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              "Get Ready", "Get Ready" "Get Ready" For THE SIMMIE BRAXTON SHOW "Simmie to the Max".."  Now Brace Yourself for Braxton", "He's In A Bracket, All By Himself" Saturated "Verbal Rapp-Ability With a Twist and A Urban Pop Culture Feel...
               Simmering With Updates On Trending News And Current Events Informing Enlightening And Educating The Masses With Unadulterated Truth That The Mainstream Media So Often Leaves Out Interviews Promoting Integrity Accountability and Transparency The Essential Components to "KEEPING It REAL". finding the "WIN WIN" solutions No Wonder People Are Talking About Simmie Braxton

  • The Getting It In Show: The Neanderthal & Their People

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    The Neanderthal or Neandertal (named after the Neandertal area) was a species of human in the genus Homo that became extinct between 41,000 and 39,000 years ago. (So they say). They were closely related to MODERN humans, differing in DNA by just 0.12%. Remains left by Neanderthals include bone and stone tools, which are found in Eurasia, from Western Europe to Central and Northern Asia and the Middle East. The Neanderthal is generally classified by biologists as the species Homo neanderthalensis, but a minority considers them to be a subspecies of Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis). Several cultural assemblages have been linked to the Neanderthals in Europe. The earliest, the Mousterian stone tool culture, dates to about 300,000 years ago. Late Mousterian artifacts were found in Gorham's Cave on the south-facing coast of Gibraltar. Please vibe with us as we show you how the very race that tried to keep us down actually are cave animals and their people we uncivilized to the point were Blacks had to show them how to bath, eat and live. Find out who the cave people are and what were they doing in those caves. Whats there true nature and where are they now?


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    You don’t know how funny Willie Brown & Woody are until you see them live. They’re not just your average comedian/ventriloquist team. Browntakes a different approach to the age old craft by making it fresh, new, & hip for today’s more savvy comedy audiences. It’s not just about seeing him not moving his lips, & hearing Woody speak. “It’s about the jokes”, says Brown. After watching this act for a few moments you forget that Willie is there and it seems as if Woody transcends into a standup comedian on his own. Willie does the set up and Woody gives the punch! Willie Brown is a nationally known ventriloquist who has appeared several times on BET Comic View,HBO DEF Comedy Jam, Loco Comedy Jam, Phaturdays, The Jenny Jones Show, & most recently in a recurring role on the Showtime Network series “Barbershop”. From topics such as family, church, how to deal with the homeless, to current events, Willie Brown & Woody bring it


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           Heavens to Betsy.  Why does Betsy get all the props?  And who gets the HELL?  Why wasn't there ever a HELL to Betsy moment?  She's a woman, or what about HELL to Robert Redwine?  Every time he moves 1 step forward, closer, he does something to fall 8 steps back.  In fact that would be a great show for Bob Boo - EIGHT STEPS BACK with Robert Redwine, what do you guys think?  With his special fx and sounds and snorts AND "Oh Yeah, Babe" - what are we going to do with Robert Redwine who URKS the cow poop out of Jay, and me, and Johnny and DLW.  Call in 347-205-9366, 347-205-9366.  Kings In The Morning - is NOT FOR EVERYBODY!
    THEN - hand on to your earlobes!, crank up the sound, Johnny Davis is on with WILD WEDNESDAY!!! ya'll heard??

  • Hot Topics Wednesday

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    Hot opics Wednesday brings you the latest info on your favorite celebs.  From J.Lo to Justin Beiber.  From Film and Television to wha's going on in your community and around the world.  Be sure to tune in to keep up with what's current right here on he Midnight Koko Show.

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    Miriam Slozberg Interviews a Mortician

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    On today's episode of Exploring the Eighth House, Miriam Slozberg interviews a mortician to discuss the realities of death. Today's guest is Lauren LeRoy, as known as Little Miss Funeral. Lauren is a twenty five year old licensed funeral director in New York State. The Little Miss Funeral blog was started in March 2012 as a platform for Lauren to share her thoughts and ideas on the funeral industry. Go to http://www.littlemissfuneral.com to connect. 

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    BGE Presents: John Greenburg

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  • Diane Tegarden on How to Escape a Bad Marriage with Sheri V of Naked Departure

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    HOW TO ESCAPE A BAD MARRIAGE with Diane Tegarden.  Diane Tegarden is a freelance writer living in Pasadena, with her husband and furkids. She’s been a print journalist since 1992, writing on a wide range of subjects including; renewable energy, environmental concerns, holistic health, women’s issues, and Native Spirituality. She’s been published in: The Pasadena Star News, Security Sales Magazine, The Pasadena Weekly, the West Coast Well Being, Health Breakthroughs and Associated Content. She was also the National Renewable Energy Examiner at Examiner.com from 2009-2012.  To date she’s written and published 5 books: “How to Escape a Bad Marriage: A Self-Help Divorce Book for Women”; "Light Through Shuttered Window- A Compendium of my poetry"; “Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time”, a sci-fi novel, “Budgeting on a Dime: 10 Steps to Financial Independence”, and “How to Do it Yourself…A-Z” which covers a variety of topics that will help your life become more manageable.
    Sheri Veronica.  Angela Cole.  

  • Jay's News and Coffee Break

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    Join Veteran Broadcaster, Freedom Fighter, Domestic Terrorist and The Founder of The Truth Radio Network, Jay every Wednesday at 2:00pm ET/1:00pm CT for news, politics, commentary and much more.
    Visit The Truth Radio Network for more information about our shows and our Broadcasting Schedule.