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  • Fillmyeyes with Poetry...

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    The Idea behind Fillmyeyes with Poetry is to allow our listeners a chance to call in and chat with us a while or read a write or two or even just tell us a joke... light hearted, fun opportunity to enjoy one another...It's about strengthening our poetic community...Making Friends one poem at a time...
    Late Night...
    Another late night and my thoughts wander... drawing from my memories, strong emotions, needing to be expressed. My pen almost burning in my hand as I hold it firmly, trying to begin. My thoughts jumbled together, the only common thread is the emotion. Suddenly, my pen glides on paper, sentences appear, first one then another. Verse after verse, each yearning to be heard and understood. Seeking refuge in the quiet of the late night. These confessions calm my soul.
    The Curtain Opens ... The Stage is lit...C'mon ... Step Up... Grab Up The Mic and Say Something!!

  • "It Goes A Little Bit Like This"....

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    Everyday subjects with a slight twist.  Shaken not stirred.  Musings on the peculiar, unexpected and the unorthodox of the seemingly mundane
     It goes a little bit like this, is completely in the hands of the audience.  We never quite know who will be calling next.  And we never know what poetry pieces we will be hearing.  So buckle up for the ride with the most coffee sharing, cow gif posting, avatar changing, emoticon using group of late night poets that you are ever likely to bump into, in this one place.  It goes a little bit like this, poetry on the edge of well, something.
    Late nights, reflect mornings, as end of day in the USA Is lunchtime in my home town (except the following day.) But upside down and running is familiar to us in Southern climes. So we keep the lines open in distant cities as seek rhymes. As I travel around my country with a few side journeys beside. Everyone is welcome to join, guessing where that day I reside. In my study, an airport or in a field with mosquitos three. You never quite know where you may find AP.

  • Mic Nice with The Serum of Truth !

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    Mic Nice is now hosted exclusively by LyricalForte, bringing you a variety of programming every week! The best of Poetry, Conscious Hip-Hop, R&B, special interviews and much more. Thanks for tuning in every Tuesday at 6:30pm CST.


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    Show time: 5:00 pm West coast - 8:00 pm East coast
    REMEMBER TO CALL IN EARLY!! The call in number is 646-595-3965
    Info: You do not have to be logged in to listen to the show, but you do to join in the Poet's chat-room. It's a good way to network with other writers and they have such fun! You can read one to two pieces, just keep it around the 5-minute mark! Remember we have a Mature rating, meaning anything goes with the exception of explicit sexual content.
    Love from the SpeakEasy Family... Nyla Alisia, Christopher Ryan, Debbie Philly,

  • PSH Poetry Contest Winners Announcement

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    We'll announce the winners of our 2016 summer poetry contest in this special PSH Live event. Listen to it live and if any of the winners happen to be listening, they'll be invited to call in and read their winning poems live on the air. Hosted by Poetry Super Highway's Rick Lupert. Join the excitement! Want to enter the contest? Click here for all the details.