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  • Digitalized DNA - The Corporate Genome

    in News

    It has always been mankind's nature to push the boundaries of science. Since the explosion of the digital age, virtually nothing has been left unaffected by tampering as we strive manipulate and mold the world around us as we see fit. Corporations have excelled at the capitalization of this advancement and have implemented these new technologies to create a seemingly boundless profit-driven industry. The integration of digital information now reaches into all aspects of life and has reached new levels as computer programs are able to recreate complete digital genomes. This allows them to simulate and map evolutionary outcomes through electronic hardware that can be successfully merged with living cells, thereby producing hybridized biology at the cellular level. This may sound like science fiction but it is happening now and comes with major implications. Where is it all going and what could happen when it gets there?

  • Psychic Roots with Henry Z Jones

    in History

    Serendipity? Chance? Metaphysics? Author Henry Z Jones discusses these and his book Psychic Roots as it applies to genealogy research. 

  • Getting the scoop from Dr. Calhoun

    in Current Events

    Spend a wonderful evening with me and my guest Dr. Moses Calhoun as he sheds light on the story surrounding Whitney Houston's death. Also insight  on Caitlin Jenner and Presidentual candidate Ben Carson and his stance on  men in prison and the issue of them being gay.  This is going to be a wonderful night of jaw dropping. So tune in at 7:30pm EST and call into the studio by calling 347-945-6003.

  • Mitochondrial DNA with Bennett Greenspan

    in History

    Bennett Greenspan, president of Family Tree DNA, joins Jane to talk about mitochondrial (mt) DNA. What is mtDNA? Why should we test for mtDNA?