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  • Special Guest Barbara Ochoa Discusses Male Abuse Awareness Week

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    Join me and my very special guest, Barbara Ochoa as we discuss the crucial issue of Male Abuse for Male Abuse Awareness Week. Musician Barbara Ochoa aka Petra Luna was an abuse victim her whole young life; sexually, emotionally, physically and by school bullying. Later, she like many others took the normal course of ending up in abusive relationships with her male partners. Fortunately, through extensive therapy, artistic expression and advocacy she overcame the crippling effects of her past and began her journey to help others who had been abused. After a few years of working with other nonprofits, Barbara founded her own organization in 2008 she named the P. Luna Foundation. She has gained over 100,000 followers worldwide through social networking and her music and charity web sites receive over one million hits per year. With time, and after witnessing the effects of abuse on her brothers, cousins and male friends, the Male Abuse cause started to make sense. Today the main focus of the organization is to help the plight of abused boys and men through the Male Abuse Awareness Program.”  In 2012 Barbara retired from the music recording business and in 2015 she and the Board of Directors renamed the organization Help4Guys.org in order to redirect the public’s image of the Nonprofit’s main purpose. This is such an important and much needed cause. Please visit her website for more information regarding Male Abuse Awareness and resources.

  • Westchester On the Level wih Narog and Aris

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    Driving Me Craz

  • South Bay Spotlight !

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    The South Bay Show is an internet radio program on the air LIVE three days each week on Blog Talk Radio.
    Wenesday's at 8am PST we focus on the Redondo Beach Beach Chamber of Commerce, their role in the community and how they advance the quality of life in the Beach Cities. Redondo Beach More to Sea !
    Thursdays at 8am PST feature leisure activities and special events in the South Bay by Jackie Spotlight.
    Friday's at 8am PST we focus on the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, their role in the community and how they advance the quality of life in the Beach Cities. Manhattan Beach 360 !
    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit
    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry visit
    On Facebook at ...

  • Kevin we are change Family Courts Home-schooling Parenting

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    Freedom Talk Radio - The arrowhead for global remedies for humanity. The war has been ongoing between humanity and satanity, and now we declare that it has been won by humanity.
    We want to hear your success stories, how you fought and won, to help others further down the road. Volunteer your experiences, knowledge to teach others in the remedies we all have under common law, ancient laws, divine laws - which serve and protect the people.
    We must demand our inherent rights which are common to all laws which serve and protect the people. We disown all man-made laws which are used to enslave and rob the people.
    We declare our divinity over all man-made laws and religions. We condemn all crimes of murder, sodomy rape and cannibalism against babies, children, women, dead bodies, dead animals.
    We declare this planet free from SATANITY. We, HUMANITY will run this planet as intended by our father, GOD, in whatever country, religion or culture, as brothers and sisters, as equals, in love.
    We enshrine the original 7 principles in public office as HONOUR and crimes of corruption and fraud as DISHONOUR, which will cause immediate removal from public office and citizens arrests to be issued by our common law Peace Officers, Sheriffs and Grand juries.

  • Understanding The Times In Which We live Today Joseph Gibson Examines Today

    in Current Events

    UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES IN WHICH WE ARE LIVING IN TODAY! Your Host a expert on The New World Order & American History Joseph Gibson Examines The End Of Days and the Times in which We all live in today and what we can to do to live a better life in the End Times, also Joseph examines the news of today with comment. Everyone is invited to contribute with their thoughts and ideas and comments on the best blog talk radio/Internet/podcast show  around the World today! blogtalkradio.com/josephgibson nodody is censored or screened or denied there say on my show! All callers please call in at 657-383-0616 press 1 if you would like to share on this World Wide Stage!!! All Callers if they choose can remain Anonymous! Let us speak out against abortion! And many other issues facing us today!

  • Challenging the Rhetoric Special Series - Sickness of Silence PT 2

    in News

    Join childhood sexual abuse survivors Cheri Roberts & Kim Lakin, LIVE for PT 2 of a special ongoing #CTR series, “Sickness of Silence” (#SOS). 
    These 2-hour round-table discussions feature both male and female survivors, leading experts on incest, pedophilia, mental health and the law including “Cybertraps” author/child- expert, Frederick Lane; president/founder of “Stop the Silence” - Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH; pedophilia and incest expert and educator - Prof. Joy Bruckner, Keynote speaker - Michael Skinner and many more. 
    Please call-in or join us in the chatroom during the LIVE show. CALL-IN TO THE LIVE SHOW @ (646) 787-1790. All shows are archived for your listening and sharing convenience.
    WEBSITES: CTR Website -- SOS Website -- TWITTER @CTRNewsFeed -- CTR Facebook -- SOS Facebook. SHOW HASHTAGS: #CTR - #SOS - #CSA

  • Proof Negative Radio Show: REAL Patriot News

    in Current Events

    Welcome to the Proof Negative Radio Show. We feature a mix of New World Order news, Health & Wellness, & whatever else comes up freedom - related.
    Please also find more of our shows here at Freedomizer Radio.
    I'm certain this show there will be enough political hijinks & news to discuss for 3 hours alone.
    Our main website & chat room are at http://www.freedomizerradio.com.
    We do not monitor this chat room. Please go to our Freedomizer Radio Website for our shows and chat room

  • Connecting With Your DNA Relatives - Part 2 with Shannon Christmas

    in History

    Have you had your DNA tested and don't know what to do or say to your newly discovered relatives?
    Corresponding and conversing with unknown relatives found via DNA testing can present family members and genealogists with as many challenges as opportunities. Learn how to initiate a fruitful dialogue, double response rates, and clear a path to genealogical discovery with these tried-and-true communication techniques.
    Join Shannon  Christmas to discuss what you may need to say and do to take your DNA results to the next level.  Communications is key to getting the answers to many of your DNA questions.

  • The Branden Johnson Show: Gumbo Mix

    in Current Events

    This week I plan to seek solutions as always through listeners and narrative on 3 trending topics of news on the Branden Johnson Show. Violence is still plaguing our communiities, voting or the lack thereof keeps us from realizing the power we hold, and the village which holds the key to communities thriving is resurging to a more communal approach, Why?. Grassroots programs and local efforts seem to be the best way to tackle these 3 trending topics. As we move into this important season for many across the world. Hopefully, you and I can spark a stronger movement in our little worlds. Let's Talk!

  • GRINDHARD RADIO Open Discussion on Terrorism

    in News

    Awareness Night on GrindHard Radio Hosted by: Virginia "SuperNova" Slim & Jit Chronicles with Co-Hosts Cata' Mafioso, JuztKP, and Dj Sgt Rock. Join us for an in depth open discussion on "Terrorism" in our country and what we can do to prevent it. You can join discussion by calling in LIVE @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to talk to the panel of hosts. Also random calls will be taken and music will be played. We are #RealityRadio #GHR  

  • Weschester On the Radio with Narog and Aris

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