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  • Dylan Galvin Interviews with Az 1 Promo Radio

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    Dylan was born in Lynn, Lynn the city of sin and raised in Southern MD. He was born into a family of artists, having a great grandmother, uncle and father who performed music and a grandmother who was an award wining painter. But it wasn't until 14 when he picked up a guitar. He instantly got hooked on punk and ska bands like Less Than Jake, Blink 182, Reel Big Fish, Catch 22. He moved onto celtic folk music after being inspired by his high school guitar teacher, Jim Tozier.  After high school he attended Berklee college of music and where he began to hone his songwriting abilities and after only won year of study, won the annual Berklee Songwriting Competition. He was also one of six chosen to work privately with Paul Simon at Berklee, Winner of Division Achievement Scholarship at Berklee, Awarded Honorable Mention in December 2008 Song of the Year Competition , Top finalist in Play-Mayercraft online competition to open up for John Mayer. Finished in top 30 out of over 1,200 bands. 
    He has performed on the following radio stations: STAR 98.3, WRNR Radio 103.1, Simmons College Radio, Berklee Internet Radio Network and Cool Vibes Radio And accomplishments include: , Recorded w/ Mario Spinetti, performed with Angel Grant (Janet Jackson), featured and interviewed in The Calvert Recorder, a prominent MD newspaper, Featured on front page of STAR 98.3 website, and has opened for the pop/rock phenomenon; Fools & Horses.

  • Chocolate Thurday's Talk Show

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    chocolate thurdays talk show

  • Nature King Pest Management With Mark Sanders

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    On Air with Mark Sanders of Nature King Pest Management in Dallas
    Mark has produced 22 shows so far and enjoying it more each week. Check it out this Thursday night and give him a call with your questions about pest control in the Dallas area. 214-827-0090
    Nature King Pest Management, Inc. is a Specialized Pest Control Service Company. Serving Dallas and the Metroplex Area. We are Beekeepers, Snake Control experts, Animal Trap and Control Service Providers.
    Yes! We take Emergency Calls! 214-827-0090 Our Expertise also covers Pest and Termite control, Wasp and Hornet Extermination and Vermin Entrance Detection and Exclusion.
    Pests can be worse than a nuisance, and we know you do not want to live with them another minute. Our fast and friendly pest control specialist will come to your aid and help to keep what can often be a stressful situation under control.  
    We will work with you to get the best solution at a fair price. Give us a call next time you need help! 214-827-0090

  • The Urban Jazz Connection Chocolate at Midnight featuring D Maurice Waddell

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    Join The Urban Jazz Connection/Chocolate at Midnight for Smooth Jazz on WYDL....24/7  
    The Urban Jazz Connection will feature Jazz music from all over the global as well as break new artist and showcase your favorite and 'overlooked' Jazz and R&B tracks from projects past and present.. The Urban Jazz Connection will also feature interviews and give the listener the story inside the story of Artist and their music. Let's Connect!

  • Graphik Take 4-3-2015

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    3rd Edition of the show, always in advance Thank You to any and all listeners coming through. Hoping to have an interview this time around, surprised guest type ish. Stay tuned.!

  • I was just thinking....Can we talk about ISRAEL? Part 2

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    What is Israel and who are the Isrealites? Are they the Jews or Israeli's? Did they really exist?
    The word or concept of Israel is a loaded term. In most of the world it invokes a mysticism that has been attributed to a God ordained establishment for the nation. Three of the major religions have a religious connection to the concept of through the God of the Bible as chronicled by the writers of the Torah, Bible and Quran.
    Whether we believe in the God of the Bible or not we all have been forced to accept a concept of Israel and Judaism and now Zionism and the Jews as the 'chosen people' set-apart above all humanity. But is that true?
    Tonight we are going back in the past to find out who and what Israel is and who the Jews are and more importantly...do they have a legitimate claim on the land and the history.
    We will be live @ 661-467-2407


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    In this Epoisde of CHANNEL ZERO LIVE Checkout Billy BlocO as he serves up the latest in underground music as well as gets you up to date on everything going on in the community with Dale Castro and more. Call in at 760 454 1118 and press 1 to talk with Billy BlocO. This Friday on the show we got one of Australia's hottest artist Destiny Rydas and Comedian BIG T out of South Carolina. 

  • Live interview with @TKNCash

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    2MuchRadio had finally caught up with the busy duo TK-N-Cash. The 2 duo who is literally killing the streets right now, with they hot single "Mind Right". You probably had seen them with previous label DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace) Ludacris label. Now they are currently signed to Columbia records. 2MuchRadio own DJ91 will sit down and talk with Tk N Cash about what got them into music, and listen to some of there new music. So tune in and call in and you don't want to miss this great interview. 
    Follow TK-N-Cash on all social sites:
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  • Tom Goss: Pop Singing Sensation with Album WAIT - LIVE!

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    Welcome to the Friday Night Dance Party!  You're about to enjoy 2 hours of commercial free music and interviews with today's hottest stars!
    Hour 1:  Power Pop Prodigy, Tom Goss, joins the show to talk about his album WAIT and WAIT The Remixes!  Tom's an active LGBT activist who has a huge following on You Tube - generating MILLIONS of hits for his videos!  You'll hear his music and find out what inspires this talented artist to perform! Hour 2:  Listener Requests!  If you got 'em, I'll play 'em!  It's that easy! Call 323 657-1493 to ask Tom a question or make a music request! Visit Tom's website here! Watch Tom's videos on YouTube here!
    Fan Tom's Facebook page here!
    Buy WAIT on iTunes by clicking here! Buy WAIT: The Remixes on iTunes by clicking here!

  • Interviewing Digibilly (producer)

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    Eclectic, experimental, and hard hitting are just few words to describe the artist Joshua Pearson aka Digibilly (‘Diji, bile). He’s a Drum & Bass / EDM producer out of Philadelphia, PA. His music encapsulates the root essence of Drum & Bass while bringing a new twist to the genre by including Metal, Hip-Hop, and the modern-day sounds of EDM in each composition. Digibilly’s music is driven by his eclectic love of many genres. He sees Drum & Bass as a versatile canvas that is waiting to be painted and manipulated. Overall, his music has a tendency to be dark and heavy, but all of it has a momentum that will move your feet. The fusion of sounds and beats from different genres is what makes what he is. This fusion of the new with the old is the true definition of the word, “Digibilly”.
    Driven by production quality and sound engineering, he finds beauty in complex simplicity. In doing this, he follows a similar technique to his inspirations. Noisia, one of his main inspirations, has been very influencial in the sound that he creates. He also loves the energy and alternative sounds of bands like Prodigy, Fear Factory, and KMFDM. You can hear this inspiration in a lot of his heavier tracks. But on the other side of things, he has admiration and finds inspiration in some turntablists such as DJ Shadow, Qbert, and R2D2.
    His debut Album, “Audible Manipulations of a Digital Frontier”, is a true example of Digibilly’s diversity. It’s a spectrum of sounds and sub-genres. A popular track on the album is “Run To Me”, which is a collaboration with the singer/songwriter Andrea Stankevitch of the group Brite Lite Brite. They have plans in works for them to do more projects together in the near future. Another interesting track on the album is ”Apocalypse”, a hard hitting track that shows his metal and industrial influences of the past.

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