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  • January Jones-Rich As A King-Douglas Goldstein

    in Finance

    When Dougls started on Wall Street, his favorite client was his grandmother. She, in fact, had been a stock broker many years earlier, having been one of the first women to earn the license. Following in her footsteps, my mother also became an investment advisor, helping clients plan and build wealth throughout her 17-year career. I joined her as a partner in 1992, and the #1 lesson that I learned from her was the importance of educating clients about handling their money wisely. Though we could guide them, they ultimately needed to make the daily dollar decisions themselves. I obtained the licenses that allowed me to advise clients on trading not only stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but also options, commodities, and futures. Eventually, I earned the license to supervise other advisors and also got the designation of Certified Financial Planner™.

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    Great Loop Radio: Safe Boating Week

    in Travel

    It's National Safe Boating Week and Rachel Johnson, Executive Director of the National Safe Boating Council, is our guest!  Rachel will share information on staying safe on the water, including tips on finding the right life jacket, the importance of safe boating courses, technology that can help keep you safe, and more!

  • HRExaminer Executive Conversations w/ Don Charlton, Jazz | May 26, 2017-7 AM PDT

    in Business

    Don Charlton founded JazzHR in 2009, and established the company as a leader in SMB-focused, SaaS recruiting solutions. A graphic designer turned software engineer, entrepreneur, startup evangelist, writer and speaker. Don is the influential leader and innovator for JazzHR’s product organization and widely regarded as a thought leader in the recruiting software industry. Follow Don on Twitter: @Dontrepreneur

  • Westchester On the Level

    in News

    WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY -- Dr. Richard Cirulli will discuss his article, "How The Left Turned Right Against Itself By Dr. RICHARD CIRULLI", on Friday, May 26, 2017th at 10am DST on the Westchester On the Level radio broadcast. Listen “Live” or “On Demand”. Use the following hyperlink... http://tobtr.com/s/10007123. This segment will be heard from 10-11am
    Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris thereafter reviews hyperlocal, county, state, national and international news and analysis. This segment airs from 11-12Noon.
    Ask a question, and/or share your perspective. Call: (347) 205-9201.
    Listen to the broadcast "Live" or "On Demand" ... http://tobtr.com/s/10007123

  • Lee Gaitan - Speaking the Same Language

    in Spirituality

    Laughter in the midst of chaos, seriously?
    Absolutely! Humor and laughter are powerful coping skills. Divorce, death, financial devastation — I’ve experienced them all and I know they are no laughing matter. Yet, I also know that during those difficult times my sense of humor was my saving grace. Finding small moments of laughter within the pain (even if it was laughing at the absurdity of my situation) helped me develop the resiliency I needed to survive…and ultimately even begin to thrive. - Lee Gaitan

  • The Free American

    in Education

    Well over 20 years ago I watched our government murder 17 little children and their families at a church near Waco, supposedly to save them from an accused child molester. I was outraged. It was not the first or last time the government lied to us. 50 years ago I took an oath to defend the Constitution when I volunteered for Vietnam. That same government lied about the Gulf of Tonkin and 48,000 of my brothers died. The Press covered for the FBI and BATF and demonized a church. As my first club became the Bandidos and my second became the Hells Angels I knew the government lied. I did three things. I started my Free American Magazine which had national distribution, my radio show and the Militias. I was lumped into an anti-government category by Jewish anti-white propaganda organizations who used my name to try and frighten Americans to prevent me from exposing their tactics and their banking scams. I still do that two hours a day using my show. I did start the Militia in New Mexico in the office of the Governor, Gary Johnson. Hardly a terrorist plot. And although they were successful in closing down my magazine after an attempt on my life failed, I am still here doing the same show with new guests from all over the world. clay@freeamerican.com www.freeamerican.com


    in Spirituality

    TALK, TEACH, AND TESTIFY RADIO, FRIDAY MORNING BONUS TEACHING (UNDERSTANDING THE SPIRITUAL POWERFUL INTENT OF TORAH IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, PART TWO): On Friday morning, May 26th, 2017 (the 7th day of the 3rd Month) @ 10AM EST (9AM CST), Talk, Teach, and Testify through Blog Talk Radio will present sound doctrine and teaching the spiritual meaning and revelation of the Thurah/Torah (teachings and instructions) of YAHUAH and the importance of the allegories and metaphors in the Garden of Eden (Adan). Plus we shall discuss the break down of the foundation of Truth, which is the Torah of YAHUAH (Tahalym/Psalms 119:142). Please join us either by calling in at the new number of (515) 605-9874 or just click on the link below. May Abba/Ab baruk you and keep you. Shalum. Shabath Shalum.

  • I Lift My Lamp - The Story of Mother Mary Walsh, OP

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long-running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour," a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org
    Mother Mary Walsh, OP was born in 1950 to Irish parents living in London. Orphaned in her infancy, she was raised in Ireland by her paternal grandmother. At 19, she immigrated to America and worked as a domestic servant in Manhattan.
    In the summer of 1876, Mary was approached by a young girl desperate for help. The girl's mother was sick with fever and her father was in jail. Mary began begging on the street for food and money for the girl's family. She nursed the mother back to health and spent time caring for the family. In the process, Mary lost her own job but found her life's work.
    Mary became a Dominican Tertiary -- a layperson who lives out a religious order's charism in their daily lives. She and other young women rented rooms near a local church and took in laundry to finance their work with the poor. For thirty years, Mary Walsh and her companions lived and worked as a religious community without formal Church approval. Believing that "Love can turn a flame into a lamp," Mary worked selflessly to spread the warmth of her flame to the needy.
    In 1910, the Dominican Sisters of the Sick Poor were officially received into the Roman Catholic Church. Mother Mary Walsh, OP died on November 6, 1922.


    in Entertainment

    Today on Hammer 96.7, Brian and I will have headline news what's trending,  as well as the latest in politics---What the hell did Donald Trump say now?! Plus a whole lot more madness and mayhem...maybe even a live call or two. And you never know who may stop by to join the party....
    If you are a musician, author or filmmaker, check out our website, to learn how you ca n be considered for our newplatforms,MVP movies On Demand and MVP music on demand. This is yet another way in which we are helping to move artists forward.
    Come in and join us...this is a wild ride you won't soon forget!!! And check it out... during the show, Hammer will activate the chatroom. You will be able to talk to us---live in chat---while the show is going on.
    Quote of the day: I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.. And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party
    Call in and join the party---319-527-6099.

  • Carolyn McLaughlin talks about the the May 22 Albany County Committee Meeting

    in Politics

    Mayoral Candidate Carolyn McLaughlin talks about the the May 22 Albany County Committee Meeting 

  • PonderThis! Money

    in Lifestyle

    On PonderThis! will explore new ways of thinking about money. Through a conversational journey, we’ll be questioning and discussing the variables that surround money in our lives. Nehprii and I, Kori Raishon will start the conversation. Interact with us and call in and lets dicuss the topic of money.