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  • Sharon Weil w/ Robert Litman: The Breathable Body

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    Sharon Weil conspires with Robert Litman, movement and breath teacher of The Breathable Body, about how all change, internal and external, is initiated by breath.  Certain held breathing patterns put us into constant “fight or flight” response, putting enormous stress on the body, expressed as anxiety, asthma, sleep apnea and more.  Can we really change our world by changing how we breathe? 

  • the beginning from dark to light

    in Culture

    this show will explain the origin of life the slave trickery the burning or black businesses the fall of the Negro league baseball the devalueing of the black male

  • How to Date Top Ten Men in Any City

    in Romance

    Former anchor for ESPN's Sportcenter, James Swanwick talks being a REAL alpha male, how to meet top 10 men in any city, and how to get over heartbreak to find true love.
    James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, motivational coach, media personality and former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN. He has interviewed world leaders and celebrities including Al Gore, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He grew up in Brisbane, Australia before moving to London, England; then Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Medellin, Colombia; and back to LA.   He is an investor and entrepreneur, including starting a multi-million dollar company that is still running successfully. James is addicted to traveling (44 countries so far) seeking the advice of the world’s top minds.   In his spare time he likes traveling, exercising, salsa dancing, playing classical piano and watching professional sports. He lives in Los Angeles.

  • What Does Love Have to Do with it? With Mary DeYon

    in Lifestyle

    Mary DeYon's book is a delightful, heartfelt journey she dubbs her "excurtiating lessons on my path to enlightment." With humor, wit, and grace Mary shares her wisdom from the heartache of divorcing her alcolohic husband to becoming a top salesperson in her industry. Pick up the book here.

  • Change Your Thinking Increase Your Wealth

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    No matter where you are in life the reality is that you are always going to end up on the level of how you see yourself. How you value yourself, where you see yourself going and what you aspire to do will ultimatly dertemine your net worth. You have to address your inner self to impact your outer world.


    in Lifestyle

    VISION IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Rustie MacDonald (Life Coach, Radio Host, Author)

  • And The Beat Goes On!

    in Lifestyle

    Join us for an enlightening time of discussion about any and everything.
    We delight in the Lord and Praise Him for His goodness, but we live on the planet earth and know that there are things that need to be addressed on an earthly realm, not just in a spiritual dimension.
    We encourage listeners to join us by calling into the live sessions at (619) 638-8499 or just log into the chatroom.
    We always mention my books which are available on amazon.com and talk about any impending new releases. My writing covers a great deal of territory--written specifically to inspire, educate, motivate, and entertain. Look for them under my name--Mary M. Hall-Rayford on Amazon!
    Current events are mentioned and many times, commentaries made about news events.
    Don't be surprised if one of us starts preaching about whatever it is that has triggered the passion of preaching. You may think we're just getting on our soap box about specific things, but we love the Lord enough to encourage everyone to live the way God wants us to live--loving Him and one another.
    Don't forget--God loves you and we do, too!
    Come back again, next week for another episode of "Live With The Rayfords!"

  • He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not...Romancing Joe's FLIRT 101

    in Romance

    She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...Quit Picking Off The Petals Of The Daisy. Put The Flower Down Slowly & Pick up the Phone Instead...
    Tonight Only we have a Special Surprise! We Will Be doing comparison charts to See if you're Compatible with The one you're Lovin' on... Plus we will be Answering questions To 'the Reason why' he or she is doing 'that'... Start picking out the wedding ring because If I say it's a great Match, the you can Bet that Field of Daisies that it is... Plus we will be Answering questions To 'the Reason why' he or she is doing 'that'... Start picking out the wedding ring because If I say it's a great Match, the you can Bet that Field of Daisies that it is...
    All you have to do is message me on Facebook under Romancing Joe Company with the following: Both FIRST Names, Full Birthdates, Time of Births (if you know), and Place of Births... That's it.I'll know within 5 Minutes! I will NOT take the information over the Radio! That's not safe! Call in for Love Questions! As usual, Every caller gets a Complimentary Love Feather Tickler!

  • Power Points of Prayer

    in Lifestyle

    Get the best of the best on Prayer Teaching Daily!

  • The Relationship Party

    in Romance

    The place where open minded, thought provoking and outspoken people across the country talk about every type of relationship. From relationships with the opposite sex, relationships with the community and everything in between. The show began in 2009 and has been a huge success since. The Relationship Party has reached #41 out of 59,000 shows on online radio and has been the recipient of two Mikael Jordan Awards, Best Night Time Female Host and Best Relationship radio show.
    The Relationship Party, where it is what it is, not what it’s suppose to be.

  • Bhyy- Rooting Yourselves in Rightousness WOW Rebroadcast

    in Culture

    Due to the conference this week, we’ll be re-listening to this Word of the Week presented by Ob in rooting ourselves in righteousness. We will reconvene with a live show next week Yah willing.
    Don’t take this word for granted ladies. Yah has organized this in a way to where salvation is literally at our fingertips. But what are you willing to give for it? Is Yah worthy of your time?
    There is something we can all take from this in relation to the discipline that is needed to strengthen an aspect of each of our walks. So if you won’t be attending the conference, take the time out to reflect on this message.You can still call in @: 347-633-9606

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