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  • Comedian Larry Estelle / College after 40/ Kush Kumedy Kafe/Ms. Boswell IFBB

    in Culture

    Sabrina talks with Larry about his life as comedian and what impact he is trying to leave on society. Mark will share going to school after 40 years old. Mark just retired as licensed LMFT. Learn what it takes to get in great shape and compete for fitness competitions. IFBB pro Ms. R. Boswell will share her story. Kush Kumedy Kafe willl always share why laughter is medicine.
    Fitness Pro: Ms. R  8PM PST, 10PM CST, 11PM EST
    Kush Kumedy Kafe/ Comedian Larry: 8:20pm PST, 10:20pm CST, 11:20EST
    Mark: 8:40pm PST, 10:40 CST, 11:40 EST

  • Sweet Southern Baptist T

    in LGBT

    As a Houston, Tx native  I have gotten to experience the full experience of the southern baptist church.  Honestly I've gotten to experience the wide variety of the black church experience in general. These days I don't identify as a baptist, nor much of a christian at all. Still I have an admiration theology due to my love of history. 
    The church has long been a staple in the black community.  The community knew that it could depend on the chruch for nurishment in every faucet of their lives. The church was a social justice 

  • The One About : Black Friends, Russell & Future, Dead Memphis Cop, and More...

    in Culture

    Sanura and Darnell Lamont Walker rarely agree, and this time may be no different. The importance of having Black friends, the foolishness surrounding Russell Wilson, Ciara, Future, and the baby, one dead cop in Memphis and his charges, and why it could all be a lie, and So much more will be discussed on this week's episode. 
    Oh! And we certainly want to hear from you! Call us and share your opinion on air, and let's get these conversations going! 


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    TZM global radio: EP177-To be employed or not to be employed

    in Culture

    This episode of TZM global radio is hosted by UK chapter member and co-coordinator of the movements educational activism project TZM Education: www.tzmeducation.org, James Phillips.
    James will be reading the final article from the minds in the making section of of TZM education entitled 'To be employed or not to be employed' which discusses modern attitudes and values towards work and how we might go about making a shift in these and the overall structure of our socio-economic system to transform human/animal and environmental well-being for the better.
    This show also includes the announcement that TZM global radio is now taking submissions. If you are interested in doing a radio show for TZM global radio please email us at: submit@thezeitgeistmovement.com and we will get back to you asap. Many thanks.

  • Let My People Grow ( Episode 6 )

    in Culture

    - Be a part of the discussion -
    - CALL IN @ (917) 889-8298 -
    : SPECIAL GUEST : Mark Pedersen -
    The Director at The Cannabis Patient Network Institute in Thornton, Colorado
    and Advisory board member for Patients Out Of TIme.
    Learn more here -> http://www.cpninstitute.org -> http://patientsoutoftime.org
    - NEWS -
    Big Pharma-Produced Cannabis Is Likely Coming to the U.S.
    Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows
    Science Seeks to Unlock Marijuana’s Secrets
    - MUSIC - The Island Of Black And White - GIGANTIS - Morning Fatty and More!
    Nico’s Nuggets: Tips on Growing Marijuana Outdoors

  • Don't Tell The Children That!

    in Lifestyle

    Do we really have so much to hide from our children?  Have you ever felt like there were things your children should not know?  If so, what were they?  What could possibly be damaging to them?  Would it be better to let them know what is going on around them or let them live in an illusion?  Do we pretend to be knowledgable when we aren't?  Do we hide facts that could invalidate whe they already know?  Do we tell them too much? Is a child's greatest asset their curious mind?  In what way could be better serve our children so they grow up to be the person's they were meant to be and live the life they were meant to live?
    Do you have visions of your children growing up successful or in a dismal world?  Why do we separate children by ages?  Is it to protect them from harm?  Do you think our goal as adults is to provide protection for our children?  If so, what do you do to protect your children, or, do you turn that over to "external authorities" who might know more than you?

  • Dr. Jennifer Arnold talks about National Immunization Month

    in Lifestyle

    August  is National Immunization Awareness Month, and, recently, we’ve been hearing a lot about vaccine- preventable diseases. Today, many of these dangerous diseases, like measles, whooping cough, and invasive pneumococcal disease, are still circulating in the U.S., and children younger than two are at highest risk for contracting them. Most parents agree one of the best ways to help protect their young children is through vaccination. However, many parents still have questions about immunization and the CDC-recommended schedule.
    As seen on her docu-drama TV show, two of the most important things to Jennifer Arnold, MD, physician and mom of two, are family and healthcare.  That is why she wants to help other parents learn about the importance of vaccination, know why timing matters when it comes to immunization, and understand why some vaccines require multiple doses.
    Many parents may be unaware of the severity of illness vaccine-preventable infections pose to infants and young children. As a neonatologist, Dr. Arnold knows firsthand how devastating certain infectious diseases can be for babies and young children and can provide tips to help parents ensure their young children receive their recommended vaccines on time, every time. As a mother, a priority has been to protect her kids from preventable infectious diseases. To Dr. Arnold, that means working with her young children’s pediatrician to ensure they receive recommended vaccines on time.

  • Beabeyo with life Coach Tyrone Jones/ Indie artist Kerry J

    in Culture

    Life Coach, mentor, motivational speaker. Learn how to improve your life, your attitude to i.pact your life postively. Indie artist Kerry jones.

  • Got A Lite?

    in Lifestyle

    Pattie Canova hosts a talk show using wit, candor, keen insight, perception, experience, and the tales and symbols of Tarot to inform, illuminate, enlighten and entertain her listeners. Write Pattie at pcanova@optonline.net w/your questions, feedback or insights. Visit my websight: www.pattiecanova.com  Let's discover what it takes to walk our road toward awakening.  www.pattiecanova.com

  • Thursdays: The Conscious Rasta Report / Mastering Monetization w/ Aunkh Aakhu &

    in Culture

    In the second hour, Aunkh Aakhu joins the broadcast to showcase his cutting edge research on marketing, entrepreneurship, business development and other critical topics.
    Our daily news, research and educational programming incorporates cutting-edge research with deep background to current news stories as well as practical insights on how to make progress a regular part of our lives.  We cover culture, history, education, economics, business development, health and disease prevention, along with a broad spectrum of other human endeavors.  Our aim is to create a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society wherein all of our children can live toward their greatest potential. 
    We are live daily on www.LIBRadio.com from 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT / 4 PM GMT / 7 PM EAT.  You can go to www.LIBRadio.com for a number of viewing and listening options.  Extensive archives of our previous broadcasts are available for instant download at the site as well.  Your support is our means of keeping this valuable news research outlet functioning.  We appreciate that YOU appreciate Culturally Conscious Communications