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  • Live & Upcoming Episodes (142)

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    Islamic teachings for all

  • Shabbat Towrah Study

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    A Sabbath Study of Yahowah's Towrah. 
    Join a group of Yahowah's family as we delve into the Towrah of God. We will expose religious corruption while more importantly espousing Yah's Towrah truth. 
    Hosted by the author of Yada Yahweh, An Introduction to God, Questioning Paul, Prophet of Doom, and Tea with Terrorist. 

  • The Don S. McClure Show- Taking Life too Serious in every Situation.

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    The Don S. McClure Show- Taking Life to Serious in every situation. Are you talking life to Serious at times? Sometimes we don't stop and listen to what our bodies is trying to tell us. We miss the message from our brain; that is sending a signal that we are Pensive about some thought. Take for example the meaning of the word Pensive: The simple Definition can mean: Quietly sad or thoughtful or in deep thought about your life.                                                1. She would often slip into her pensive state thinking only about the dreams that couldn’t come true.                           2. Becoming or turning pensive at the thought of losing something or someone.                                                                   3. I was gradually turning more and more pensive as the day of my departure was nearing.                                                   4. A sad or dismal thoughtfulness about situations feeling like there is no way out and becoming too serious and not enjoying life or what you have insight or as they say.  You can't see the forest for the trees. Dialog: By Don S. McClure

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    "Divide & Conquer: Begets White Privilege"... 'An AfroCentric Convo'...on R-TEN.

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    "SPECIAL ENCORE" of the "What is, 'White Privilege', or 'White Supremacy', from 'Black & White Perspectives'..."
    The subject of  'Divide & Conquer' was also discussed... As well as, having a continued convo about the perspectives of both 'Black & White' folk, on what 'White Privilege' means to them...
    It was discussed how the program called 'Divide & Conquer' still works, by manipulating or downright telling lies about history & race; and as a result of these lies, people have been and still are 'controlled'...
    On this episode of, "An AfroCentric Convo"... "Pt. 1, White Priviledge: What is it...?" with your host, Ed "Real Tauk" Smith... 

  • Power Healing Session - Getting out of the Matrix

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    My Power Healing session is dedicated to unveiling the truth moving past the illusion and building on solutions to a successful exodus from the Matrix. The creator of the Matrix Sophia Stewart and Master creative artist Seven (7Gate) will be my special guest a powerful night with the Goddesses you don't want to miss this one. We are present in a time of rebirth the building of a new nation based on the foundation of Natural and Universal Law and principles with Love Peace Truth & Justice through our own self realization, rebembering who we are. 
    Last Months Power Healing Session, The Ancestors are calling is in the archives. For mor information on Self Healing visit http://OrgoneEnergySelfHealing.com

  • Truth or Tradition - Hosted by Mowreh Elesha B. Yisrael

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    Listen every Sabbath (Saturday) to this Great Servant of YAH! He Came and He Told the Truth! Mowreh Elesha brought Jacob back to the Most High YAH! He taught many Mowrehs, and people of YAH for 40 plus years! Gone, but not forgotten, He is truly missed!  Call 1323-443-7418 and listen or listen on line. Praise YAH!

  • Making MS Your Bitch & Marijuana Chatter

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    So excited to have our next guest on LIVE this Saturday at 10:00am PST talking about how she makes Multiple Sclerosis (MS) her bitch! In addition her advocacy work for the legalization of marijuana is off the hook inspiring and helping all of us. Join us as we welcome my friend and fellow badass Suset "Healgirl" Marcantoni.
    Suset is a certified chef, former personal trainer, wife, and mother of three from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2012 she has finished two half marathons, multiple obstacle course races, including the Spartan race, and cultivated a support group for chronic illness sufferers.
    Through her research and personal experience, she has also become a grower and advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Suset is currently completing a degree in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching from Arizona State University. BAM.
    You are not going to want to miss this LIVE podcast with Q&A to follow. Join us this Saturday LIVE at 10am PST and up your volume.

  • Smooth Jazz for your Soul, Vol XXIII

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    October is on its way out. Not before we spend the last Saturday of the month with you. It’s time for Hamp’s Selections from his Collection of Soul-Jazz Music, Vol XXIII. “This is Smooth Jazz for your soul” Day. Hang with me, your host Codis Hampton II on my corner.  Has anybody seen Mr. Time? I can’t seem to find a minute to spare. I was supposed to have done this, should have finished that by now. Do you feel me? Whatever…I am just going to slow this rat race thing down on October 29th at 11:00PST and enjoy some nice music with you. You’re all invited. I’ll also let you know what’s happening with all those other issues on the drawing board at that time.”
    Hamp’s Corner of America (HCofA BTRS) Blog Talk Radio Show. Sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host’s fourth and latest book honoring his father, entitled; Remembering Moz, Gracie and John Hampton’s First Born. Published at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478766056  Or visit our host’s Author Page at Amazon.com’s following link,  www.amazon.com/author/codishampton2 Check us out on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/Hamps-Corner-of-America-207387462631457/

  • Let's Talk About It With Barry Carson

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    As Mr. Barry Carson says " Season change and tables turn”. From wearing a county blue jumpsuit, to a fitted tailored blue suit. We all have a past, but glory be to God that we don’t look like what we been through. He says “It not about the likes or how many followers you have on social media .”   He now encourages and let others know that God was his only way of escape. Make sure to tune into this interview, you will be in for a treat!
    Follow Our Guest On Their Social Media Accounts;
    Ig Carson87_
    Facebook Barry Bj Carson Jr

  • This Week In LGBT News: DADDY The Movie, Sean Hayes, Pete Burns

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    Check in with Randy as he recaps several of the top LGBT stories of the week including:
    • Randy's interview with hunky Bear City/DADDY film star Gerald McCullouch
    • The passing of Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns at 57
    • Sean Hayes' apology to the LGBT community: "Ashamed and embarrassed" for not coming out sooner
    And much more!


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    Yoruba chit-chat program

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