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  • Paranormal Filler Radio on LiveParanormal.com

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    LiveParanormal.com & History. FM Radio Present
    Paranormal Filler Radio
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    Between science and ignorance there is Filler: Paranormal Filler. Host Wes Forsythe digs into the field of ghost hunting and the paranormal every Sunday night. From investigators to authors to psychics, he takes an in depth, if sometimes irreverent journey into the supernatural
    Official Show Page: http://www.liveparanormal.com/paranormalfiller.html
    About LiveParanormal.com
    LiveParanormal.com is the PREMIER online community dealing with all things : Paranormal, Unexplained, History, Horror, Sci Fi, & More. Enjoy 24/7 interaction with other like minded people from around the world! ALL members can use their web cam / mic in our fully multi media chat room which offers the most personal and interactive experience on the net!
    We over 60 different live radio & video shows on our History FM radio network!

  • Lets Talk Ghost

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    Show Description
    Join us as we explore the paranormal. Your hosts Steve and Dan help explain their own cases and the often confusing world of Paranormal Investigations. Let's Talk Ghosts is a family friendly weekly webcast that is focused on the field of paranormal investigations. The crew takes on any subject with a questioning mind and tries to make their subjects fun and entertaining. Your host Steve is a electrician who has been trying to find the answers of his own life long hauntings. His co-host, Dan, has also experienced similar haunting as his father, Steve. You will hear from our fans and experts and a few celebrities as well. We are located in Central NY, but love hearing from listeners from all over the US.

  • ParaTruth Radio Episode #21: OfftheTrails Paranormal

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    On this episode of ParaTruth Radio, Erik and Justin will be talking to OfftheTrails Paranormal about some investigations, experiences, and maybe an EVP or 2 that they've gotten.  It'll be a great show and nice conversation.  Join us live!!

  • Celebrating the CFL Grey Cup With a Saskatchewan Weekend

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    Travel Brigade celebrates the 102nd CFL Grey Cup played in Vancouver on Sunday, Nov. 30, between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders by taking you to Regina, Saskatchewan, home of the most passionate fan-base in the Canadian Football League, and maybe in all of football anywhere in North America. Any time the Saskatchewan Roughriders play at home in the city of Regina, it becomes a unique event you can build a travel weekend around. Come with Travel Brigade to find out how to have a fun football weekend in this friendly place full of fans who “Bleed Green.” We’ll have interviews with the fans, cheerleaders and players for this team that is literally owned by the fans, and talk about why each home game is a celebration of being in Saskatchewan. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade.

  • URN Radio Show

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    Join Jeff, Matt, & The Paranormal Outlaw as they discuss all things paranormal and seek answers into the unknown!

  • CONTACT: With Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

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    Broadcasting "LIVE" on Sunday, September 4th from the UFO Festival in Exeter, New Hampshire, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the famous Betty and Barney Hill Abduction.  Tune in this coming Sunday at 9:00 PM, EST for more with Contactee/Experiencer Wes Roberts and and Highlights of "UFO Fest".  In coming weeks, Key Festival attendees/panelists such as noted Physicist and UFOlogist Stanton Friedman will be featured guests.

  • TransPara Radio

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    TransPara Radio

  • The Best of The Greatest Talk Show

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    From the Archive of Oblivion. The Best of the Greatest Talk Show will take you back to how it was before now, and whAT WAS SHALL BE AGAIN.

  • Exopolitics Legend Alfred Lambremont Webre

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    Alfred Lambremont Webre: www.exopolitics.com. He is known as the godfather of exopolitics. He’s a peace activist both here on earth and in space above. Mr. Webre is an Ivy League Law Graduate who will chat with us about E.T. visitation, Mars, and Time Travel. You’ll want to listen when he talks about how he published a book in 2005 only to have a close friend tell him he read it back in 1971.

  • January Jones - Loss of A Pet

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    January Jones - The Soul of Your Pet
    Paranormal Animal Stories 
    Scott S. Smith, author of The Soul of Your Pet and Extraordinary People. is a freelance business journalist whose 1,200 articles have appeared in 175 publications, including Investor’s Business Daily, Success, Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, American Heritage of Invention & Technology Way. 
    Scott discusses the trauma of losing a pet and shares fascinating paranormal stories of pets who have communicated from the beyond. If you have ever lost a pet & are dealing with grief this show will help you.

  • CJ Paranormal talks to Alan Keen in association with PSH Radio.

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    Tweet your questions to @titters71 @carl_hutinson @pshradio @TheTalentedMrK
    Alan (A.M.) Keen:
    Alan Keen is an award winning, international author who writes under the name A.M. Keen.
    He first rose to prominence in 2010 when his self published book, ‘The Dark Army,’ hit cult status in the US. It was the first in the series of the ‘Tales of Averon’ books, originally written for children, which chronicle a battle between woodland animals living inside a vast forest. With the success of his first book, Alan self published the second in the series, titled ‘The Beast,’ which again found success across the Atlantic. He made the local news in 2011, as fans from the US began visiting his home county of Northamptonshire, to see the inspirational areas where the books were based. By 2012, the third book had been written, and placed with New Generation Publishing. Alan decided to re-release the first two books with the new release, as a trilogy edition. ‘Tales of Averon: Dawn of the Great War’ published in mid 2012, and won the New Generation Publishing Prize for best book of the year. On the heels of this success, Alan then won an international competition to contribute an alternate ending to the book ‘Worlds Apart,’ by David Diprose and Paul Wilson. Alan began work on his book ‘Haunted,’ a paranormal horror set off the west coast of the US. This would prove to be the biggest challenge yet for him, as he wanted to branch his work in different directions...................
    This is just a snippet of Alans work. To learn more about Alan and his writings, listen in Monday 1st December 8-10pm

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