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  • Welcome to my point of view w/host Dougie Slap

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    What exactly is it and does it mean to be human? Everyone has his or her opinion about it, from science to religion, and everything else in between. Some of what we are told makes a lot of sense. Some ideas are sheeer nonsense, yet pople believe them to be true and the way it is humanly. Everyone has or her own perspective about existence and what it involves. Complicating the process are the ideas of God and universe, which exist as us as mind and soul. Humanly we are also love and light as an embodied spirituality. Existence is will, love, light, and consciousness. There is only Self, service, and ascension. These determine which people evolve as their humanity. The day is coming when people will need to know where to go, either to go within the planet or aboard that UFO that brought the soul to this planet. All anyone needs to do is ask to meet and make contact with that UFO thatis hwere for the soul, and to be taken aboard and taken to a safe place. Also needed to be asked is what location to go to where there is a portal to inner earth. There are about fifty total worldwide. The important thing is not being attached to anything or anyone externally. This includes spouse, children, friends, loved ones, animals, and stuff. The time line for this is three to five years.  

  • Eartheart Network Radio

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    The Land to Mouth Food Edition of Eartheart Network Radio brings you the latest in important food, farm and garden news with ways to deepen your connection to what your are eating and the world it's grown in. We are honored to feature wonderful guests and helpful information for each week as the seasons pass in the garden with the help of Pat Battle's This Week in the Garden. Hear from inspiring teachers and leaders in sustainable, organic agriculture and celebrate your relationship with food and the earth.

  • Real Talk

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    We are going to be talking about what is going on with MAD DADS currently. We want to know what you think though! What would you like to see us do? What's on your mind today?

  • PIP 1111 Radio Morning Show w/Host SJ Wells

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    Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8AM please join S.J. Wells the host of PIP 1111 Radio.  SJ is a empathic medium, spiritual consultant, energy healer, author, paranormal investigator. She has knowledge and expertise on subjects she is passionate about such as the paranormal, spirituality, calming, balancing energy, solving those pesky life issues. Her goal and  hope is to bring a smile to her listeners face, and place a song in their heart that they may reach their most desired dreams for their lives.
    A message from SJ:
    Good Morning my dear friends. My name is S.J. Wells, welcome to my morning show. On this show, I will not tell you that I am perfect, or have all the answers but I will share my knowledge and expertise about life and the spiritual realm where in which all answers are received.
    My lifetime has been filled with a pursuit to guide and help others to their most high potential. We are all blessed with our own  destiny that is meant to live, sometimes we skew from that path and get lost. I am the spiritual vessel in which I will help you find that path once again but that is up to you.
    If you are prepared to make the choices and changes that will take you back on track then I am here to be your earthly guide. Basically I am going to take you on a tour of your life, and how the choices we make affects not only our life but all those whose life force (energy


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  • NLPI Radio USA present Paula Westbrook Delta Paranormal Project

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    Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. Now resides in Picayune, Mississippi with her husband and her teenage son. Paula has a background in medical sciences. She has been in the Paranormal Research field since 1985. Paula is the former founder of Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society (SPARS), which was originally based in South Carolina. SPARS became one of the first TAPS family members in 2006. After relocating to Mississippi, Paula miraculously expanded her group to Mississippi, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. Paula has been featured on BIO and A&E's "My Ghost Story",as well as Walt Grayson's "Walk around Mississippi". Paula, along with her co-founders, are the organizers of an annual Paranormal and Metaphysical event in Mississippi called the "Delta Paranormal Project". This is a fundraiser that is completely dedicated to a multitude of children's and local charities chosen by the group each year. 

  • Oscar-nominated Directors: Greg MacGillivray & Robert Bilheimer

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    Two-time Academy Award-nominated producer/director Greg MacGillivray brings his latest IMAX film to World Footprints—ARABIA 3D.   Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren, ARABIA 3D is the first major film production filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia.   In addition to our conversation with the director, World Footprints went inside the making of ARABIA 3D with principle character Hamzah Jamjoom and film-consultant Robert Lacey.
    ARABIA 3D spans 21 centuries of Arabian history, beginning in present-day America, with the dreams of Hamzah Jamjoom, the first-ever Saudi Arabian film student at Chicago’s DePaul University.  Historian Robert Lacey, author of The Kingdom (banned from Saudi Arabia) and the just-released update, Inside The Kingdom, served as the film’s consultant.
    From the nomads in the desert to young Saudis in the cities, from thrilling Red Sea dives to a poignant spiritual pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah (Mecca) for Hajj, ARABIA 3D’s journey reveals Arabia in an illuminating new light.
    Keeping with our focus on meaningful films, Academy Award-nominated director Robert Bilheimer continues his conversation with World Footprints about his background in theatre and filmmaking, decision to focus on socially conscious messages and his nominated film Cry of Reason.

  • The SisterHood Of The Women Of the Paranormal

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    Show Description
    I mostly focus on women in the paranormal, but would like to include other topics as well.
    Meet The Hosts
    Tammy Rosenfeld is the founder of SCPIExperience. She has been investigating the paranormal since the age of 12. She has been investigating with local teams for four years. She served as Research Manager on another local team. Tammy has worked as a social worker and case manager for numerous years. She has also worked in the field of Human Services for over twenty years. Holds a bachelors degree in Social Work from West Virginia University. Tammy had her first experience with the paranormal at the age of five. She lived in several farmhouses as a child that had paranormal activity in them. She got involved in the field to help others with their paranormal experience on www.dtmwickedradio.com

  • Paranormal Investigator Radio on LivParanornmal.com

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    LiveParanormal.com & History. FM Radio Present
    Paranormal Investigator Radio
    Listen and chat now: LIVE Video Chat & Listen Live ONLY on www.liveparanormal.com
    Paranormal Investigator Radio – is a unique blend of entertainment for enthusiasts of the world of the paranormal. Each of the hosts is entertaining on their own but combined you will ask yourself where that hour went to. Covering everything from ghosts to UFOs you will never know what the Bad Boys of the Paranormal will come up with next. Celebrity guests, team spotlights, they do it all. Or perhaps you want to participate in the “Paranormal Parley” where we encourage people to call in and ask us bizarre questions related to the paranormal. You won’t want to miss us every Tuesday at 7-8pm (est).
    Official Show Page: http://www.liveparanormal.com/rip.html
    About LiveParanormal.com
    LiveParanormal.com is the PREMIER online community dealing with all things : Paranormal, Unexplained, History, Horror, Sci Fi, & More. Enjoy 24/7 interaction with other like minded people from around the world! ALL members can use their web cam / mic in our fully multi media chat room which offers the most personal and interactive experience on the net!
    We over 60 different live radio & video shows on our History FM radio network!

  • Lena Guirguis with Ottawa Capital Partners

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    Lena Guirguis is a real estate entrepreneur, asset management consultant, coach, and author. She is a managing partner at Ottawa Capital Partners, a real estate investment firm, and a co-founder of NV Property Management, a boutique-style property management firm offering hands-off, full-service property management. Lena also founded My Rent to Own Canada to educate individuals and families on how to handle their cash flow and assist them in purchasing their own home.
    Lena began her real estate journey in early 2003 at the age of 21 with the purchase of a mismanaged triplex in Eastern Ontario to buy, fix and hold. By the age of 25, she had acquired a multi-million dollar portfolio and was running one of Ottawa’s premier property management firms.
    While buy, fix and hold of multi-family properties has always been Lena’s preferred investing strategy, she has amassed multiple Rent-to-Own properties over the last decade. She has also successfully completed several fix-and-flips and property and land severances.

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