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  • NLPI- RADIO USA with Kurt and Moe Present John Lindsey of P.A.S.T.

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    My name is John Lindsey and I am the founder of Paranormal American Scientific Toursand working on his PhD in psychology  I created this business to give other people the chance to experience some of the great things that my team and I have experienced ourselves. We have a lot of fun going from place to place conducting investigations, and we want to bring that fun to you as well. My team and I travel coast to coast conducting these tours throughout the country allowing many different people the opportunity to investigate with us. Being touched by spirits is nothing new to me while on these investigations. I have been touched several times by a couple of different spirits that we have come across over the last couple of years. My team and I have also caught a full body apparition on our DVR camera peaking around the corner of a New Mexico hotel. That video has very recently been aired on A&E Biography’s “My Ghost Story” where I was interviewed about that video and what I experienced that night at the hotel. Everybody gets into paranormal investigations for different reasons and I enjoy listening to everybody's reasoning, and telling everybody my reasoning. John has has a all new team line up and coming close to a TV deal. Please join us.

  • Exploring Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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    World Footprints is excited to share one of our new favorite cities --Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (despite our football rivalries).  When most people who have never visited Pittsburgh think of the city, they may envision an industrial city filled with tall smoke stakes.  In reality, Pittsburgh is a vibrant, colorful, modern and pristine city that is very welcoming.
    The three rivers that meet at a point creates a flowing calming energy and provided the inspiration for Dutch artist Florentjn Hofman to select the city as her North American debut of his giant rubber duck.  Today, we will give you a glimpse into this remarkable city as we explore Pittsburgh's rich history through attractions like the Senator John Heinz History Center, we'll walk through the streets of The Hill Districk and we'll relive Pittsburgh's industrial past as we tour the Carrie Blast Furnaces.

  • The SisterHood Of The Women Of the Paranormal

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    Show Description
    I mostly focus on women in the paranormal, but would like to include other topics as well.
    Meet The Hosts
    Tammy Rosenfeld is the founder of SCPIExperience. She has been investigating the paranormal since the age of 12. She has been investigating with local teams for four years. She served as Research Manager on another local team. Tammy has worked as a social worker and case manager for numerous years. She has also worked in the field of Human Services for over twenty years. Holds a bachelors degree in Social Work from West Virginia University. Tammy had her first experience with the paranormal at the age of five. She lived in several farmhouses as a child that had paranormal activity in them. She got involved in the field to help others with their paranormal experience on www.dtmwickedradio.com

  • Paranormal Investigator Radio on LivParanornmal.com

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    LiveParanormal.com & History. FM Radio Present
    Paranormal Investigator Radio
    Listen and chat now: LIVE Video Chat & Listen Live ONLY on www.liveparanormal.com
    Paranormal Investigator Radio – is a unique blend of entertainment for enthusiasts of the world of the paranormal. Each of the hosts is entertaining on their own but combined you will ask yourself where that hour went to. Covering everything from ghosts to UFOs you will never know what the Bad Boys of the Paranormal will come up with next. Celebrity guests, team spotlights, they do it all. Or perhaps you want to participate in the “Paranormal Parley” where we encourage people to call in and ask us bizarre questions related to the paranormal. You won’t want to miss us every Tuesday at 7-8pm (est).
    Official Show Page: http://www.liveparanormal.com/rip.html
    About LiveParanormal.com
    LiveParanormal.com is the PREMIER online community dealing with all things : Paranormal, Unexplained, History, Horror, Sci Fi, & More. Enjoy 24/7 interaction with other like minded people from around the world! ALL members can use their web cam / mic in our fully multi media chat room which offers the most personal and interactive experience on the net!
    We over 60 different live radio & video shows on our History FM radio network!

  • Interview with Coco Brown @6:00pm CST

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                                                          Coco Brown training to be 1st star in space
    According to Richard Johnson, The Ohio native was discovered as a showgirl in Las Vegas, and performed in 40 X-rated films as Honey Love, but she quit the business 10 years ago and moved with her future ex-husband to Germany, where she launched a music career. Her legacy lives on thanks to Internet immortality.

  • Hickory Paranormal Radio

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    Hickory Paranormal Radio sponsored by The “Unexplained” Investigators is looking for local individuals to share paranormal stories. Open to all callers from all backgrounds all accepted on our show.
    We’re also looking for select locals to host or cohost select dates.
    Contact the show here on chat on facebook at Tui Founder or The "Unexplained" Investigators, email at tuinc1997@yahoo.com. 

  • Shatroyia Phillips competitive pageants participant.

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    Shatroyia Phillips is a proud business owner, entrepreneur, and author of All Hail the Queen, her autobiographical story of woman empowerment, moral choice, and responsibility. Unlike other books, Shatroyia’s life in All Hail the Queen captures her experience as a “plus-sized diva/ beauty queen.” As it turns out, America’s first “full-figured” book main character is actually a real person! As acceptance and appreciation for plus-sized women has increased in the fashion world in recent years, Shatroyia’s book is perfectly poised to make a splash.
    Shatroyia’s objective for the book is to share her story, from her most dark, fearful, and tearful moments to her most private, proud, and cheerful ones. Her whole life is there as a vivid illustration to teenage girls, showing them that "everything that glitters is not gold" and the importance connected to making the right or wrong decisions and dealing with their consequences. Her book is also a reaching-out to the "underdog"-- all the women of the world (especially the plus-sized ladies) who have been made to feel like they can't. Her story is testimony that you CAN. You can be sexy. You can be successful. You can find love. You can be happy. No matter the odds against you, never let anyone tell you that you can't... because you CAN.

  • Join Us Around The Campfire On Oro Expeditions '14 And Then Some... With Oro Cas

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    Oro Cas  and Miss Paula have been working their fingers to the bone to get the funding in place for another cross country trek from Deep Creek Lake, Maryalnd, and the upcoming Deep Creek 2014 to the wilds of Outpost Virgin Canyon, Oregon.
    There's also News from the 11 western states, the new Oro Expeditions Goldcation promo video, information on conferences and expos, stories And Then Some... as we also take calls from our friends who are gold miners and otherwise. Tonight's episode is sponsored by PoBoy Dredge and Oro Expeditions Goldcations.
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    Oro Expeditions
    Oro Expeditions Crowdfunding
    KDCL Media

  • Sasquatch Watch Radio: 2014 Creature Weekend Campout Recap

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    Join us Tuesday night July 15, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we discuss the 2014 Creature Weekend Summer Campout that occurred between July 9-13, 2014.  We encourge any and all that attended this years campout to call in and join us in conversation.  The call in number is 347-237-5070.  Were there any sightings this year?  Was any evidence discovered?  Did all who attended have a good time?  Tune in to find out and maybe next year you can join in the fun!

  • Game Changers Radio w/ Shopmaster and MadScientist 06

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    Welcome to Game Changers Radio, your source for video game news and information. Game Changers Radio is a live call-in radio show with your hosts: ShopMaster and MadScientist06. Join them every Tuesday night at 9pm est. as they talk about the games you love and hate like Madden, NBA2K, NBA Live, and more.
    Strap on your chin straps ladies and gentlemen, it's gammme tiiime!!

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