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  • Ultimate Dark Days Paranormal Radio Show

    in Paranormal

    We are a trained paranormal research team that cover a large part of the east coast. We specialize in the darker side of the paranormal evil haunts and demonic cases but we also do the average case as well. We do provide services at no cost to the customer for evidence like photos videos and audio. Along with the scientific aspects we have clergy and religous figures we can call in for house blessings and GOD forbid Exorcism. So what ever the case or problem we have you covered. We talk about case we are currently on along with taking callers and their stories. We provide answers to questions you all may have about the paranormal and give our best advice on your situation. We have investigators who specialize in demonic cases, poltergeist residual haunting, inelegant haunting s occult and the evil darker side of the paranormal. Even though we no longer participate in occult and evil aspects we have our experience and advice we can give.

  • Sept. 4, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - The UFO Connection with Paul Shishis

    in Paranormal

    From Paul:
     It is now time in my life to step forward to help bring awareness to the citizens of the world that indeed there are higher forces surrounding us all. I mainly stand for love and peace which has been missed for 1000's of years. There is indeed an alien presences amongst this planet and I feel it a duty to humanity in the sharing of truth and justice for free will of our birthright.
    Our planet is in serious state of environmental collapse, as well as a human collective of hate and destruction through control. Unused knowledge is ignorance, and thus, the results stand before your eyes. My interviews with Jerry and the Scouter, Larry are the absolute truth, reflecting my observations and experiences, so help me GOD.
     I also prayed every night before going to bed. During my primary years at school, we did the Lords Prayer and the National Anthem, O!!!! Canada. My parents were and still are very loving and protective. At age 11, I found out what a murder was and cried with unsettling emotion.

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    Fire Service and the Railroads

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    We recently asked a St. Louis Fire Department Captain to come to the Route 66 Railfan Center in Pacific, Missouri and give us some insight in how they prepare and deal with problems along the rails. Fire Captain Ali Shahriary. Ali is also very interested in trains. Ali got started in model trains at a young age. He now models N-Scale. Ali is a Captain of a Engine Company in Northwest St. Louis City. 
    The Fire Chief of St. Louis has expressed his concerns about the railroads not fully cooperating with the department about tar sand shipments, but, they have  been great training firefighters about hazardous loads.

  • News and Update on the Future of the American Variety Network

    in Podcasting

    What happened to the American Variety Network? How come Alex has not broadcasted a show in over 3 weeks? Is everything ok? These are some of the questions you the listeners have sent forward in emails to me and I truly apperciated your support and concern! Tonight on a special 1 hour episode of the American Variety Network, the Crazy Italian American aka CIA Alex Cardinale will be discussing his future of podcasting LIVE on the AVN! Join me to find out where I've been and then stay tuned for some much needed fun and comedy!
    Topics for the show:
    -Where has Alex been?
    -What are the plans for the AVN?
    -News for the AVN
    -Shows for the AVN
    -Anymore fish keeping/aquarium shows?
    -Alex will share some funny on air mistakes he once made.
    -Alex will share some funny jokes
    -Music and funny audio clips
    Please feel free to call in at 1 347-989-8142 to join the chat!

  • Sleepless Nights Radio w/Dave Spinks

    in Paranormal

    September 5th The Horsefly Chronicles Presents Sleepless Nights with special guest Dave Spinks
    Join Karissa Fleck and Phil Siracusa as we welcome Dave Spinks, Paranormal investigator and friend of The Horsefly Chronicles as he talks about all the exciting encounters he has had with the other side
    My Name is Dave Spinks. I have been Investigating the Paranormal since 1986 in various aspects. due to several experiences i had as a young man. I retired from over a 20 year Career in the U.S. Military and Federal Law Enforcement in 2011. Since that time I investigate the paranormal on a full time basis . I am the lead Investigator and Founder of Country Roads Paranormal Investigations based out of West Virginia. you can view some of my investigations on crp t.v. on youtube. I have investigated some of the most notoriously Haunted locations in the United States and even a few in Europe. I have also Investigated Numerous private residences and I have Witnessed some of the most hair raising and unnerving things you can imagine while Investigating the paranormal. I will also from time to time set up investigations for people to come with me and investigate various locations. My sole purpose in investigating the Paranormal is to answer some of man's greatest questions. Is there life after death? Are we alone in the Universe? Are there unknown creatures walking among us? I believe there is and that alone is my motivation.

  • Enlighted 30: Death the Show Presents Randy Reynolds--Civil War Ghost

    in Paranormal

    Civil War Ghost (Randy Reynolds)
    There is so much out there that we don't understand and like many paranormal groups. We have the most upgraded equipment to help us learn. We work hard at trying to help others to understand what is going on around them and their families. We are a nonprofit group and will help the best we can for all those that need help. Most of us have experienced dealing with the paranormal and don't know how to deal with it or its scares us to where we can't even live a normal life. we do our best to help you learn to live life with the paranormal or find out how to get rid of the paranormal that is bothering you, free of charge.

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  • URN Radio Show

    in Paranormal

    Join Paranormal Outlaw, Matt and Christian as they discuss all things paranormal.

  • Giants: Real or fairy tale with Sharon Day

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    Paranormal Temptation is a show is finially back on air. Many of us believe fairy tales come from actual stories and facts that have happened or creatures that exists. For our first show we will be talking to Sharon Day about her research into giants, What evidence there is and is not. What exactly a giant is and much hmore about this facenating topic.

  • Self-Help on Finding Good Faith Insurance Companies

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    Not sure where to look for finding Auto Insurance Companies who treats Policyholders fairly after being involved in a car accident? Each year, evaluating the record of Insurance Carriers can provide insights on how they will treat you when needing them the most. Worried about a "real" safety net being their when promised?  Trouble is not the time to learn what kind of Insurance Company you've been paying premiums to yearly.
    Join ESTRA today on setting up a plan to help you decide on which Insurance Companies treat Policyholders with respect and dignity.  Insured Civil Rights Legislation approved by Congress is still needed to level this unbalance playing field in favor of insurers. 

  • Turn on the love light with Pastor Fred and Lady Jacqueline Veals

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    Turn on the love light as we discuss how to keep the love light on in your marriage


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