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  • Interview with RB Recording Artist Link

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    Dallas native Lincoln “Link” Browder is anything but your ordinary R&B artist. Since the beginning of his musical career in 1998, Link has proven to be a cornerstone behind R&B music. Writing hit songs for award winning groups such as LSG- “My Body”, Silk- “If You”, and K-Ci and JoJo- “Crazy”, won Link not only recognition from not-for-profit organization ASCAP but it took his writing career to the next level; having many in the industry chasing after the next big thing.
    With two singles “I Really Wanna Sex Your Body” and “ I Don’t Wanna See” making waves on social media air, to date Link is working on his third LP Sex Down 2.
     Dallas native Lincoln “Link” Browder is anything but your ordinary R&B artist. Since the beginning of his musical career in 1998, Link has proven to be a cornerstone behind R&B music. Writing hit songs for award winning groups such as LSG- 
    Link released his first single “Whatcha Gone Do” in 1998 with his debut album Sex Down releasing that same year. His music can be described as love ballads that touch on the side of risqué and realistic. What makes his music grasp his listeners is the connection between his life and theirs. Life inspires him. Whether it is his personal encounters or that of others, his lyrical experiences are their experiences. The love, lost, betrayal, and commitment are all theirs as well.
    With two singles “I Really Wanna Sex Your Body” and “ I Don’t Wanna See” making waves on social media air, to date Link is working on his third LP Sex Down 2. 
    Social Media Sites: 
    Twitter: LinkMusic69

  • Getting Real with Alex Cardinale: July 2016

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    This is the 2nd episode of Getting Real with Alex Cardinale here on American Variety Network!! This is a Podcast VLOG where you will get to know me Alex Cardinale personally and not just as a host of American Variety Network!!! This is the last VLOG of me being 22 years old, next month I'll be turning 23 years old!!!! I have some good topics that I am going to be discussing!!!
    Planned for the show:
    ~ I am going to let loose on my High School years... why do I feel I was jipped in my Senior year? Why do I consider these the worst years of my life?
    ~ Getting a new Puppy
    ~ Month of July 2016 recap
    ~ why I look forward to being 23 years old
    ~ and more

  • Paranormal Teen Scene Fridays w/ SJ Wells & Madison Wells

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    Hey Parents: Got Tweens or Teens? Are they into the paranormal? Then Paranormal Teen Scene Fridays is the place to be to learn all they can, keep them safe by learning proper procedures, how to explore the paranormal and so much more. Join SJ Wells a 37 year paranormal specialist & intuitive / empath who will teach your tweens & teens how to investigate, learn about the afterlife, before they join an established paranormal team, giving them the confidence and basic knowledge they will need. This show is very serious and by no means a joke. Joining SJ is her 15 year old granddaughter Madison who is in training to be a serious paranormal investigator and wants her peers to learn to do this interesting research the right way. 

  • Geexploitation : S.T.G | Nerds W/Bite - "POKEMON GO or GO TO HELL !!!"

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    Join the SHARP TEETH GEEKS as we chat up about the "POKEMON GO" Mania - Folks are getting off their asses and socializing. Speaking of socializing -Tabletop vs Video Games - Is there a social benefit with Tabletop Games that Video Games lack even though they have the Online gaming which allows you to reach out to more players then your local Comic/Hobby Store?  LISTEN IN...3rd times a charm..


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  • Patricia Gardner "Wicca: What's The Real Deal" on Mystic Moon Cafe

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    Patricia Gardner, co-author of "Wicca: What's The Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions" will be joining Travis and Wendy to talk about all things Wiccan and what she's up to these days..
    Patricia Gardner is a Witch and the former High Priestess of the Dragon Warrior’s of ISIS Coven in Upstate, New York. She was the co-founder and co-director of the now retired ISIS Paranormal Investigations, and she co-hosted the ISIS Paranormal Radio Show. She has had publications appear on Isisinvestigations.com, Unexplained-Mysteries.com, Ghost-mysteries.com, and Haunted-Voices.com. Her radio, television, and film appearances include Alabama ParaSpiritual Talk Radio Show, the X-Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell, Haunted Voices Radio, The Morning Rush Show on Fly 92.3 FM, The Soul Salon, Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack, Psychic Wisdom with David James, Encounters with the Paranormal, and The Gut & Bone Show. Patricia has also been featured in Chat: It’s Fate, 14 Degrees: A Paranormal Documentary, and Discovery Channel’s A Haunting. She is the co-author of Wicca: What’s the Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions. She is also a returning guest on our show..
    Wicca: What's the Real Deal?
    Witches: they are everywhere! They are in your local schools, the workplace, and the community. They are your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and sometimes they are your family members, but what do you really know about them? Wicca: What's the Real Deal? Breaking through the Misconceptions is a groundbreaking, comprehensive guide on Wicca and Witchcraft written in a simple myth/truth format. Three real Witches and long-time elders in the pagan community, Dayna Winters, Patricia Gardner, and Angela Kaufman, have created a body of work that destroys the misconceptions about Wicca and Witches still present in society today.
    So listen in & chat with us!


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  • 30 MINUTES OF PARANORMAL REALMS with Dr John DeSalvo and Dr. Stacey Lamar

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    Dr. John and Dr. Stacey welcome psychic Jeannie Crescenzo. 
    Pictures will be posted at his Facebook site that we will be discussed during shows so make sure you become a friend of his on Facebook so you can see the photos.  Just go to the link below and send him a friend request.
    In a sense this program is like a 30 minute college level class and discussion on specific paranormal areas.
    You can also email Dr.John with questions and comments to discuss on the air at cdesalvo@goldengate.net
    and Stacey at www.thewillowssource.com
    Or go to his website at
    click on the link - email the director

  • Rev Radio-Rapid & Chasing the Supernatural- Resident Undead

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    Rev Radio- Rapid Is an Activist (Former Connecticut Rep. WLPA/WPAL/PWP), A Priest of The Old Ways In 2009 He Founded The Firstblood Tradition Of Witchcraft . For 15+ Years He Was The Host And Producer Of Witchin' Hour TV. Dubbed The Mongoose By The Fans Of That Show For His Steadfast Defending Of 8 Spokes On The Wheel Witch Values. Rapid Is The Son Of Renown Native American Glamour Photographer Rex "BigBear" Freeman . Rapid Now Reside At His Home In Kingwood West Virginia . Rapid's Latest Projects Are Building A Stone Circle For Use By His Temple FBA At His Farm In West Virginia Where He Lives With His Life Long Best Friend & Now Life Partner Tammi Lyn Johnson & His Godson Tammi's Son Zakk He Is Also The Elder Of The Firstblood Temple In Lubeck Germany That Opened In 2016.
    Chasing the Supernatural- Resident Undead- This group of four friends is more than close. Their creed defines their almost-familial dynamic: "I'll follow you to Hell, if need be." At times, they've done so in their extreme paranormal experimentation and quest toredefine paranormal research. Under the direction of their leader, Kimmell, and their psychic (for lack of a better word), Becca, team members have hung themselves, been tied to chairs, wrapped head-to-toe in plastic wrap, shot... All in the name of recreation and supernatural experimentation, and all founded in careful research. No team members were actually harmed in the making of this documentary and it is exactly the team's nerve that has created an intense underground following and fandom. 

  • One Child Abuse Survivor 2 another: Restoration

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    My name is Laurie Ann Smith-Tornerup. I am a child abuse survivor. I grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive home in which my parents were both diagnosed mentally ill, psychologically ill when they were arrested and brought up on child abuse charges. I have been on my healing journey from the abuse since May 22, 2007 doing the majority of the work from 2009 to present. I am a Child Abuse Prevention Public Speaking Advocate speaking at events and my own online radio shows since November 2009. Recently I co-founded Advocates United For Humanity, a 501c3 Not for Profit, with my sister advocates Donna M. Kshir and Lee Roberts. We have worked together since 2009 to promote education and awareness about the issues of child abuse, child abuse prevention, domestic violence, teen dating violence, bullying, drug addiction, suicide prevention and help for survivors of abuse. It is my hope to be able to continue to promote child abuse prevention awareness and be an encouragement for survivors as long as I live and breath. Over the years I have had thousands of people support my work and I thank you all for your support and for all you do to help save children lives.

  • Summer Series: Life After Disability III

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    Why injured would be placed under surveillance in most cases is due to the greed of Insurance Companies, Employers, or Social Security Disability for Wall Street. Most cases of fraud are performed by white collar companies with the power and resources to hide their actions. People whom become disabled after a car accident are typically poor with not enough resources to protect themselves against multi-billion dollar corporations, especially when most do not have enough to take care of themselves and their families. Their time is often spent trying to survive day to day struggles.
    Therefore, attempts to break injured or disabled people down for the greed of Wall Street Companies shows a sad state of affairs and standards set by the Insurance Industry. Congress has the power to change these circumstances through enacting Insured Civil Rights Legislation to protect Policyholders.
    Until corporations or organizations who harass and intimidate injured or disabled people after a car wreck decide to do the right things, you must make the decision to lay down and be walked over by these companies or stand up to protect yourself and those in similar situations. 
    Today let’s talk about surveillance Life After Disability.