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  • Cancer Answer

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  • Sept 11, 2001...DID YOU FORGET?

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    SEPT 11, 2001  DID YOU FORGET?
    New York, Ms. Jones went to work on Sept 11, 2001 wearing a pair of black high heel shoes.  "I didn't plan on walking down 77 flights of stairs.  Her shoes are on display at the Memorial Museum.
    In a room dominated by a steel column that once formed part of the World Trade Center, the President and Governors  of New York and New Jersey plus scores of survivors and victims relatives attened the dedication ceremony.
    Monument to Tragedy...etc...
    Affirmation of LIfe...etc.
    Loss and Heroism...etc.
    Sept 11th, a witness to tragedy...etc.

  • Shape Up Your Lifestyle with Weight Loss Coach Carol Holmes

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    Carol Holmes is the results driven founder and CEO of ‘Coaching by Carol’, a multi-layered weight-loss program. As the namesake coach, Carol has dedicated herself to helping people achieve their health and weight loss goals, which under the guidelines of her plan, will last a lifetime. With a combined twenty-one years of professional experience working in both the private and public sectors, Carol has a solid background upon which she can utilize to help her customers. Carol has spent time in the Direct Patient Care, Healthcare Administration, Training and Development, Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring, and Public speaking fields.    At the core of what drove Carol to create her business model is a passion to help others who are struggling achieve their goals and find happiness. Her business, ‘Coaching by Carol’ is divided into a four-point strategy that is designed not only to produce weight-loss results in the short-term, but alter the causes of the overall weight issue as to produce a life-change and lasting results. These include having a direct vision or goal, developing an action plan, optimizing their home environment, and finally identifying the root cause of the unhealthy behavior. 

  • The Truth in Medical Healing

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    All about health and Medical healing, prescription drugs adverse events, antiaging,The effects of acidosis on health and well being.

  • SHARE Talk Radio Presents: New Research on DCIS

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    Learn about current  groundbreaking research on DCIS being done at NYU Cancer Center by Drs. Deborah Axelrod, Julia Smith, and David L. Kleinberg.  They will discuss their current work and results in finding new treatments for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).  A Q&A period will follow. 


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    September 11, 2001...THE DAY AMERICA CRIED!
    September 11, 2001...people who died saving others and those who survived against all odds.
    A mysterious oung man in a red bandannna, rushed up and down countless flights of stairs to guide people to safety, until the towers came down and buried him.  A few months after the Towers collapsed, Alison Crowther new who their hero was...Welles Crowther, HER SON, AGE 24.  The young man who kept a red handerchief with him since he was a boy was one of the almost 3,000 people who did not suvive the attacks.
    First responders...etc.
    Ground Zero...etc.
    Carcinogens in the air...etc.
    Those who served, in jeopaardy...etc.

  • Managing Chronic Fatigue, Pain and Fibromyalgia with Jacob Teitelbaum MD

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    Americans face an energy crisis more important than gasoline. Horrible nutrition combined with poor sleep, lack of exercise, hormonal deficiencies and chronic low grade infections are but a few of the causes. This energy crisis not just causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia, but also contributes to general fatigue and pain.
    In today's show, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum will be discussing how you can elimiate both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia as well as fatigue and pain using our research proven approach.
    Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. suffered with and overcame CFS and Fibromyalgia in 1975. He spent the next 35 years creating, researching and teaching about effective therapies for fatigue and pain. He is the senior author of the landmark studies, Effective Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia - a Placebo-controlled Study, and Effective Treatment of CFS and Fibromyalgia with D-Ribose.
    Dr. Teitelbaum does frequent media appearances including Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News Channel, the Dr Oz Show, and Oprah and Friends. He lives in Kona, Hawaii.
    To learn more about Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, please visit his website http://www.Vitality101.com

  • "Cam's Corner"- Kathy Howard, Stroke Survivor and Founder of ABC Brigade

    in Health

    Kathy Howard is a survivor, she founded ABC Brigade, is a volunteer, a member of of the Life After Stroke Support Group on the Speakers Bureau for the American Heart and American Stroke Association.  WOW!  and much, much more.  She will inspire and motivate you to get out and do more. 
    This show is about stroke and brain injury and is for anyone interested in stroke with bits and pieces thrown in for inspiration, ways to be healthy, less stressed and more.  I want to be here to share and to lift up other stroke survivors or warriors.  I want to help you find out there are others going through what you have gone though.  Maybe not the same journey but a survivor none the less.  To give positive information, inspire and embrace what you have and continue moving forward.

  • The Ministry of Linda L. Johnson Presents BlogTalk Interviews

    in Nutrition

    The Ministry of Linda L. Johnson presents BlogTalk Radio Interviews where Linda Interviews the unexposed, the unknowns, and the hidden gems with the likes of the renowned from a variety of industries.

  • Caring for Aging or Ill Parents

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    Life produces many challenges in our lives like, bills, work, marriage, children, business or health issues. Balancing all of these things are difficult enough. But many of us haven't added caring for our aging or ill parents to the equation. Join MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show as she discusses why it is important to have "The Talk" with your parents regarding their care should you become responsible for them. What do the want should they fall ill? You don't want to miss this episode of The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show.
    Topics to be discussed:
    1. Having the talk. Knowing what they want should you have to make decisions on their behalf.
    2. Understanding the cost of keeping them home. Many want to grow older at home surrounded by memories and the things     they've worked so hard for.
    3. Health insurance coverage: Coverage for nursing homes, hospital visits etc.
    4. Quiting your job: Is this a good option or not.
    5. Your own future: Retirement plans. Talking to your kids about your own transitions.

  • DSMALive 'Rents: Tidepool.

    in Health

    Howard Look of Tidepool.org talks with DSMALive 'Rents about connecting our diabetes data and lives. What is Tidepool you ask? Solid question. They are an open source, not for profit, developer of diabetes software that reduces the burden of living with type 1 diabetes. 
    From their site:
    Giving data a home and you the keys.
    Right now, we’re living in the dark. Without constant, real-time, accessible information about what's happening inside our bodies—we’re left guessing. But when the stakes are this high, guessing isn’t good enough. We don’t need averages, we need specifics. We need a way to connect the dots.
    Join us and find out how Tidepool connect dots.
    Howard Look is President, CEO and Founder of Tidepool. Previously, Howard was on the founder’s team at TiVo where as VP of Software and User Experience he led the efforts that made TiVo as easy to use as it was disruptive. He was also VP of Software at Pixar, where he led the team developing Pixar’s proprietary film-making system, and at Amazon where he ran a secret software project to develop devices that leverage cloud services. At Linden Lab, he led the team that delivered the open-sourced Second Life Viewer 2.0 project. Howard has a BS in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. His teenage daughter has T1D.